Welcome back!

I hope you all had a lovely half term - Our topic this half term is Colour and Pattern - you will find a copy of our topic web and the things we will be learning about on the school website. Please ask if you would like a hard copy. We will be focussing on Rainbow Fish, Elmer and Aliens love underpants whilst covering colour and pattern - we have lots of exciting ideas ready to engage the Bears in their learning.


Well done to those who have completed the first home learning challenge, and thank you for adding lots of lovely photos to Tapestry - they have been lovely to see and I have printed them out and displayed them in class. The Bears have enjoyed talking about their dens and showing them to their friends.


We will be inviting you in at the beginning of March to see how a literacy lesson takes place in our classrooms and for you to support your child with their learning - more details to follow soon!


Don't forget World Book Day dressing up on 1st March.

Any questions please ask,


Miss Hatchman

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Outcome Afternoon

A big thank you to you all for coming along to our Traditional Tales Outcome afternoon - it was lovely to see the Bears classroom so busy, and the children were fully engaged in showing you how our classroom works, and their work in their books. Thank you for all the comments you left us, they are lovely to read.

Don't forget its Superhero day tomorrow - costumes and £1 donations please.

Our topic next half term will be Colour and Pattern - lots of exciting learning to take place!

Miss Hatchman

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Week 5 - 3 Billy Goats Gruff

Who's that trip trapping over my bridge?! The Bears have been joining in enthusiastically with our story telling this week so far, and I am hearing lots of their own story ideas coming through in their play.

In maths this week we are learning to double numbers, understanding that when we double we add the same number - we have been looking at lady birds and butterflies to help us work out doubling sums and the Bears were so proud of themselves once they learnt and understood the concept.

In literacy this week we are working on High Frequency Words, playing lots of fun games to help support segmenting and blending and reading these as sight words and from memory.

We have lots of notices on our classroom door for different events coming up, so please take time to look at them all and make a note of dates. The next main event for Bears will be on Wednesday 7th February - dressing up as their favourite traditional tale character, and from 2pm you are welcome to join us in class to learn and play along side your child.


Enjoy your week,

Miss Hatchman

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Week 4 - 3 little pigs

The Bears are so engaged in their learning this week, it is a pleasure to see them so excited about learning about this Traditional Tale. Our continuous provision activities have got them all very excited about keeping the big bad wolf away...we hope he doesn't visit, but if he does, we have made some amazing traps to capture him!

This week we are huffing and puffing paint with straws, blowing pompoms round a table obstacle course and building brick houses in our role play area. In maths we are continuing with 3d shapes, learning cuboid and prism, and sorting real life 3d shapes - The bears have amazed me at how quickly they have learnt the se names, so if you have been practising the rap at home - well done!


In literacy this week, we are matching upper case and lower case letters, and learning the names of these - this can be a little tricky as we know them by phonic sounds, so we are learning these by using a song 'Boom Shake The Alphabet' which you can also find on youtube. Have a look at home...


Can I please remind you if you have any problems to come to me in the first instance so they can be dealt with as quickly and smoothly as possible. Thank you.


Enjoy your week! Miss Hatchman

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3D shape rap!

The Bears have been very clever this week and have learnt new 3d shape names - we are embedding our knowledge of these by learning a 3d shape rap!


If you would like to have a look at this at home, please access it on


by typing in

'3d shapes I know'

and it will be the first video - your child will be able to show you!


Have fun! Miss Hatchman

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Week 3 - Little Red Riding Hood

The Bears helped to set up our new role play, turning it in to Granny's Cottage - they were such a help, printing with sponges to make bricks for wall paper, making the bed and finding all the fun resources we would need - they love the role play this week and there is lots of laughter and learning coming from that area.

In phonics this week we are learning different digraphs - we are putting these into practice by blending and segmenting words with the digraphs in to transfer our phonic skills into our reading work.

In maths this week, we are having fun whilst embedding our subtraction knowledge - we have been working practically, taking away objects from  group, using counters and play dough to compete 'Subtraction Smash'.


If you have not sent in your snack money yet, please do so as soon as possible - this allows us to be able to provide varied snacks to encourage your child to try new foods and we can only do this with your support, so thank you.

Outcome afternoon is Wednesday 7th Feb at 2pm - children to come dressed as their favourite Traditional Tale character on that day, and join us in class to play and learn alongside your child.

Have a good week! Miss Hatchman


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Week 2 - Goldilocks

The Bears are so excited this week to be learning about Goldilocks, we have had lots of fun in the three bears cottage in our role play area, exploring capacity and measure with porridge oats and building traps to catch the cheeky Goldilocks! We have been writing sorry letters to the bears from Goldilocks and learning new songs about the story.

We have decided this year to change how we do our homework - we will be linking a home learning challenge to Tapestry, setting your child a practical and hands on challenge to complete at home, and will be asking you to add photos and videos of your child on to Tapestry for us to share in class. Watch this space as we will be sending out details of the home learning challenge very soon...!


Have a nice week! Miss Hatchman

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year - I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year - it was lovely to see so many happy faces at our classroom door this morning, the children have settled back in well and are eager to learn in an exciting half term ahead.


