The end of the first term & Christmas!!

Hello everyone, 


Today is the last day of this term and we are officially a third of the way through year 5!! The Jaguars class have been fantastic this term! Despite our ups and downs, they have worked really hard on their school work and on being kind to themselves as well as others.

Secondly, our topic for the next half term is 'Crime and Punishment' where we will be looking at crime and punishment throughout history, focusing on 1066 to present day. We will be looking at the types of punishments that were used and whether they were effective at dealing with crime and then we will be comparing the different methods throughout history. We are very excited for next term to see what the class can produce in their writing and in other subjects as well.

I know over the holidays it is easy to forget our reading and timestables rockstars but we need to make sure we practice. A little reading every day or two goes a very long way.


Lastly, from all the adults in Jaguars class

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


Mr Reeder

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