Bonnes Vacances

Huge thank you for all the wonderful food last night!!

Mrs Holmes and I really hope you have enjoyed our workshops and we are both looking forward to continuing in September.

Wishing all of you a very happy summer holiday.

Au revoir,

Mrs Sheldrick and Mrs Holmes.


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Workshop update.

Bem vinda,

For the last two weeks our workshops have focused on cultural art, everyone has chosen an artist or a painting they wish to either copy or interrupt, we have had some amazing results, the art work is of a very high standard! For homework this week we have asked everyone to write about how their art work makes them feel, in the language of their choice. I am hoping to display these in my area I use when working with children who have English as an additional language.

Next week will be our last workshop until we return to school in September. Mrs Holmes and I thought it would be nice to have our own 'end of term party'. This will give us the opportunity to discuss with you what you have enjoyed,  thoughts you have on what else you would like to do in our workshops and support you may need from us, now or in the future. Please feel free to bring any food from your country you would like to share with the group.

Secondly, I have started a Polish 'Storytime' on  Tuesday afternoons. Mrs Oles has very kindly been coming in and reading, in Polish, to our Polish children, so far we have read stories and poems by Jan Brzechwa The children seem to love it and have already started to bring in some books of their own.

Ate a proxima vez,

Mrs Sheldrick and Mrs Holmes

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Food Week


Lovely to see so many of you again this week - children take note the grown ups are doing all their homework!!

This week our topic was food and the conversation needed when shopping for food. Everyone did excellently. To finish we played the classic game "I went to the supermarket and I bought........". We managed to reach 30 items, wow!

Next week is quiz week. Our quiz topic is cultural knowledge and all things British. If you haven't visited our workshop yet, please come along. The quiz will be children against parents so the more the better.

Looking forward to seeing you all next Wednesday.


Mrs Sheldrick and Mrs Holmes

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Hello, Czesc, Ola, Bonjour.

Another good turn out this week - thank you ladies.

Our focus was on parts of the body and understanding how to describe and write the usages of each part - which caused many giggles at times! Discussing within the group was a great way to practice pronoucation and get to grips with some of our English spellings.

After half term we will be focusing on "shopping" and boosting confidence when out and about. 

We are also planning to have a few sessions of creativity - a chance to unleash your inner Monet!!

Have a lovely half term holiday.

Many kind regards,

Mrs Holmes and Mrs Sheldrick.

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Hello and welcome to the first Beckers Green Bilingual Workshop blog.

Our workshops have been running for 3 weeks and it is wonderful to have so many warm and friendly people attend. Both Mrs Holmes and myself are enjoying meeting you all.

Last week our theme was the home, which lead to an interesting group discussion over the purpose of a bidet!!!

Next week the theme for our games and activities will be parts of the body.

If you speak more than one language we would love you to come and join us. So far we have people who speak Polish, Tamil, Portuguese and German. 

We meet every Wednesday from 3:15-4:15pm in the Jaguars classroom.  

Mrs Sheldrick and Mrs Holmes.

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