Chocolate Day

We had such a fantastic day yesterday with the Ministry of Chocolate. Not only did we learn about the history, geography and science of chocolate - most importantly we learnt how to taste chocolate properly using all our senses.

Please ask the children how you use sight, smell, touch, sound and finally taste to enjoy chocolate. Hopefully they will have remembered how to tell really good chocolate from the bad stuff.

Their chocolate bars looked and smelled delicious and today they have created some brilliant packaging and adverts too. The chocolate came home with the children tonight, so I hope you enjoy tasting their wonderful creations.


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Chocolate - For or Against?


Out Maya topic has taken us to a study of chocolate (in time for National Chocolate Week) and last week we completed our debate about whether chocolate should be sold in the tuck shop.

After the debate the children wrote persuasive letters to Mrs Smyth, either for or against the idea.

They should all be very proud of the results which make a lovely display in the classroom. Well done Lions!

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Today we were visited by Alec Hunter Academy, and they conducted a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) workshop with us.

We made stomp rockets out of paper and card, which we then launched in the playground.

We learnt that it was important for the rocket to be air tight, the number and size of fins affected the distance flown and the angel of launch affected the height the rocket reached.

Well done Lions.

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Home Learning

In addition to the homework set on Thursday there are other activities that the children can practise on an ipad, tablet, PC or phone at home.

These are:

Mathletics  - for maths tasks related to weekly teaching

DB Primary  - for all areas of learning

Linguascope  - for French 

The children have the log in details for these sites and I hope that they will use the links above to access them frequently.


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Star Writing

Lions, you have a fantastic attitude to home learning. The 100 word challenges set last week were all completed and improved on. We have democratic vote in class on a Tuesday morning to select the cream of our homework, the winners are then posted on our Star Writing Wall.

Well done to Sara, Alfred, George, Divya, Sofia, Leah and Isabella for winning this week's vote.


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Star Wars + Lego + imagination + school holidays = creative results


Over the holidays, one of our Lions had some spare time and decided to create something very special.

He has devised, designed and built an interactive quiz using Lego. The attention to detail is breath-taking and the variety of skills involved very impressive. 

It is on display in Lions class, if you would like to have a look. You will need to ask the creator - Bradley - if you can play it!

This has got me thinking, how about a half term challenge? With the news that Toys'r'us is going out of business, can Lions class, Beckers Green step in and take their place in the world of games and toys?

I will give it some thought and be in touch before long!



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To infinity and beyond!


On Friday Lions, Kangaroos and Jaguars experienced a trip of a lifetime. With the help of a virtual reality headset, we travelled through our solar system, exploring all the planets, their moons and the conditions on their surfaces. 

The children learnt about each planet in turn, as well as the central facts about orbits and rotations of the sun, earth and moon. The workshop featured frequent quizzes to test their knowledge and it was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.

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Lions meet Cressida Cowell


Today, Lions, Kangaroos and Jaguars walked to Alec Hunter Academy to listen to the bestselling author of the How to Train Your Dragon books, Cressida Cowell. We heard about the childhood holidays that inspired her work, had a sneak preview of her soon-to-be-published new book and learned some creative writing tips. At the end we met Cressida, asked some interesting questions as she signed our books.

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Welcome back

We are now a whole week into the new term and Lions have been busy making the classroom look beautiful.

We have completed watercolour wash lion portraits of ourselves which make an impressive class display. We have also designed and created batik prints which represent the qualities we value using Adinkra patterns from Africa as an inspiration. These were quite a complex and lengthy project but the final results are excellent and look very impressive.

In writing we are writing a fact file about the Maya, who we have been studying in our topic sessions. This week we have compared and contrasted the Maya and the British timelines, noting the differences and similarities.

In maths we have studied place value, rounding and negative numbers, while in science we have begun our work on light.

Friday is an exciting end to the week as we have two events: the virtual reality workshop are visiting us and will be whisking us off on a tour of the solar system. While in the afternoon we are visiting Alec Hunter Academy to meet Cressida Cowell, the author of How to Train your Dragon. Many thanks to the parents who have volunteered to support us on the trip.

Homework this week is a mental maths workout and a one hundred word challenge.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Kerry

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This week we have been writing our own versions of a short film. The film is a hyper-realistic animation of a post-apocalyptic world called Ruin.

It has been a real treat to read the writing the children have produced - the descriptions are breath-taking and the writing skills really bring the story to life.

We have made a display of the whole story using a range of the children's writing. Please pop into the classroom to have a look, as the children are very proud (quite rightly) of their work.

When I can post photos, I will!

Mrs Kerry

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Democracy in Kangaroos

Well today we have held a mock general election with five parties campaigning for the class vote.

UKIP: Bradley, Tom, Luca, Olly, Alfie

Conservative: Jamie, Albi, Callum, Josh, Aman

Labour: Kian, Jasmyn, Chenai, Ryan, JJ, Leo

Lib Dem: Katie, Connie, Grace, Stevie, Millie

Green: Amalia, Eliot, Clarise, Ashley, Evelyn

The parties had to present the top five policies from their party manifesto. We then held a secret ballot; the results are below.

