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Spaced Out!


Last week, Jaguar Class was treated to a 'Virtual Reality' experience of the solar system. IT WAS AMAZING! The children saw images of the planets and learned a wealth of fascinating facts. However, it did raise lots of questions! One of these was about the size of the planets, so today we created a model of the solar system using fruit, a peppercorn and toilet roll!! Unfortunately, Paarth managed to step on 'Mars'  (a blueberry) and we lost 'Mercury' (the peppercorn) for a moment! But the solar system was eventually saved! PHEW! Ask your child what other fruits were used to represent the planets. What was the largest plant? What was the smallest? Can they remember which fruit represented which planet? 'Well done' to Isaac, who was our photographer today.


  • mathematics: place value / negative numbers sheet
  • English: relative clause sheet

Please remember daily homework tasks:

  • to read and to talk about what has been read
  • to practise target times table facts
  • to practise spellings (common exception words) - your child has been given a list

NEXT WEEK, we will be learning more about the planets!


Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Knowles







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Summer Term 29/06/17

Dear All,

Another week has passed quickly and busily!

Jaguars have enjoyed taking part in District Sports, a 'taster day' at The Alec Hunter Academy,, the 'Learner to Learner Project' and a family lunch day to name just a few events. 


I am sorry that the 'open afternoon' for you to share your child's achievements had to be cancelled on the 27th June, but I was out of school attending a maths course that will benefit your children next year!

I would like to propose an alternative date: Thursday 13th July at 15:15 pm. 


Today your child should have received their homework tasks, but unfortunately, the photocopier broken! Hopefully this situation will be rectified tomorrow. You can expect the following:

  • English - daily reading & spelling, Standard English written exercise;
  • maths - daily practise of number facts (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division)  as well as a fractions, decimal and percentages exercise;
  • Science - complete lunar diary.

Since your child will have received their homework a day later than expected, I will expect them to present their homework on Tuesday, rather than Monday.

The end of the year is approaching - but Jaguar pupils still have a lot of learning tasks to complete, so please encourage your child to maintain their momentum, so that they will approach Year 6 with confidence.

I will be sorry to pass this class on, into the capable hands of Mrs Kerry and Mr Butler, they have been an absolute joy to teach. 


Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Knowles







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What A week! W/B 12/06/17

Dear All,

What a lovely week - albeit frantic!

Your children have worked extremely hard and I was especially proud of them on 'Sports Day'. They really are a lovely bunch of pupils and I will miss them next year.

Today, your children will have brought home letters informing you of their class for next year. BGPS have worked hard to group the children so that they can perform their best in Y6, but if you have concerns please talk to me.


Homework this week - due 19/06/17

English: read daily and talk about text; learn common exception words & homophones;

Maths: Mathletics tasks; practise times tables facts;

Science: continue lunar diary.4

Have a good weekend,

Mrs K


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End Week 6 Summer Term - Half Term Already!

Dear All,


I can’t quite believe that it is half term already!

AND that the weather forecast looks rather good!

Whilst I hope that you all enjoy ‘fun-time’ in the sunshine, I also hope that your children will keep their brains ticking over and complete the homework tasks I have set.



  1. Daily reading and spelling practise (spelling sheet provided)
  2. Write a short paragraph from someone else’s point of view (sheet provided to explain)


  1. Daily practise of fundamental facts e.g. times tables
  2. Decimals – the children have had this sheet before we studied decimals so they should be able to tackle this independently and show their deepened understanding.


  1. Keep a ‘lunar diary’ – note the shape of the moon each night and make careful observations e.g. cloud cover, brightness etc.
  2. Produce an Earth and Space poster for science books to show current knowledge and understanding of this subject area.


When we return to school, as part of their final writing assessment for this year, the children will write a biography of a leader of an ancient civilization. To help them prepare for this could they research some facts about their chosen leader. I have suggested that they focus their research on: Alexander the Great, Cleopatra or Julius Caesar.


 Mrs K.

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Summer Term Week 4 (w/b 08.05.17)

Dear All,

This week Jaguar Class have developed their skills. Here are some examples:

English - written comprehension questions to test Y4's reading comprehension next week; used adverbials and conjunctions to develop cohesive writing when writing an imaginative piece to describe the Stone Age in Britain (3000 BCE); developed their understanding and application of homophones.

Mathematics - secured and developed their skills in understanding fractions - and in using written methods of multiplication.

Science - identified their understanding of 'electricity' 

ICT - explored 'networks' and the 'World Wide Web'. Pupils how studied how messages and information are sent using coded messages - they emailed peers with coded messages!

