Geometry and insulating tape


We are studying angles and shape in maths this week and this morning we had a lively lesson working out missing angles. Here are some pictures of Lions and Kangaroos in action, using the clues given to find all the pesky missing angles. Fantastic progress this morning year 6 - well done!

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SATS 2018 Info

Many thanks to the parents who attended the SATS meeting the week before half term. Some of you asked for the information in the presentation about dates and passing the tests, so I have pasted it below.




Monday 14th May

Grammar, punctuation, spelling Paper 1 - 45mins

Paper 2 – 15 mins

Tuesday 15th May

Reading  60 mins

Wednesday 16th May

Maths Arithmetic AM – 30 mins

Maths Reasoning 1 PM – 40 mins

Thursday 17th May

Maths Reasoning 2 AM – 40 mins


The SATS booster sessions start tomorrow morning and continue every Wednesday (maths) , Thursday (reading) and Friday (EGPS)  mornings at 8am until SATS week. I've been shopping for snacks Lions and Kangaroos, so I'll see you tomorrow morning!

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Palm oil and deforestation - let Lions class explain the issue


 Have you looked at the ingredients of products around your home to see how many of them contain palm oil? Lions class did as their homework task and they discovered that it appears in many everyday products. This made them want to investigate where and how it is grown.  They discovered that the largest producer is Indonesia - the area that our class novel (Kensuke's Kingdom) is set. Using the internet they researched the effects on the environment of producing palm oil, they have then written an explanation and produced some graphics to illustrate them. Here are some examples from Skye, Silvy, Sara, Bradley, Lexi and Breydon. Great job Lions!



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Poetry Blog - Volcanoes by Lions

Here is a selection of the poetry and art we have been working on in the last two weeks, I am trying to get work from everyone on the blog, please bear with me over the next couple of days as I get all the photos uploaded. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I have.

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Extreme Earth Poetry


We have started our new topic of extreme earth by studying plate tectonics and volcanoes in geography and in English we have been studying poetry. Over the next two weeks the children will be writing a variety of poetry about volcanoes, which I will publish i a 'Poetry Book Blog Post' at the end of the fortnight.

Here are the collaborative calligrams that the class wrote in groups this week, as a taste of what is to come.

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Happy electric Christmas!


Our science topic for this half term was electricity and the children have been creating electric Christmas decorations to showcase what they have learnt about voltage, resistance and parallel circuits. Mrs Christian came and judged their work; here are some of the creations that she was particularly impressed by.


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Times Tables Rockstars

We have a new website to help with practising times tables. The children have been given their log in details and they can access the site on a PC, tablet or mobile. 

The address is:


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Living like a Maya


Thanks to so many of you who came to watch the children perform in their assembly this morning. It was their chance to show you all the history, music, geography, sport and art that they have learnt over the term.

I hope you agree that the performance level from all the children was super, everyone remembered their lines and delivered them loud, clear and with expression. Well done! Special congratulations should go to Caiden and Silvy who stepped in as understudies - you did a fantastic job.

I've tried to include a picture of everyone for anyone who couldn't make it.



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Mayan Assembly

We are looking forward to seeing you all next Tuesday 28th November at 9.30 for our assembly about the Maya.

As you know the children all have lines, which they were given to learn before half term. We are now in the final stages of rehearsals and most have learnt their lines by heart - there are still a few who need to polish up their memories!

We have run through costumes today, and each child has been told what they need to bring with them from home. Please help them by giving any advice and guidance on acting that you can offer.

Many thanks for your support and we look forward to seeing you next week.


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Maya Gods


This week we have been studying the rediscovery of the Mayan ruins in Copan by Frederick Catherwood and John Lloyd Stephens in the early 19th century. We have analysed historical sources and their reliabilty (Mayan ruins versus Catherwood's paintings).

We then studied the vast range of Maya gods, their powers and the awful lengths the Maya people went to to worship them - ask your children about thorny ropes! The children then recreated their favourite god in terracotta using modelling tools. 

