Crime and Punishment

This afternoon we played a Saxon crime and punishment game. The children learnt about trial by ordeal, oath takers and wergild. Ask them to explain... Here are some pictures of them discovering their fates!

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Welcome back

Happy new year! The children have come back to school full of beans and have hit the ground running.

Our new topic for this term is Crime and Punishment and we are starting by looking at crime and how it was dealt with in Saxon times. The children started by solving a mystery posed by the discovery of a skeleton in a field near Windsor. We had many interesting and sensible theories as to how our victim met his death and I was really impressed with their reasoning and logic.

Over the next three weeks we will be working on persuasive techniques so that they can write a speech to defend a Saxon prisoner in a trial. 

In science we have started our new subject of 'Living things and their habitats' and already the children have sorted and classified sweets using closed questions and classification keys.

In maths we continue to work on arithmetic skills before moving onto geometry. In French we are learning about shops and towns so we can write a tourist guide to Braintree. In RE we are studying Freedom and Justice while in PSHE we continue to study Healthy minds, Healthy bodies and Healthy lifestyles. 

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I Want My Mummy!

Thank you all for coming to watch our assembly. The children really enjoyed showing you everything they have learnt and I hope you agree that they performed their words and beautifully.

Mr Eldred kindly took lots of photos, which I have posted below - there will more in another post as space is limited!

Have a lovely weekend.



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We seem to have been doing a lot of writing in the last couple of weeks - the children have written a myth inspired by the story of Nian ( a Chinese monster).

They also wrote letters to the Unknown Soldier buried in London, a selection of which are on display in the main corridor. Here are some examples from Lions class. I hope you enjoy reading them.










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The children are looking forward to performing their assembly to you next Thursday and are rehearsing hard. I sent home a slip with costume requirements last week, however in case you didn't get it here is the information again.

Pharaoh and Queen - Egyptian dress up costume from the Egyptian Day.

Slaves, Farmers, Scribes, Priests, Embalmers: white tunic (an old pillow case or something similar), belt, bare feet. They can wear white leggings or shorts and a t shirt underneath.

Narrators: school uniform

Jean Christophe: dark trousers, shirt, tie, shoes, hat

Carnarvon: dark trousers, shirt, tie, jacket if possible, hat, shoes

Carter: light trousers, shirt, shoes, hat

Lady Evelyn: longish skirt, shirt, hat, shoes

Quiz Masters: smart trousers and shirt, shoes

Contestants: school uniform

Mummy: white legging/jeans and a white t shirt.

Please let me know if you are having problems with any of the costumes, I'm sure we can find something, given notice.

We're looking forward to seeing you on Thursday.

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Grand Designs

We have been studying the Great Wall of China over the last fortnight. We started off looking at the wall using a 360 degree video and we created a 'wonderwall' of questions that the children then found the answers to using the internet.

We have learnt about unsupported arches which use a 'key stone' and the children showed great resilience making paper bricks and attempting to get their bridges to stand up without glue or any support - most succeeded!

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Electricity morning

To complete our work on electricity we spent the whole morning creating electric circuits, making a wire game, designing a light sensitive circuit, making parallel circuits, sending morse code and designing a burglar alarm. the atmosphere was truly electric and we amazed Mrs Beesley, Mrs Christian and Mrs Smyth with our knowledge and ingenuity.

Well done Lions, I was so proud of you!


Pictures will follow!

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Walk like an Egyptian

Today was our Egyptian immersion day and it was fantastic to see the children arrive in their Egyptian dress. This morning the children had the chance to try up to 10 different crafts and this afternoon they created and presented a celebration banquet, dances and plays for royal court.

I have attached as many photos as possible, so you can see the full range of fun and learning your children took part in.

We relied on adult helpers to make the day possible. Among the staff this included Mrs Edwards, Mrs Quilter and Mrs Martin, from the governing body we had Mr Eldred, from our volunteers we had Mr Ives and from the parents many thanks go to Mrs Mustafa.





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A week of Tutankhamun


This week we have learnt about the discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun by Howard Carter and the wonderful treasures within.

The children have written their names in hieroglyphics, painted 3D pictures of the desert and written newspaper reports about the discovery.

I wish I could post pictures of all their work on the blog because they all deserve to be celebrated, however here a few.

