Wb: 12.11.18 - 16.11.18

Good evening,

This week we have been busy designing and making potions. There have been so many fantastic ideas, and the children have been so engaged when completing their writing surrounding this topic which has been great to see! I have had some great sentences about their potions today. Can your child tell you what is in our writing checklist? What makes a perfect sentence? We have been remembering capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. Nicole's potion was lavender purple, and Charlie H's potion was a luminous green!

In maths this week we have been comparing number bonds, and adding together- all of the children are working really hard in this block of addition and subtraction using the mastery approach.

To mark remembrance day we have made beautiful poppies to go on our display in the school corridor. Every class has made one and it will look spectacular once it is finished! I hope those that had lunch with us enjoyed it!

Thank you to everyone who donated money today for Children in Need- I am sure the total will be counted and announced shortly.

Next week we have dental awareness day on Monday. All children will be off timetable, and we will be completing activities based on oral hygiene.

We have a phonics workshop on Thursday- if you can make it, it will be very beneficial and will give you an insight into how we teach phonics and why. I am hoping to run an evening session for those parents who cannot make it. If it can be arranged it will be Thursday evening, if not there will be an evening one available in due course- I will let you know about this for definite on Monday.

Have a great weekend, I am off to eat lots of cake!

Miss Forman

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Week 2 5.11.18 - 9.11.18

Good evening,

In English this week we have had a very exciting week full of experiments! The children loved the coke, and bicarbonate of soda reaction! Their faces were a picture! The crocodiles have worked in pairs to create a potion together which will include either glitter, water, oil, food colouring, hair gel, or coffee. Chase and Logan's potion is going to make Mrs Smyth fly over the moon! We will be making these Monday/Tuesday and writing about them, therefore, if you have any water bottles please send them in!

Over the week we now have 4 new sounds to recognise: ay, ie, ou and ea. I have jotted these down in your child's reading record, and will continue to do so each week.

In maths this week we have been focusing on number bonds to 10- Can your child tell you the number bonds to 10?

In science we were fantastic scientists and we made lava lamps by using food colouring oil, water and alka seltzer.

Don't forget non uniform day is on Friday 16th November for Children in Need.

Have a lovely weekend, and I will see you on Monday!

Miss Forman



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Autumn 2

Hello! I hope everyone has had a great half term, and you are refreshed and ready for these next few weeks which will lead us up to Christmas! The crocodiles settled quickly back into our routines this week, and we had some Halloween fun! In maths this week we recapped fact families, and have moved onto systematic number bonds and making number bonds to 4,5,6,7,8,9 and 10. In English this week we wrote our half term news, and have began to reveal the story of George's Marvellous Medicine. We are at the point where Grandma has taken the medicine George made for her, and has grown extremely tall! There is a great storytelling clip on YouTube if you search online, which is worth a watch this weekend! We have also made spider pizzas, carved a pumpkin, danced at the disco, and practised our digraphs and trigraphs in phonics- especially the trigraphs air, ear and ure as they are the hardest ones in phase 3! We will be moving onto phase 5 sounds next week, and this will help your child in their next stage of reading.

A couple of weeks ago we made Christmas cards which are available for you to buy from the art project online. The original copy should have gone home with your child, and need to be ordered ASAP.

Could all children bring their homework folders back into school please- it doesn't matter if you haven't completed any but I do need the folders back so I can update the next six week block. Thank you!

Outdoor learning was lots of fun on Thursday- very wet and muddy (baby wipes have never been so useful!) and the children made things in the mud kitchen, went on a mud slide, and made a den. There was some amazing team work!

Well done to Sonnie who got the star of the week- Sonnie has joined the crocodiles class this week, and all of the children have been really welcoming helping him to find his feet. He is very kind and caring and has settled amazingly well.

Next week we will be doing all things firework night, and continuing our sequence of lessons for our new topic- I won't spoil it but it is very exciting!

Have a lovely weekend, and I will see you on Monday.

Miss Forman


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Week 7

Good afternoon,

This week we have enjoyed our last week of the topic Go Wild. In English we changed part of the story 'Where the Wild things are'. The imagination that the children had was incredible and they all worked extremely hard.

In maths this week we have focused on the addition symbol and fact families. Fact families look like this:





Today I think we have nearly cracked fact families so well done crocodiles!

In science this week we went on a tree hunt, and looked at the leaves changing on the trees- we are lucky to have such beautiful trees around our school to look at.