They are on display in the classroom, if you would like to see them please pop in one morning or afternoon. 

Celine, Silvy, Sofia and Ben's are pictured below







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British Pok-ta-Pok Championships


For the last three weeks the children have been learning to play the ancient Maya game of pok-ta-pok. They became so good we decided to hold the British Championships here at Beckers Green last Friday. For some reason we were the only school represented (maybe the 2000-year-old-game isn't as popular as it once was?).

Anyway, the teams were match-fit, the crowd were buzzing with excitement and the roaming commentators were poised for action. The tournament lasted all afternoon and ended in victory for three teams. 

Lions have written match reports and a selection of their work can be seen below.

Awesome effort Lions!

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Homework WC 30-10-17

Homework is set on DB Primary. Please complete 20 mins each of the maths and the English activities. :) Use the link below. 


DB Primary

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Game designs


The homework task over half term was to design a game that displayed and tested the children's knowledge of the  Maya topic that we have been studying this term.

The results are impressive and I have been blown away by the care and attention the children have given their games. 

Here is a selection of them, although all of them were very good, I can't fit photos of them all onto the blog.

Today we played them and gave the designers feedback - great work Lions. ROAR!!!

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Chocolate Day

We had such a fantastic day yesterday with the Ministry of Chocolate. Not only did we learn about the history, geography and science of chocolate - most importantly we learnt how to taste chocolate properly using all our senses.

Please ask the children how you use sight, smell, touch, sound and finally taste to enjoy chocolate. Hopefully they will have remembered how to tell really good chocolate from the bad stuff.

Their chocolate bars looked and smelled delicious and today they have created some brilliant packaging and adverts too. The chocolate came home with the children tonight, so I hope you enjoy tasting their wonderful creations.


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Chocolate - For or Against?


Out Maya topic has taken us to a study of chocolate (in time for National Chocolate Week) and last week we completed our debate about whether chocolate should be sold in the tuck shop.

After the debate the children wrote persuasive letters to Mrs Smyth, either for or against the idea.

They should all be very proud of the results which make a lovely display in the classroom. Well done Lions!

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Today we were visited by Alec Hunter Academy, and they conducted a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) workshop with us.

We made stomp rockets out of paper and card, which we then launched in the playground.

We learnt that it was important for the rocket to be air tight, the number and size of fins affected the distance flown and the angle of launch affected the height the rocket reached.

Well done Lions.

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Home Learning

In addition to the homework set on Thursday there are other activities that the children can practise on an ipad, tablet, PC or phone at home.

These are:

Mathletics  - for maths tasks related to weekly teaching

DB Primary  - for all areas of learning

Linguascope  - for French 

The children have the log in details for these sites and I hope that they will use the links above to access them frequently.


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Star Writing

Lions, you have a fantastic attitude to home learning. The 100 word challenges set last week were all completed and improved on. We have democratic vote in class on a Tuesday morning to select the cream of our homework, the winners are then posted on our Star Writing Wall.

Well done to Sara, Alfred, George, Divya, Sofia, Leah and Isabella for winning this week's vote.


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Star Wars + Lego + imagination + school holidays = creative results


Over the holidays, one of our Lions had some spare time and decided to create something very special.

He has devised, designed and built an interactive quiz using Lego. The attention to detail is breath-taking and the variety of skills involved very impressive. 

It is on display in Lions class, if you would like to have a look. You will need to ask the creator - Bradley - if you can play it!

This has got me thinking, how about a half term challenge? With the news that Toys'r'us is going out of business, can Lions class, Beckers Green step in and take their place in the world of games and toys?

I will give it some thought and be in touch before long!



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To infinity and beyond!


On Friday Lions, Kangaroos and Jaguars experienced a trip of a lifetime. With the help of a virtual reality headset, we travelled through our solar system, exploring all the planets, their moons and the conditions on their surfaces. 

The children learnt about each planet in turn, as well as the central facts about orbits and rotations of the earth and moon. The workshop featured frequent quizzes to test their knowledge and it was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.


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