History / Geography - drawn up a time line from 10 000 BCE to 1 CE; marked the present countries of ancient civilisations on a world map.


Homework - (due back 15/05/17)

Maths: 'Check the Error'; times tables re: targets

English: 'Letter to a Newspaper'; homophones; exception words; daily reading

Other: Scientific research - find 5+ key facts about about the Earth, moon, sun, space.


Star of Week: Skye C - brilliant mathematical explanations using subject specific vocabulary

Headteacher award: Skye G - amazing resilience - she's dealt with life changing circumstances with very little fuss

Bikeabilty: George, Bethan, Alfie, Caden W, Nadia, Sara - a wonderful example of learners: these children ALL listened carefully and followed instructions to perfection - they are a credit to our School. Well done - you all passed with flying colours. Badges and certificates will be given out in Monday's assembly.


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Summer Term Week 3 (Week Beginning 1st May 2017)

Dear All,

What a whirlwind of a week - so far!


Tuesday 2nd May

On Tuesday morning, Jaguar Class busied themselves with Science! The children worked collaboratively to add the finishing touches to an 'exciting' activity for a 'Science Fair' to teach younger pupils about forces and magnetism. Your children planned, prepared, organised and presented these with enthusiasm and skill, clearly demonstrating their own deepened knowledge and understanding.

The activities included:

  • a magnetic drag race competition
  • a magnetic maze competition
  • a boating obstacle course competition
  • a magnetic coin investigation
  • an exploration of magnetic materials 
  • a magnetic fishing competition
  • a magnetic timed lap competition on a track

In the afternoon, Dolphin Class (Year 1 & 2) visited us to try out the activities - and I cannot tell you how impressed I was with Jaguar Class! It was a joy to observe Year 5 interacting so responsibly and sensitively with the younger pupils.

Jaguar pupils were warm & welcoming. They quickly reassured and encouraged the young Dolphins. I was especially impressed by Jaguar pupils' clear scientific explanations about what the Dolphins were learning through these activities. ALL of Jaguar Class were brilliant - but a special mention must go to Alfie - outstanding!

N.B Photographs and video footage were taken at this event, which I hope to share with parents & carers at a later date.

Thank you very much to Dolphin Class and their Teachers for visiting our Science Fair and giving a real purpose to our learning.


Wednesday 3rd May 

On Wednesday morning, the excitement continued: we invited parents in to participate in our daily Maths lesson - we developed our learning about fractions! It was lovely to see parents sharing in their children's learning and to witness pupils leading their learning by teaching / explaining to their parents. We must do this again. On Wednesday afternoon, Jaguar Class had a Cricket lesson with an expert coach - needless to say it started to rain - but not before we had improved our skills! 


Thursday 4th May

Superhero Maths Test - target multiplication division facts.

Homework set - due in on Monday 8th May (see below).


Friday 5th May

 Spelling Test - homophones

Knitting club - we are trying to make blankets for premature babies whilst listening to music - but we keep dropping stitches!



Maths: fraction and multiplication sheet

English: horrible homework persuasion - prize for most persuasive piece

Other: list of electrical appliances and how they are fueled 



Alex Hunter Taster

'Bikeability' ( for interested pupils with road-worthy bike and safety helmet)

Internet Safety letter 


As always, if you have any concerns, please speak to me.


Have a lovely weekend,


Mrs. Knowles









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Summer Term Week 2 (W/B 24.04.17)

Dear All,

My apologies if you were unable to access my blog last week. The School's website has been updated and as a result, my blog seemed to mysteriously disappear! Here is a quick summary of what I had written!


Well done to Jaguar Class - 97% of pupils returned their homework on time and 90% of pupils had fully completed the tasks set.



School Photographs on Thursday


Learning this week

This week, your children's learning has focused on the following areas:

English: persuasive writing, including modal verbs;

Maths: co-ordinates, including translation and reflection;

Science: forces and magnetism, with an emphasis on developing independent scientific enquiry skills;

ICT: networks and the World Wide Web.



Daily reading - as stated on the children's target sheets;

Learning of Key Instant Recall Facts (including multiplication and division facts) - as stated on the children's target sheets;

Spelling - homophones (sheet provided);

Advert analysis - persuasive writing (sheet provided);

Maths - co-ordinate and shape mini-assessment. The extension task was to redraw 'the dog' on a 'wibbly/wobbly' grid as explained in class.