We had a treat on Wednesday- because as a class we have really enjoyed French, we had some croissants and jam to try as we have finished our first block of the subject. After half term- Christmas we will be doing music.

Finally, in ICT we had the beebots out and worked in a team to use the algorithm cards to programme the beebots.

Thank you to everyone for attending parents evening over the last three evenings. It is really beneficial to catch up with everyone and explain what we are up to!

Well done to all of the children who completed bits of homework over the last 6 weeks- I am going to go through all of it and display some in the classroom over half term.

I hope you have a great half term, and I will look forward to our next topic of George's Marvellous Medicine!

Enjoy your week! Miss Forman


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Week 6

Good evening,

During week six of this half term it was assessment week. The children completed a reading, spelling, phonics and maths task just so that I can identify any gaps in learning before we move on to Autumn 2. The phonics screening is new to the children, but they did brilliantly and I will be holding a phonics evening for parents sometime in November just to outline what phonics is like in year one and some information based on the screening assessment which will take place in June of next year.

Thank you to all of you for your harvest donations and for coming to our harvest assembly on Thursday. The children were fantastic again, and it was extremely overwhelming for them to stand up in front of all of those people! We finished our working week with some hot chocolates for doing so well.

Parents evening will take place next week- please note that each appointment is 10 minutes long. I am looking forward to catching up with you all, and it will be a good chance to look at our classroom and books so far.

I hope everyone has had a lovely weekend, and I will see you soon!

Miss Forman

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Week 5

Hello! This week in maths we have started to move onto addition and subtraction. We have focused on using the 'part whole model' this week, which can be really tricky, but I am really pleased with how the children have been challenging themselves with this, and how they have been using the language of recognising the 'whole' and the 'parts'.

During English we wrote a letter as a whole class to the wild things asking them what they wanted their King to be like. We wrote sentences about why Max would be a good King, and then we looked at the layout of a letter, and finished by writing our own letters to Max persuading him to come back and be the King of the Wild Things! We are really trying hard with our sentence structure, and I am encouraging children to read over their sentence to sound each word out.

We had a lovely time on our school trip to the Sea life centre. The crocodiles class lined up brilliantly, were sensible walking to and from the bus, and they enjoyed seeing lots of different animals- the crocodile was a highlight!

Next week we have our Harvest assembly on Thursday morning. We will be performing something to show you as a class, and will be singing songs to you with the other classes from KS1.

Parents evening appointments are now live online- please sign up ASAP as it will be lovely to catch up with everyone about the first term in year one.

Have a great weekend Crocodiles,


Miss Forman


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Week 4

Good afternoon! The weeks are flying past, and our days are packed full of different lessons- I can't believe it is Friday again!

This week in maths we were ordering objects, ordering numbers, using ordinal numbers and using the number line to work out one more than and one less than a given number. We were using more maths vocabulary such as greater, fewer and less, rather than just bigger and smaller. Over the next few weeks in maths we will be doing addition and subtraction. DB primary tasks have been updated.

In English this week we had a letter from the Wild Things telling us that their island was out of control, and that they needed a new King now that Max had left. We discussed what a King was, and looked at a range of pictures of Kings. We designed our own adverts, and also wrote sentences about the features of a King.

We did some art this week, as the children chose sloths as their favourite rainforest animal, so we sponge painted sloths, and stuck twigs on as their branch to swing upside down from. In French we counted to 5, and said what our names were! As a class we are really enjoying French together! In PSHE today we made good food pots, filled with oats, yoghurt, raspberries, blueberries and honey!

Thank you to everyone who donated money and cakes today for the MacMillan Coffee Morning- it is a charity very close to our hearts in the Crocodiles class so we thank you very much!

Please label any jumpers and cardigans that your child brings to school! It has been quite a warm week and when jumpers are not put in trays it can be a bit of a nightmare at the end of the day trying to sort out which one belongs to which child!

Next week we have our school trip to The Sealife Centre in Southend- please bring a lunch with you if you would prefer, otherwise, our catering manager will provide one on Wednesday morning.

Have a great weekend and I will look forward to seeing you on Monday!

Miss Forman

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Week 3

Good afternoon! It has been another busy week in the Antelopes class. In English this week we did lots of role play activities. We got into character and retold the story of Where the wild things are- the boat on the playground came in handy! We also turned into wild things and had a wild rumpus in the copse- this was a lot of fun, and I think you may have heard the howling in Chelmsford! We then drew our wild thing creations, and labelled them. Frankie- Rae had bat wings and Matthew had scary teeth!

