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We have had another great week in the Gorillas' class learning more about the Anglo-Saxons and writing our own factfiles based on our trip to West Stow.  Whilst we were at West Stow, we had a look at the Anglo-Saxon houses, found out about what they ate and what they wore.  Did you know, it takes 6 months to make 1 cloak!


We were particularly interested in what the Anglo-Saxons ate, so we investigated their poo to find evidence of what they had eaten.  We found lots of evidence of food and we have written a great section on the Anglo-Saxons' food in our factfiles.



We will be writing up our factfiles later this week and I am sure that they will be incredible pieces of work.


As ever, any questions or anything that you would like to talk about, please pop in after school to have a chat.


Mrs Jones


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West Stow!


We have had a busy start to our half term so far, with the children creating collages of Viking longships using a variety of materials.  I think that you will agree with me that they look incredible! 

In addition, we have been publishing our books this week with our own stories about Hiccup the Viking!  We found an old treasure map which led us into the playground where we discovered some chainmail and a note from Hiccup.  This inspired the children to write their own stories and they are quite rightly proud of what they have achieved.  The books will be out on display within the classroom, so please do pop in and take a look.

We have also been focussing on anti-bullying within PSHE and the children have produced handprints with details of the 5 people that they could tell if thy felt that they were being bullied.  They have also been sharing details of what makes them happy and have made their own sunshines with their 'rays of happiness' attached.

Our trip is fast approaching to West Stow Anglo-Saxon to kick off our new topic next week, and I would just like to remind you that children should wear warm clothing on Monday alongside a pair of wellies and to also bring a pair of sensible shoes in a bag so that they can change into them for the journey home.  The children will be preparing in advance for the trip by using historical enquiry to generate questions that they would like to ask on the day.  We will then be creating a factfile on West Stow and sing mathematical nets to build longhouses in DT.

As ever, any questions, please pop in after school.

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Half Term

We are at the end of what has been a very busy half term.  The children have settled in well and have produced some lovely work, which I am looking forward to sharing with you during parents' evening.

During the half term, I have asked the children to find a favourite part of a book that they have read and to practise reading it so they are ready to present it to the class when we come back.  In addition, there are some maths tasks set on DB Primary for them to have a look at too.

I will be checking that the children have suitable reading books to read independently or with you over the half term, so please encourage them to read as much as possible :-)

I do hope that the children have a good rest over half term and I am looking forward to meeting with you all during your appointment on parents' evening.

As ever, any questions, please pop in to see me after school.

Happy half term!

Mrs Jones

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DB Primary

For homework this week, in addition to a descriptive task relating to a picture, I have sent home the children's log-in details for DB Primary.  Please can you check that your child can log-in and let me know if there are any issues.  DB Primary can be accessed via this link:

DB Primary

This will be used to set some homework on, so it is important that you let me know if accessing this is an issue so alternative provisions can be made.

As ever, any questions, please pop in to see me.

Many thanks

Mrs Jones

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Week 5

This week, the children have been learning how to use the expanded column method for addition in maths and their homework is to complete the word problems, using the expanded column method to calculate the answers. 


In English, we are learning about explanation texts, focussing on how a fossil is formed (which will tie into our science lesson next week).  We will then be progressing on to the children writing their own explanation text of how to train a dragon!


Accelerated Reader is now up and running and the children are able to take a quiz when they have finished a book.  Please encourage your children to read at home as much as possible.


Letters in relation to Parent's Evening have gone home, please return the slip as soon as possible so that the meetings can be scheduled.  If you can't make any of the days suggested, please let me know and I am sure that we can arrange a meeting after school.


As ever, any questions, please pop in and have a chat after school.


Mrs Jones

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This week, the children have been focusing on place value in maths and have been continuing number sequences in jumps of 4, 8, 50 and 100.

In English, our focus has been on reading comprehension skills and how to navigate a text to locate the information that we need to answer questions.  In addition, I was so impressed with the level of quality of the homework, that I asked the children to write up their descriptions on a Viking boat template so we can display them in the classroom.

The children had clearly put in a lot of effort in their writing over the weekend and I have told them all how thrilled I am with their work.  I can't fit all of the submissions onto the blog, but I have managed to narrow it down to 3, which show the level of writing produced:


We are on a longship.  The big waves are crashing over the sides of our gigantic, wooden ship.  The water is freezing and I am terrified.  My sails are full, the wind is howling like a wolf.  It's deafening.  Over in the distance it looks serene and peaceful.  Hopefully we find new land.  I'm looking forward to our magical adventure.

By Olivia Street


There's a terrifying storm and deafening sound of thunder.  I can see gigantic waves crashing on the longboat.  Listen to the wind howling like wolves.  The frosty sails are pulling on the wirey string.  I can feel the cold, bitter wind blowing my hair like crazy!  The waves are whipping and sloshing around us in the freezing, salty sea.  Sea spray splashes on my lips and it feels like fire.

By Alexander Holmes


A howling gust of wind rushed past my face as a gigantic tidal wave lifted the longboat above the waves.  Fearsomely, the wave dropped the longboat like a heavy stone.  The sea was anything but calm or peaceful.  The wooden hull was being battered by the turquoise saltiness.  Thirty colourful, metal shields hung on the upper deck.  A special dragon's head, formed from metal, heated and beaten with a hammer, proudly stood at the front of the boat, like a dragon king leading its tribe into battle.  The massive mainsail hung above my head, billowing in a giant gust of wind.  The roaring from the chief was ear-splitting "ROW THE BOAT!"

By Logan Hudson


As you can see, the children are already producing incredible writing and I am looking forward to seeing the diary entries that thy produce in English next week.


Any questions or anything that you need to discuss, please pop in to see me after school.


Mrs Jones

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We have had another good week in the Gorillas' class this week and we have been starting to learn all about the Vikings.  The children have written a descriptive piece of writing based on a scene from How To Train Your Dragon and we have had some fantastic work produced!


To practise their descriptive writing skills, this week's homework is a short piece of descriptive writing based on a picture of a Viking ship at sea.  There is a word bank to help them with some of the words that they might want to include and the best submissions will be added to our blog next week.


As ever, any questions - please pop in to see me or one of the LSAs in the class before or after school.


Mrs Jones

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Welcome back!

Dear all,

Welcome back to a new school year at Beckers Green!

The year 3s have settled in to life in Key Stage 2 well and I am incredibly pleased with the work they have produced so far.

Just as a reminder, our PE days are on a Monday and Wednesday and homework will be set on a Thursday and will be due in the following Monday.

If you have any questions at all, please pop in to see me before or after school or give me a call.

Mrs Jones

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Happy Christmas!

This week, we have been focusing on Skara Brae in our English work.  The children have found out that Skara Brae was an ancient Stone Age village dating from the Neolithic Period, discovered on the Orkney Islands in 1950.  They have also been finding out what made House 7 and House 8 so special.  The children will be using their new knowledge to write an information text to inform people all about this ancient village.

Today we have had an art and craft morning, making reindeer boxes ready for our Christmas Fayre.


Our star of the day was Christopher, who was an expert at constructing the boxes!

Our homework has been set for the Christmas holidays - children are asked to practise their timestables and read whenever possible.  However, above all else, the children should be proud of what they have achieved this term and have a well-earned rest!

As always, any problems just let us know.

Merry Christmas!

Mrs Jones


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