Lib Dem 3


Conservative 4

Labour 9

Green 10

I have to say the Greens did a great job with their presentation and made some very persuasive points which clearly swayed the electorate. Well done Eliot, Clarise, Ashley and Evelyn!


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Half Term Already?

I'm sorry that I haven't posted onto the blog recently, we seem to have been incredibly busy.

After the SATs we took an afternoon off to celebrate the fantastic mindset that everyone brought to the tests. I was so proud of all the Kangaroos; the calm, purposeful atmosphere in the class all week was very impressive. The children worked incredibly hard preparing for the exams and they should all be seriously proud of themselves. We are.

Since then, we have thrown ourselves into our new topic - Around the World in Eighty Days.

In maths the children have planned and costed a holiday using budgeting and estimating skills.

In English we have been studying persuasive techniques and writing holiday brochures.

In Geography we have been researching our holiday destinations' landscapes, climates and cultures as well as map drawing.

In art we have been studying Impressionism and painting impressions of our holiday destination using the six features of Impressionist technique.

In Science  we are revising electricity and following a visit from Mrs Wheatley in the guise of Deborah Meaden (from Dragons' Den) the children are now designing and making an electronic educational toy based on the world map in their DT lessons.

In addition to this, the children moving to Alec Hunter Academy have met their new tutors, the sports and house captains have been helping with Sports Day preparations and our brilliant mentors have been helping with Outdoor Learning and we have also welcomed two new class members - Leo and Amalia.

This term is a busy one with Open days, Transition meetings, Mersea , Sports Day, the Fete, Disco, Leavers Assembly and more.

Have a lovely half term break Kangaroos - you have earned it!

Mrs Kerry

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Leavers Celebrations

We are already planning the Leaver's Assembly, which will take place the week before year 6 go to Mersea, and I need to ask you  for photos.

I need up to 4 pictures of your child from babyhood through to the present. Ideally one could be from the first day of school if at all possible.

You can send them on a memory stick or as paper copies. 

Many thanks,

Mrs Kerry

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Breakfast session Wednesday 26/4/17

  Authentication required.

This is a password protected blog, please kindly enter the password into the password field below to view the blog.

Breakfast sessions

We are running a breakfast session (8am - 8.50) every morning this week and next week to practise some key concepts.

Details of what is going to be covered will  be published on the blog with some practice materials.

Anyone is welcome!

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Long division

Our focus for tomorrow's breakfast session is long division. We will be playing games, practising and challenging each other.

If you want to polish your long division skills at home, try this website.

Good luck and see you in the morning!

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VE Day!

It was lovely to see so many of you at our VE Day Street Party last week. The children are rightly proud of all their hard work and I hope you enjoyed looking at it with them. For those of you that were not able to make it here are a few pictures. Thank you all again for all your wonderful support of the children's learning and achievements.






Waiting for our guests.


Sharing our work.


DT project


Victory sponge, carrots cookies and no-bake chocolate cake. Mmmm.


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100 Word Challenge - Talia


Here is Talia's 100 word challenge.

"Mush!" yelled the sled driver as he steered the sure-footed huskies over the glass-like ice. They were making good progress and looked like they were in with a good chance of winning this exhausting race.

All of a sudden, an unforeseen disaster  occurred. The lead dog, Thor, took an almighty tumble and let out a deafening, blood-curdling yelp as he came crashing down with a thud on the rock hard sheet of ice.

The sled driver was distraught that his number one, beloved dog may be badly injured. He rushed to the front of the team, where Thor lay panting and whimpering. Unhooking the harness, he quickly carried the dog back to the sled, placing him under the warm bear skin.

There was still time to win the race and then get Thor to a vet.

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A busy fortnight

We have been busy making replicas of the medal designed for 'The Few'; the airmen who flew during the Battle of Britain. The children have moulded them out of clay and I have to say, I think they would fool an expert!

In art we have been experimenting with sponging and brush techniques to create texture. We then used the technique to create dramatic paintings of the Blitz. 

In DT the children have designed a model of an Anderson Shelter, which they will be making and then testing with rain and bombs.

In music their compositions on the theme 'Keep Calm and Carry on" are sounding excellent and in PE they have begun to learn the steps of a 1940's dance.

We can't wait to show you all this and more at our showcase afternoon on the 17th March at 2.00pm. More details will follow.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Kerry

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The Battle of Britain

Over the last two weeks Kangaroos have been examining Hitler's Attack Plan for the Battle of Britain. They have analysed maps, learnt about radar and listened to Churchill's 'Finest Hour' speech.

We have learnt how to use watercolours to create a 'wash' and have painted a picture of the evacuation of Dunkirk based on the illustrations in Louise Borden's book The Little Ships. 

Our newspaper reports announcing the start of the war look great and are on display in the classroom. We hope to add to them with some dramatic paintings of the Blitz over London and our own versions of the Battle of Britain medal presented to airmen of Fighter Command.

Our living history wall now contains a beautiful poem contributed by Mrs Holme's grandmother, an account from Ryan's great-grandfather about bombing in Glasgow shipyards and a newspaper cutting from Jamie's family about prisoners-of-war. The children are clearly talking about their learning with you as they are sharing all sorts of information they have gathered from primary sources in their families.

Many thanks for all your continued support of the children's learning.

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Kerry.

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