In maths this week we have continued with place value, specifically learning one less than, counting, reading and writing numbers in words, one to one correspondence, comparing objects, and introducing the <,> and = signs.

In phonics, we are still recapping phase 3, but really embedding those digraphs so we can recognise them easily in reading and writing. This week we looked at qu, ch and sh.

During our science lesson this week we recapped the four different seasons, and have a brilliant season song online to help us learn these, and explain what we notice about each season. We then had four trees and had to decorate them to suit each season.

Our French lessons amaze me each week! I really enjoy languages, and I am so pleased that the children are enjoying how to speak French! We recapped hello and goodbye, and can count to 5 now!

We all went into the computer suite this week and practised logging on. Once we had logged on we built our own wild self which was great to practise mouse control. If you type it into Google you should be able to play at home!

Finally this afternoon, we finished with RE and labelled some lovely pictures of who is special to us. Nicole drew her nanny because she gives her her own pack of sweets, Maxwell drew his daddy because he just loves him, and Daniel drew his dog because he gives him high fives!

Next week we have school individual photos on Thursday, and our Macmillan coffee morning on Friday. DB primary tasks are now online and will stay there this time!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend Crocodiles!

Miss Forman


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Go Wild!

Hello :)

We have had an exciting week in the crocodiles class! On Monday the children went to assembly in the morning, and when they came back something had been in our classroom! We turned into detectives during English to look for clues of what it could be- we found footprints around the room, leaves, sticks, a crown and a boat! On Tuesday we drew a picture of what we thought it was, and then at the end of the lesson I revealed that THEY were indeed WILD THINGS! This was our introduction to the book 'Where the wild things are' by Maurice Sendak. Following on from this we have looked at adjectives, and had a go at describing the wild things.  

In maths this week we have been counting objects, counting forwards and backwards, and finding one more than a given number. The children have been working hard on our ready, steady, go and turbo challenges.

In topic we were looking at rainforests- referring to the forest that grows in Max's bedroom from Where the wild things are. We located South America, Asia, Africa and Australia on the globe, and coloured in these places on a map to show where rainforests are found. We spoke about the amazon rainforest being the biggest rainforest in the World!

We also started French this week, and learnt to say hello and goodbye in the language. We also looked at the Eiffel Tower! It has been such a busy week, and children are beginning to get used to our year one timetable. They have worked really hard this week, so to finish in PSHE we spoke about the importance of vitamins C and D, and helped ourselves to a rainbow salad!

I have sent a school ping out to everyone about homework- please see me if you have any questions!


Have a brilliant weekend

Miss Forman


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Welcome back!

Good afternoon,

The children have settled back into school life so well, and they have amazed me with their positive attitudes to learning and impeccable behaviour. Year one routines can take some getting used to and our days are packed with a lot more lessons and structure, but they have taken it all in their stride.

Our classroom is looking lovely, we have a reading snug, a safari role play, a funky fingers table and a growth mindset area with a worry hand which makes all worries disappear!

In maths this week we have been looking at sorting objects. The children have been sorting objects themselves practically using different resources, and they have been answering how objects have already been sorted.

In English this week we have been drawing pictures of our summer holidays, labelling our pictures, and then we wrote a sentence about what we did in the holidays.

Up until Christmas we will still be doing continuous provision in the afternoons using the indoor and outdoor classroom. I will work with small groups of children to cover their geography, science, art, PSHE, and RE parts of the curriculum.

All children have a PE in school ready for Monday afternoon now which is fantastic! And all children have a reading book and phonics booklet to practise at home.

Thank you again for your continued support and if you have any questions please come and see me!

Have a great weekend Crocodiles! I wonder if you can remember our class song?

Miss Forman xx

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Back to school!

I am really looking forward to seeing you tomorrow Crocodiles! Please remember to bring in your PE kits with labelled items so that they are ready for Thursday.

I will see you all bright and early at 8:50am tomorrow!

Miss Forman xx

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Transition week

Good morning! We had such a great week in the Crocodiles class as part of transition! We completed some writing in speech bubbles about ourselves which will be on display in our classroom, and did some maths activities throughout the week. We also built lots of Lego models and followed some instructions to make some difficult models, such as a car, a dog on a skateboard, a horse and carriage and an ice cream stand- they were amazing! Our Lego Mania topic was a lot of fun, and the children seem to have settled so well in their new class, so on Friday afternoon as a treat we had some popcorn and watched the Lego movie!