I hope you are all enjoying the Bank Holiday Weekend and I look forward to seeing some of you on Wednesday 3rd May 09:00- 10:00 hours, when you join us for a maths lesson.

Mrs. Knowles



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Happy Easter

Dear All,

I hope that you are enjoying the Easter break. This is a special time of year - full of hope and new beginnings.

Easter Homework

Your children have been set homework to be returned on Tuesday 18th April:

  1. English: word chain, personality cults; homophones;
  2. Mathematics: fractions.

Please encourage your children to read daily and to practise their recall of basic mathematical facts, as discussed in our recent parent consultation meetings.

We will go over this homework on the morning of 18.04.17, when we return to school.

The Summer Term

The summer term is always busy! 

Please see the 'Ancient Egypt Topic Web' Egyptians-Topic-Web.docx for a guide about the areas we have planned to cover - not all of the ideas will used as lessons will be geared to the interests of your children, as well as addressing the demands of the National Curriculum for Year 5. 




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A BUSY WEEK 20.03.17- 24.03.17!

Dear Parent and Carers,

It has been a busy week!

Your children have attended various extra-curricular activities: the marvellous Y3 production of ' We Will Rock You'; a cross school maths workshop studying 'Fractions'; an inter-school cross country event; as well as our EAL children entering a National writing competition.

Amongst this 'ordered mayhem', Mrs. Lisa Christian managed to secure her post as Deputy Headteacher - what wonderful news for us all. 

Jaguar class have been very productive this week. They have been working hard to 'polish' their finished work, and address their targets, so that they can proudly present their efforts to their important adults next week.

Homework this week - due in on Monday 27th March


1. Possessive pronoun exercise

2. 'Say it with flwrs' exercise.


1. Bryony's triangle - see 

2. dividing a cake challenge


1. research your learning square task: Brazilian city break; Brazilian beach resort; Brazilian rainforest; Brazilian landmarks;.

I'm really looking forward to meeting with you next week - your children are AMAZING!

Mrs. Sarah Knowles










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Viver La Vida Loca! Muito Obrigado (Living The Crazy Life! Thank you)

Olá! (Hi / Hello)

On Wednesday, Jaguar Class enjoyed a moment of madness to celebrate all the hard work and excellent learning that the children have undertaken this term by holding an 'Open Afternoon'. Thank you so much for attending this event - it was lovely to see so many of you.

It was a real joy to witness the children proudly presenting their work and watching how impressed their special adults were with their efforts and achievements.

The children's carnival dance and Samba performance was impressive - but  can I just remind you once again, that if you took pictures or videos at this event, you MUST NOT share the footage on the WWW, especially any social media sites - we need to keep our children safe at all times.

I have been particularly impressed with the improvement ALL children have made in developing their 'Design and Technology' skills: designing, making, evaluating and modifying their wonderful headdresses. In addition, I was particularly impressed with the camaraderie, friendship and support that pupils demonstrated during this rather challenging process! Well done Jaguars - you were sensational and your headdresses are amazing!

Homework This Week

Maths - 'Mathletics' & target table facts;

English - reading daily and discussing unfamiliar words and punctuation (encourage your child to ask questions);

             spelling: revise suffixes (-cious, tious; -ce; -cial, tial; -ant, ance, ation; -ent, ence, ency)              

             N.B. spelling assessment next week! Children have spelling lists and can sign in to 'Lexia';

Other - research Mexico - this is in Central America - how is it different from Brazil?

            Find some facts for Mrs. Knowles as she knows nothing about Mexico!

Learning Next Week

In light of assessments carried out this week, the children have asked if they could study the following:

Maths: fractions (fractions of quantities & mixed numbers); measures (especially capacity); 

English: Standard English and persuasive writing; tense, apostrophes and punctuation (, () ' - );

Topic: Brazil study continued (everyday life).


Other Learning

Children will also study: Computing, Languages, Music, Physical Education, PHSE and music

Future Learning - blocked units:

RE (sacred writings);

Science (forces);

History (Mayans /immigration to USA);

Geography (USA comparison);

MFL (new scheme being introduced to address reading and writing demands of curriculum 2014).


Até logo (see you soon),

Mrs. Knowles

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Spring Term 2 - it'll soon be Easter!

Dear All,


A belated welcome back to the second half of the Spring Term. I hope you had a fantastic half term and that the children are newly invigorated so that they are ready to meet new demands, now that they are halfway through year 5.