Our topic this half term will be 'Traditional Tales', so expect lots of recounts and role playing of stories such as Goldilocks, Three Little Pigs and Little Red Hen - this topic is always a favourite with children and staff and I have some lovely ideas planned for your children.

A reminder that PE is on Wednesday mornings, so full kits need to be back in school, hair tied up and earrings out.


Can I remind you all of the importance of reading at home - please try to listen to your child read as often as possible as it supports the phonic and reading skills work we do in class.


As always, if you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to ask.


Miss Hatchman

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Last Week of Term!

Hello - I will be back in school for the last couple of days of term - A big thank you for your support whilst I have been on poorly, Mrs Geall and Mrs Earle has been absolutely amazing as I am sure you will agree!

I have lots of fun Christmas activities planned for the Bears class for the last two days of term - I have missed them lots and have lots to catch up on with them!

Tomorrow is Christmas dinner day and the carol concert in the afternoon - please come along and join us in singing our Christmas songs.

On Wednesday, we will be having an ice cream factory party - you do not need to bring anything along as I will be providing it all - the children all voted for an ice cream party and we are all very excited! We will play pass the parcel and lots of fun Christmas games.

The DVD's of Born in a Barn are on sale for £2.50- if you would like to purchase one, please let myself or my LSA's know and we can get an order form together. Thank you.

Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow, Miss Hatchman

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Week 6 - Christmas!

Christmas begins!

Thank you for all the Nativity costumes I have received today - if you have not bought your child's in yet, please can I it as soon as possible, many thanks.


We have started our rehearsals in the hall this week -so far so good, keep practising lines and singing at home, using BIG VOICES for in the hall!

Stay and Play session Tuesday morning is for babies and pre school children - not children currently at Beckers Green. If you have any questions please ask.

The School Fete in on Friday, looking forward to seeing you all! The Bears class will be making hot chocolate cones to sell for £1, so bring your money along to help support our class!


Enjoy the week,

Miss Hatchman

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Week 5 - Carnivals!

What a fun week we are having so far! This week, our focus is on Carnivals and Fayres - we have been exploring different tropical fruit and veg, cutting, and tasting them, making our own musical instruments for a carnival procession and playing with different fayre games in our role play area - hook a duck, juggling balls and tin can alley! There has been lots of laughing and giggles this week!

In maths we are learning to add two single digits together, and in literacy, we have become wonderful writers, practising our cursive letter formation in a variety of ways and putting sentences together.


Thank you for the costumes we have had in so far for our nativity - they need to be in by Monday 4th December - any questions please ask. The children have learnt all the songs now and are doing fantastic dancing, and rehearsing lines well - we will be going in to the hall next week to practice till we are perfect!


Friday 1st December is non uniform day and please bring in a donation of biscuits for the school fete next week.


Have a nice week!

Miss Hatchman




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Week 4 - Weddings!

This week we will be learning about Weddings, we have our role play set as a wedding reception, complete with rings, glasses to toast the happy couple and flower centrepieces! The children were so excited when they arrived. We will be making and writing wedding invitations, using scissors and punches to make confetti, adding rings to gloves in funky fingers, and making models in the art area - I can't wait to see the work that is produced this week!

In phonics this week, we are moving on to learning phase 3 digraphs - two sounds put together to make a new sound eg c and h to make ch. We will be learning ch, sh, th and ng and sayings to help us remember these.


If you have any photos of your child at a wedding or perhaps a wedding photo of your own please upload them to Tapestry as we would like to use them as a writing stimulus later on it in the week.


Please remember to practice any lines for our Christmas play that were sent home on Thursday. If you have not received any lines, please do not worry, the children are learning lots of songs for the performance and all are heavily involved! We are upping our practices, so expect your little one to come home singing new Christmas songs!

PE will be outside again this week as the hall is in use.

Have a good week, Miss Hatchman


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Week 3 Birthdays!

Wow! The Bears are so enthusiastic about their learning this week - we are having so much fun learning about Birthdays. We have been writing cards and invitations, making sand cakes, blowing up balloons, wrapping presents and making our own wrapping paper!

In phonics this week, we are learning y,z and zz. Our new tricky words are we, be, and was.

PE this week is Outside, so please make sure the children have their outdoor kit if it is cold.

Information on costumes, roles and lines for our Christmas Nativity will be sent home on Thursday - please ask if you have any questions.

Thursday is wear something spotty and donate £1 for Children in Need - can't wait to see what all the children look like!


Enjoy your week!

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Week 2 - Diwali

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and got to see some fireworks - The Bears did some fantastic diary writing yesterday and wrote lots about going to watch the displays. The children made me so proud by either writing the HFW's they needed or finding and sticking them in - great work!


This week we are learning about Diwali - the children are so excited by this and there are lots of lovely Mendhi patterns being drawn, Rangoli patterns designs and building of Temples. They have learnt the story of Rama and Sita and are enjoying re-enacting this with the stick puppets and props.


In phonics this week we have moved on t Phase 3. The children are learning the sounds j, x, v and y this week and we are cracking on learning more tricky words. They are doing so well at learning these, so keep your eyes peeled for more words added on to the key rings on their bags.