Your child should have their new reading records with them now, please ensure these come into school daily. In year one we have a 'Star readers' chart challenge, and we hope to move each child's star up to see if they can read at home three times in a week!

For September please remember your PE kits which should be a white t-shirt, black shorts, and black plimsolls, with all hair tied back and earrings out. Our PE days in year one will be a Monday afternoon, and a Thursday morning.

I hope everyone has a wonderful summer holiday, enjoy the sunshine and I will see you on Wednesday 5th September ready for our topic of 'Go Wild'. We have an amazing school trip lined up for October- letters will be with you during that first week back!

Happy Holidays!

Miss Forman


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Week 6

Hello! We had a lovely last week together in the Antelopes class! I have enjoyed teaching your children in their first year of school so much and we have made lots of happy memories that I will treasure. I always take the time to go through each child’s books with them and I always point out the progress they have made all down to their hard work. Watching their faces and hearing them say I know my sounds now and I can write now or I can add now is definitely why I love this job! Thank you for all of your support this year, I am lucky to have had lovely parents to work with too. 

Next week we all move to our new classes, therefore, if your child is in the Dolphins class they will be in the class next door to Antelopes, and if your child is in crocodiles then we are in the one next to that! I have moved PE kits over to the new classes, but you will get these at some point this week to wash and get ready for the next academic year. 

The theme for transition week for year one and two is ‘Lego Mania’. It is going to be an exciting week, and I hope everyone enjoys it! 

If you have any questions about this week please come and see me! 

I hope you have had a lovely weekend, and once again thank you for our lovely cards and gifts... we are extremely lucky and I love them all! 

Miss Forman xx

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Week 5

Hello! Last week we continued our topic of animals and creatures. The children loved practising their letter formation in the salt on spiders and enjoyed a minibeast number hunt!

On Wednesday you should have received your child's end of year school report. Please send any comments in on the reply slip before Friday.

On Thursday morning we all went into our new classes. All of the children were excited and had a great time! Transition this week is Tuesday 10th July (am).

Thank you to everyone who attended our school summer fete on Friday afternoon! It was extremely hot but we all had a lovely time and it was great to see so many smiling faces enjoying themselves!

This week is our last week together as Antelopes- we will be having our ice cream factory on Friday afternoon!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend- I think you all have a better social life than your parents and I with the parties! Lucky boys and girls!

See you soon!

Miss Forman xx

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Good afternoon!

This week we have been looking at minibeasts! The children are really enjoying this topic and it is lovely to see them talking about it with each other and asking the adults lots of questions.

In maths this week we looked at pictograms. We had to collect the data and then the children had questions to answer about what that certain data told them such as what was the most popular animal, or what was the least favourite animal.

In literacy this week we have been doing lots of reading and writing about animals. We have finished our handwriting booklets this week, however, from Monday we will be doing a 15 minute practise of handwriting each day of the tricky words.

Today your child should have given you their letter which explains the transition from reception to year one with your child's class teacher, LSAs and class name. If you have any questions about this please come and see me!

Next week your child's end of year school report will be with you on Wednesday, we have the first transition morning on Thursday, and the Summer fete on Friday! Thank you to everyone this week for providing your child with their water bottle, hat and sun cream- they have all been stars!

Have a great weekend and I will see you on Monday.

Miss Forman

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On the Farm!


Last week we looked at animals on the farm, and we were excited about our school trip! I was so proud of the Antelopes for their impeccable behaviour on the trip! We milked a cow, fed lots of animals, gave lambs a bottle of milk, and held chicks. I hope you all liked the pictures and I hope the children told you all about our day together. The writing that we did about our trip on Thursday was super- and this will be displayed on our writing wall.

On Wednesday of this week we have an open afternoon at 2:30pm where you can come and look through your child's books for the last time this school year. I will be available for any questions that you may have about transition. We then have the school disco this week on Thursday afternoon.

It is meant to be really hot this week so please bring a hat, a water bottle and sun cream into school.

I hope you had a great weekend, and I will look forward to seeing you on Wednesday. The children have been enjoying our new focus this morning which is 'minibeasts'.


Miss Forman

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Under the sea

Hello! This week we have been looking at animals that live under the sea. The children have loved looking at clips on the National Geographic children's channel, and we all enjoyed the story of 'The Smiley Shark'.

