About Us

School Vision

Our dream is for everyone at Beckers Green Primary School to work together in a challenging and exciting environment to achieve the future we deserve.


Breakfast Club

Breakfast club runs daily during term time from 8.00am until the beginning of school. The cost is only £1.90 per session. This includes a healthy breakfast a choice of cereals, toast with a selection of spreads and milk to drink. Children can enjoy the opportunity to develop new friendships, enhance their social skills whilst participating in a range of fun activities and games.


Special Educational Needs (SEN) Rooms


The Hive

 The demountable classroom in our school grounds enables us to offer  different  services to our community. The Hive is used for Play Therapy  sessions (supporting  our pupils social and emotional needs on a 1:1 basis), Parent Workshops (helping  parents with how to support their children as they continue their learning journey in  primary school as well as supporting parents with older children in the school for different reasons),


The Rainbow Room

 Our rainbow room has moved to what was the Library in the junior end of our school  It has been transformed in to a learning environment where we have two full time  and three part time SEN teaching assistants who work with children throughout the  school in a small group or on a 1:1 basis helping them to bridge gaps in their  understanding. The room is divided into four working bays which helps the pupils remain focused during their support programme.