Thank you for bringing in Outdoor Learning clothes- as it gets colder the children will need to wrap up so please remember these each week.


Don't forget those who are joining us on Thursday for Remembrance Day lunch - looking forward to seeing you at your allocated timer slot.


Any questions as always, please ask. Enjoy your week!

Miss Hatchman x

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Welcome Back!

I hope you all had a relaxing half term - the Bears all settled back in brilliantly and it was lovely to see so many happy faces back at school.


Our topic this half term is Festivals and Celebrations, we will be learning about Fireworks, Diwali, Chinese New Year, Birthdays and my favourite...Christmas!

We are beginning to learn our Christmas songs for our nativity - details to follow!

This week in phonics we will be recapping phase 2 sounds and learning some new super power words - these will be attached to your child's key ring so please have a look through them at home -they are doing so well learning them, so keep it up!

Looking forward to seeing you all for Parents Evening this week.

As always, any questions, please just ask!

Miss Hatchman x



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Super Bears!

Wow - what a great start to a fun week learning about Superheroes!

Thank you for all the fruit and veg donations - we can't wait to turn them into super foods later on in the week!

This week in phonics we re learning - L, LL (jelly belly) and SS (kiss for miss). We will also be learning the new word and, along with recapping the words I have sent home on their book bags - try to look at these at home a few times a week as it really supports what we do in the classroom. Thank you!


Don't forget Outdoor Learning tomorrow and Come to school dressed as a superhero on Wednesday, Join us in class from 2pm to spend some time learning with your child.


The Halloween Disco is on Thursday so make sure you have got your tickets and dancing shoes at the ready!

Thank you for all your hard work and support this first half term - I am so very proud of the Bears and the progress they have made so far, they deserve a relaxing half term break! Not long to go!


Miss Hatchman x


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Week 6

What a busy week we are having so far! We are being 'Mini Scientists' this week, so lots of exploratory and investigative play is happening in class. We have been busy making different potions using oil, water, herbs, glitter and anything else we can get our hands on, and exploring using magnets - we have found lots of magnetic items around class. One of our favourite activities this week is writing and mark making in 'magic pens' (UV pens and highlighters) which show up beautifully when under a UV torch - I have never seen so many children keen to access the writing table!


In outdoor learning this week, we are making mud facers using different natural objects -I can't wait to see the results!


In phonics this week, we are focussing on High Frequency Words - these are words which appear often in reading books - some can be blended to be read and others we have to learn as sight words - no, go, to and the for example. I will be sending home a HFW key chain attached to your child's book bag tomorrow for you to work on learning them at home too. The children progress even further when work we do in school is supported and reinforced at home, so thank you for helping us! I am so impressed at how many words they can recall in such a short amount of time - you should be very proud of them all!


Next week we are learning about Superheroes! Please bring in a piece of fruit or veg on Monday for your child to turn into super food, and join us in class from 2pm on |Wednesday. Children in EYFS can come to school dressed as a superhero on Wednesday - I can't wait to the see the costumes!

Any questions, please ask.

I have added lots of lovely photos to Tapestry so don't forget to log on - if you have any problems please ask me.

Enjoy your week,

Miss Hatchman x

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Happy Monday!

I hope you have all had a nice weekend - it was lovely to see so many happy faces at my door this morning!


A big thank you to everyone who has posted on Tapestry this weekend - I love to see the photos from home so keep at it!


Also thank you to those who have returned their ribbon with your goals and hopes on - I have loved reading them all and can't wait to display them in class.


This week., we are learning about our families - if you could add a photo on to Tapestry of your family that would be great. If you still haven't set a password, please ask for another activation email and I will send straight way.


Don't forget - Outdoor Learning clothes for he forest tomorrow - we are very excited!


Sounds this week in phonics are i, n, m and d.

See you all soon

Miss Hatchman x

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Hello to you all!

The Bear's have settled in so well to life at Becker's Green and I am very proud of them so far!

Our topic this half term is All About Me - we are learning about our homes, our body, our families and the school.

We have started phonics this week and will be learning s a t and p.

Outdoor Learning and PE starts this week - please remember no earrings and to send in a change of clothes and any PE kits outstanding.

Don't forget to log on to Tapestry - please ask if you have not been able to log on yet and I will resend an activation email to you.

As always, please ask if you have questions.

Enjoy your week!

Miss Hatchman

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Good afternoon!

This week we have been learning about Jack and The Beanstalk - we have been planting beans, designing castles and pretending to be scary giants!


A few reminders:

£7 snack money issue - please return asap in the brown envelope sent home with newsletter.

We will have PE on Mondays and Tuesday so please ensure full PE kits are in school, long hair tied back and no earrings.

Parent outdoor learning session is on Friday  - we look forward to you joining us!

Class photos on Thursday - full school uniform please.


In maths this week we have been learning about money - we are enjoying paying for things in class and pretending to be a shop keeper and in phonics and literacy, we are working on forming a perfect sentence, using capital letters, finger spaces, cursive letter formation and full stops.

Don't forget to add any photos from home on to Tapestry - I love looking at them!


Any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!


Miss Hatchman xx





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