In maths this week we have revisited halving, and I was amazed at how independent all of the children were at halving sweets using numbers greater than 10. In writing we have been practising letter formation, and writing about whales, sharks, dolphins, starfish, and puffer fish.

Next week we have our school trip which will be on Wednesday to Boydells Farm. Looking at the weather forecast so far it is meant to be warm, therefore, please ensure your child has a hat, sun cream applied and in their bag, and plenty of water. It was 31C last year when we went so I will stock up on snacks and make sure everyone is hydrated! It really is a lovely school trip and I hope the children will all enjoy it.

On Friday it is a non uniform day. If you can please donate any sweets which will be for our summer fete on Friday 6th July.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and I shall see you on Monday Antelopes!

Miss Forman xx

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The first week of summer 2!

Hello, I hope everyone had a great half term holiday. As always thank you for the photos of what you all got up to, and the shape hunt posts sent through on Tapestry. I can't believe this is our last half term in reception it has flown but we are all set for our new topic of Animals and Creatures. This week we have focussed on pets and the children have been so engaged in this and have been asking different questions to each other about their own pets. If any children didn't have any pets at home we asked what pet they would like to have if they could choose. We did some writing on this and I must say I am really pleased with how everyone's writing is coming along. Children are applying their phonic knowledge really well and they all seem to be enjoying writing which is the main thing!

In maths this week we revisited doubling. I was really pleased as every child did this independently and remembered the concept of adding the same number. We did this in various ways using different resources so that it is a mastery approach to the subject area.

We had a fantastic sports day on Wednesday afternoon- all of the children in Antelopes and Bears were impeccably behaved, and tried their best at everything they did. What more could we want! We will have a sports day celebration assembly on Wednesday morning. Thank you for coming along to watch, we hope you enjoyed it!

Over the next few weeks there will be lots going on and transition will start. Here are some dates which are relevant to us in Early Years:

Wednesday 20th June: Our school trip to Boydell's Farm (Please pay by Sims agora if you have not already done so)

Friday 22nd June: Non Uniform Day

Friday 29th June: Transition letters will be out- this will tell you the details of transition and what class your child will be in next year.

Wednesday 4th July: Your child's school report will be in an envelope addressed to you.

Thursday 5th July: This will be your child's first transition morning in their new class.

Friday 6th July: Beckers Green Summer fete 3:30pm-5:30pm

Tuesday 10th July: Transition morning 2

Friday 13th July: Our last day in the Antelopes class

Week beginning 16th July- Transition week (All children will move to their new classes)

If you have any questions about the last 6 weeks leading up to the Summer holidays please come and see me!

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend and you're ready to learn all about animals under the sea next week!


Miss Forman xx





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Half term!

Hello, I hope everyone is having a lovely bank holiday weekend!

We are now at the end of Summer 1 and we had another busy week at school. We have been doing lots of writing this week- a mixture of sentences and handwriting. I am really pleased with how hard they are trying with sentence writing. In phonics we are practising to say the sentence, write the sentence and check over our work by re reading it. Myself and the LSAs commented how brilliant they all are now, and it is a lovely time of year for us to see how far they have come since September.

In maths we were practising number formation and ordering numbers to make sure we can recognise numbers to 20 and maybe even higher!

We have sports day to look forward to during the first week back after half term. This will be on the school field on Wednesday 6th June at 1:30pm. Please bring a blanket, chairs, snacks and enjoy the afternoon as it really is a great event!

I hope everyone has a lovely week off, and I will see you on Tuesday 5th June ready for our last 6 weeks in the Antelopes class- Our topic is going to be Animals and Creatures and I am certain that lots of learning and fun is going to take place!

Miss Forman

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Keeping healthy

Hello! Sorry for the delay in last week's blog- I have been unable to log into the site!

Last week our focus was on keeping healthy! It was a very busy week writing about the foods we should eat to be healthy, and what exercise we can do to keep fit. This brought lots of discussion throughout the whole week which was great! The children particularly liked our funky fingers activity, whereby they had to rub the dirty marks off the pretend teeth with real toothbrushes!

In maths we were counting in 10s and I was super impressed with everyone doing this- we now do this whilst we are in a line before we go out for break time or lunch time to keep the rhythm in our heads!

Thank you for all of the snack money that has come in and just a reminder to please pay for our school trip ASAP so we can get that finalised.

Again a huge thank you for coming to our story afternoon today- All of the children are trying exceptionally hard with their reading books and HFW.

I will post tomorrow evening with this weeks blog!

Miss Forman


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