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Egyptian Day

I just wanted to update you on the details about the Egyptian workshop on Wednesday 3rd October.

We have been having technical difficulties with the school notification and payment system, so if you have had problems paying, we apologise but hopefully the system is working again now.

We hope the children will be able to dress up as Egyptians for the day as it really helps to bring the day alive. There are details of costume ideas on the message sent out last week. 

Finally, we need about six parent volunteers to help with the day. It will involve manning a table of around six children doing one of the activities - you will be briefed so don't worry. And you don't have to dress up in Egyptian costume - unless you want to of course!

Please speak to me or Mr Butler if you can help out, these days are really fun and a great way of seeing the children enjoying hands-on learning.


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Welcome to Lions

I can't believe that we have nearly completed our third week of the term - apologies for the late blog post. I have really enjoyed getting the know the children and we have been making great progress in all areas.

So far the children have consolidated their knowledge of place value, negative numbers, rounding, addition and subtraction in maths. This week we have covered long multiplication and next week we will move onto division, which means only one thing - times tables! The long summer holiday was lovely, but for many of the children it hasn't been good for their tables recall, so please can you help your child by reminding them to practice their tables at least 3 times a week - we test on Fridays.

In English they have written descriptions of Egyptian tombs and imagined they are tomb robbers, while this week they have learnt about Tutankhamun and the discovery of his tomb by Howard Carter; they will be writing a newspaper report about the discovery next week.

In our topic work we have learnt about desert biomes and the plants and animals that are adapted to live in them, hieroglyphics and the building of the Great Pyramid.

As of next week though our Wednesday PE slot will be on Friday afternoon, I'm sorry that this means that the swimmers will miss this PE slot. 

Please can you make sure the flu slip has been returned to school and that you have responded to the message about the  Egyptian Day on the 3rd of October.

Sorry this is such a long post, with no pictures too. Next time I will include some examples of the children's work.



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And a couple more.

I am going to see the children this evening. 


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Another picture.

A couple more pctures.

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Leavers' Assembly

Sadly the Leavers' assembly is approaching fast. It starts at 9.30, and siblings in the school will be able to come and watch too. Afterwards the children will be signing shirts as usual, so please let your child know if you don't want their shirt signed!

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Anderson shelters


In DT we have researched air raid shelters and made a model of an Anderson shelter, choosing our materials for their purpose and then testing them for strength using a 1kg weight and for waterproofness using a watering can. They all passed with flying colours - except a couple - and I was very impressed with the variety of designs and materials used.

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The final part of our study on WW2 included learning about the purpose of propaganda, how it was used by both sides, the design features of an effective propaganda poster and the persuasive techniques used in the messages.

The children then designed and created their own posters. We kept the images and the text simple in order to make the most of the tools of colour blocking, direction and movement. They make an eye-catching and vibrant display in the class room.




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RE presentations

The children completed and presented their work on religions this week with Mrs Skinner. They had an audience which included Mrs Dunne and Mrs Christian, who were very impressed with the depth of their knowledge and the flair with which they presented. Well done Lions.


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Homefront cooking


Well it's been yet another busy week  in Lions class. On Monday we analysed seven different historical sources and looked for bias. On Tuesday we cooked seven different wartime dishes and then tasted them.

Mock Apricot  Flan (made with carrots)

Coquet Pudding (made with potatoes)

Eggless Sponge

Potato and Bacon Dumplings

Potato and Cheese Dumplings

Spam Hash

Pear Crumble (made with pears!)

We will be thinking of ways to improve them with off-ration ingredients next week.

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WW2 cooking, art and ICT

This week we have been studying the work of Henry Moore - in particular his sketches of the Blitz. The children used mixed media to make a Moore-inspired London scene. Then they used stop motion to create short animations of an air raid over London. Hopefully you should be able to scan the QR code below to see their work. Please write in the comment box if it doesn't and I will try again!

In English we have been writing newspaper reports about an air raid on Braintree. This has taught us a lot about RAF and Luftwaffe planes as well as V1 rockets.

In maths we have been learning about rationing, weighing out a week's ration and then using WW2 recipes to design a menu for a week. They have had to make sure they don't use more rations than they are allowed for the week as well as calculate the cost in pounds, shillings and pence. Luckily they can use as much veg as they can grow, so it's a good thing the Dig for Victory garden is growing so well.

Enjoy the weekend Lions.


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