Leavers' Assembly

Sadly the Leavers' assembly is approaching fast. It starts at 9.30, and siblings in the school will be able to come and watch too. Afterwards the children will be signing shirts as usual, so please let your child know if you don't want their shirt signed!

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Anderson shelters


In DT we have researched air raid shelters and made a model of an Anderson shelter, choosing our materials for their purpose and then testing them for strength using a 1kg weight and for waterproofness using a watering can. They all passed with flying colours - except a couple - and I was very impressed with the variety of designs and materials used.

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The final part of our study on WW2 included learning about the purpose of propaganda, how it was used by both sides, the design features of an effective propaganda poster and the persuasive techniques used in the messages.

The children then designed and created their own posters. We kept the images and the text simple in order to make the most of the tools of colour blocking, direction and movement. They make an eye-catching and vibrant display in the class room.




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RE presentations

The children completed and presented their work on religions this week with Mrs Skinner. They had an audience which included Mrs Dunne and Mrs Christian, who were very impressed with the depth of their knowledge and the flair with which they presented. Well done Lions.


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Homefront cooking


Well it's been yet another busy week  in Lions class. On Monday we analysed seven different historical sources and looked for bias. On Tuesday we cooked seven different wartime dishes and then tasted them.

Mock Apricot  Flan (made with carrots)

Coquet Pudding (made with potatoes)

Eggless Sponge

Potato and Bacon Dumplings

Potato and Cheese Dumplings

Spam Hash

Pear Crumble (made with pears!)

We will be thinking of ways to improve them with off-ration ingredients next week.

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WW2 cooking, art and ICT

This week we have been studying the work of Henry Moore - in particular his sketches of the Blitz. The children used mixed media to make a Moore-inspired London scene. Then they used stop motion to create short animations of an air raid over London. Hopefully you should be able to scan the QR code below to see their work. Please write in the comment box if it doesn't and I will try again!

In English we have been writing newspaper reports about an air raid on Braintree. This has taught us a lot about RAF and Luftwaffe planes as well as V1 rockets.

In maths we have been learning about rationing, weighing out a week's ration and then using WW2 recipes to design a menu for a week. They have had to make sure they don't use more rations than they are allowed for the week as well as calculate the cost in pounds, shillings and pence. Luckily they can use as much veg as they can grow, so it's a good thing the Dig for Victory garden is growing so well.

Enjoy the weekend Lions.


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We had a fantastic day at Duxford last week, the children all behaved exceptionally and represented the school beautifully. We walked miles and saw lots, we still only scratched the surface of the museum though and it was lovely to hear so many of the children say that they wanted to return there with their families.

Many thanks to Mrs Crosby, Mrs Old, Mrs Root and Mrs Snell for helping out on the day, and also to the other parents who volunteered but were not required.

Here are some photos from the day.

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The final half term

This is such an exciting half term but tinged with a bit of sadness. Last week we had the last sports day for this year group and already the transition days have started for the secondary schools. 

I have begun to plan the leavers'  assembly, which will be on Friday 13th July at 9.30 am. A school ping will be going out with the details and you will  be required to let us know how many seats you require.

We also need photos, to include in the assembly, details are in the school ping.

A message has also been sent out to you about the puberty and reproduction lessons that we are required to deliver to all year 5 and 6 children. These will be happening next week, if you do not want your child involved please let me know.



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Zeppelins, diaries and Paul Nash

It's been another busy week in Lions. We have been working on diary writing and the children have written trench diaries. We learnt about Zeppelins and made them out of art straws and card, we studied the work of Paul Nash and recreated his Menin Road scene. All in all, a good set of outcomes for our mini topic on WW1.

The children can complete some activities from the homework menu over half term. 

Have a lovely rest Lions and enjoy the half term break - don't forget the Non Pupil Day on Monday 4th June.

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Trenches in the classroom, soundscapes, drama, a picnic, gardening and a few tests.

What a week we have had in Lions class,  busy would not be a strong enough adjective to describe it!

On Monday afternoon, Lions created their 'Dig for Victory' garden outside the classroom - so far they have planted peas, spinach, cabbages and lettuce. They have made cane structures to support the peas and moved enough soil to fill all our planting troughs. The challenge over the coming weeks will be keeping the cats at bay and making sure the plants get enough water.

On Tuesday afternoon, we immersed ourselves in WW1 by listening to a play set in 1914 and improvising some extra scenes. This set the scene for today's visit from Dan - the WW1 expert - which was so entertaining and informative. The class learned about the causes of the war by literally wearing the hats of key players. They were able to handle genuine artefacts from the time and learn about the role of technology in the conflict. Needless to say, they were fascinated and behaved beautifully.

On Thursday, we felt like celebrating the beautiful weather and spent the afternoon playing rounders and enjoying a picnic on the field. 

And on Friday we performed and composed a series of soundscapes to complement our drama. Using percussion instruments and 'found sounds', they depicted the calm of the countryside before the war, the tension of waiting for the order to 'Go over the top' and the confusion and turmoil of an attack. The results were fabulous.

On top of all this, of course, there were the KS2 SATs exams, which they approached with calm, determination and a "We mean business!" attitude - I am so proud of them.

Well done Lions (and thank you for your very kind presentation this morning). Have a lovely weekend.



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SATS week

Next week students can arrive at school from 8.30 and they must be in school by 8.50 at the latest.

We will be serving a snack and a drink during registration, after which the tests will start. 

Monday - Grammar and spelling

Tuesday - Reading

Wednesday - Maths arithmetic and reasoning

Thursday - Maths reasoning

We will be celebrating on Thursday afternoon with a party on the field, snacks and games - weather permitting. Please send in any contributions of crisps, biscuits, snacks etc during next week - remember no nuts or sugary drinks.

Finally, the children have worked very hard preparing for the tests, to help them perform as well as they can, please encourage them to get some early nights!


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Homework - Summer Term

The homework for this term is all based on our topic of War and Peace. The  children are expected to complete a piece of homework every week in their homework books (if appropriate). I don't expect them to bring their homework in every week, as some tasks will take more than a week to complete. Instead, we will have a homework showcase event before half term and at the end of term. The list of tasks is available on the link below, if you have any questions please let me know.


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Cardboard chaos!

We have made a strong start to the new term. Before we begin our main topic of War and Peace, we are spending a few weeks learning about the Ancient Greeks. To kick-start our learning, the children built Trojan Horses yesterday afternoon - that was why we needed all the cardboard!

The class worked brilliantly on this task and showed excellent collaborative, design, technical and artistic skills. We pitted the girls' horse (Shirley) against the boys' (Bob) and the results were judged by Mrs Smyth and Mrs Christian. Well done girls - Shirley pipped Bob to the post due to her size and extra design feature of wheels.


I hope you enjoy the pictures!

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Happy Easter!

Well we have reached the end of Spring term and have completed all our targets. Well done Lions. SATs practice week has gone smoothly and ended with smiley faces.

I am sending the children home with their SATs Buster packs and some Easter themed worksheets. I'd like them to complete the worksheets over the holiday and they can focus on any areas they think they need practice on using the SATs Busters.

Have a rest Lions, get plenty of fresh air, exercise, sleep and CHOCOLATE!

Mrs Kerry


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Homework 24-3-18

The children have brought home their SATS Busters books this weekend. They are directing their learning themselves and choosing what area they need to work on for 20 mins minimum.

Have great weekend.

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Micro-organisms and bread


We have been studying micro-organisms as part of our science topic of Living Things. Our learning has taken us into classification and now into the tiny world of micro-organisms. We are currently investigating the conditions that make mould grow, and early this week we conducted yeast races to explore the conditions that help yeast grow.

To find a use for our new knowledge we made bread yesterday. The children made a basic dough and then modified the recipe by adding ingredients and shaping it into a variety of bread products. The results, smelt, looked and tasted delicious. Hopefully by the end of the week we will know how to store them so that they don't go mouldy!

Enjoy the pictures below.








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Plastic Ocean


To coincide with Science Week, this week our work has been around the theme of the plastic ocean.

We have tracked the progress of a piece of garbage as it makes its way around the Atlantic Ocean, washed by the current, to end up in the North Atlantic Garbage Patch near Bermuda.

We have analysed data on plastic production, degradation and distribution on beaches in the UK and have represented our findings using bar, line and pie charts.

Our writing focus has been a narrative, describing the journey of a piece of plastic around the ocean. The children have tried to imagine the weather it encounters and the marine animals it sees, as well as the effects the garbage has on these creatures. Quite a difficult task, but I am really enjoying reading their work so far. 

In art we have studied the work of the Japanese artist, Hokusai, and we have created pop art versions of his famous work - The Great Wave.

This morning, a team from Braintree District Council came to visit and we learnt about how materials are recycled into new products. Homework this week is related to recycling and our plastic use. The children need to discover how everyday food items were packaged in years gone by, they could maybe speak to a family member maybe to do this? They need to keep a plastic use diary for a couple of days and decide if the answer to the problem is to stop using plastic or to recycle more plastic.   

Have a lovely weekend.

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Geometry and insulating tape


We are studying angles and shape in maths this week and this morning we had a lively lesson working out missing angles. Here are some pictures of Lions and Kangaroos in action, using the clues given to find all the pesky missing angles. Fantastic progress this morning year 6 - well done!

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SATS 2018 Info

Many thanks to the parents who attended the SATS meeting the week before half term. Some of you asked for the information in the presentation about dates and passing the tests, so I have pasted it below.




Monday 14th May

Grammar, punctuation, spelling Paper 1 - 45mins

Paper 2 – 15 mins

Tuesday 15th May

Reading  60 mins

Wednesday 16th May

Maths Arithmetic AM – 30 mins

Maths Reasoning 1 PM – 40 mins

Thursday 17th May

Maths Reasoning 2 AM – 40 mins


The SATS booster sessions start tomorrow morning and continue every Wednesday (maths) , Thursday (reading) and Friday (EGPS)  mornings at 8am until SATS week. I've been shopping for snacks Lions and Kangaroos, so I'll see you tomorrow morning!

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Palm oil and deforestation - let Lions class explain the issue


 Have you looked at the ingredients of products around your home to see how many of them contain palm oil? Lions class did as their homework task and they discovered that it appears in many everyday products. This made them want to investigate where and how it is grown.  They discovered that the largest producer is Indonesia - the area that our class novel (Kensuke's Kingdom) is set. Using the internet they researched the effects on the environment of producing palm oil, they have then written an explanation and produced some graphics to illustrate them. Here are some examples from Skye, Silvy, Sara, Bradley, Lexi and Breydon. Great job Lions!



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