Last week, we were busy designing and making the templates for our carnival headwear as well as trying to learn how to Samba! We've struggled with this dance - it has proved rather challenging! Luckily, Mrs. Cooper kindly came into School on her day off to rescue us! I think that we're now feeling a little less nervous about the open afternoon on 15th March! Could I remind you to return the reply slips ASAP, to indicate if you will be attending this event: the children always love sharing their work with you.

This Week's Learning

We will continue with our study of Brazil, researching the Awa tribe; continuing our DT project; and persevering with our dance preparations.

Mathematics: applying knowledge of divisibility test, factors and multiples to explore 'special numbers' e.g. prime, composite and square numbers.

English: discuss Kipling's' style; analyse and compare Kipling's style in Just so Stories; write, including speech to indicate character or mood; write using a range of conjunctions and complex sentences; write from the viewpoint of a Brazilian citizen.


English: read daily; learn spelling of common exception words and -ible and -able suffixes.

Maths: special numbers and number facts sheet; Mathletics tasks.

Geography: research challenge.


Hope you have a good week,

Mrs Knowles












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W/E 10/12/16 - BLOOD AND GORE!!

Hello all,

Outline of main studies this week:

MATHS: fractions - identify fractions of shapes, recognise equivalence, simplify fractions;

ENGLISH: infer meanings; use commas correctly;

SCIENCE: draw conclusions from experiments on plants

TOPIC: This week we have continued our studies on 'The Plantagenets' and 'Macbeth'.

Your children have enjoyed learning about Henry II (the first Plantagenet king) and have been working hard to write his profile using historical sources. Henry II introduced 'trial by jury' and also ruled that no man could be tried more than once for the same offence - principles that still stand today. He is also famous for his part in the murder of Saint Thomas Beckett (the Arch Bishop of Canterbury who was murdered because of his belief that God's wishes were more important than that of the king's). Henry II was a good king - but he had a temper! 

Your children have also been learning about Shakespeare's play 'Macbeth'. They are studying how medieval people viewed witches and how Macbeth's character and Lady Macbeth's character change - challenging work!

Today they performed 'freeze-frame tableaux' - figures representing a scene from a story from history - I was very impressed with their work and understanding.

COMPUTING: research considering accuracy of sources.


ENGLISH: reading every night

Spelling: suffixes - cious/ tious tial; cial / tial; year 3/4 common exception words;

Grammar: past tense verbs;

MATHS: times tables every night

Number: fraction sheet - decimal fractions.

Mathletics Tasks





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Important News - Week Ending 19/11/16

Dear All,

Open Morning -24th November has been cancelled! It will be rescheduled.

I apologise for the short notice, but an opportunity has arisen for 9 Jaguar pupils to take part in an action research project (the Learner to Learner project) with other schools.

This is an exciting opportunity, where children in Year 5 and Year 8, from a variety of local schools,  will work together to find out about an area of learning that interests them, but unfortunately our 1st session is on Thursday 24th November!

Invited children will visit other schools to observe practices and interview staff and pupils to answer a question related to teaching and learning. The children will decide on the question to research. Here are some examples of those chosen in previous years: 

* how do schools inspire pupils / develop pupils' aspirations?;

* what makes a good lesson?;

* what makes a happy learner?.

The project will end with pupils giving a presentation to Headteachers, Senior Teachers and Governors (of participating schools) to reveal their findings and advise them on how to improve.

Children invited to take part will have brought home a letter today - please can you fill in the permission slip and return it tomorrow so that I can arrange the appropriate transport and complete the necessary risk assessment so that BGPS can participate in this event.

The initials of the pupils who have been invited to take part is as follows: 

PC, LC, SG, M-J M, LM, DR, JR, SS and AW.

Jaguar Class are very enthusiastic about inviting parents into class to share our learning experiences, so we will re-arrange a date for you to visit us - you are always welcome.


Homework This Week:

* Reading: as per target sheet 15 - 20 minutes daily - discuss text with an adult;

* Spelling: as per target sheet - tested MON (Year 3 Words), WED (Y5 & Rule Words), FRI (Year 4 Words);

* Writing (Grammar): identifying adverbial phrases;

* Maths: times tables as per target sheet - tested every other Thursday;   

              factors sheet;

              shape work on 'Mathletics' - please don't help your child with this;

* Other:   Find out about 1 Plantagenet   monarch to tell the class about.


Other news

A parent came to see me today because they had had difficulty helping their child with the homework task set - BRILLIANT!  I am always happy to talk to parents about how to support their child's learning.

This parent suggested that it might be beneficial if she attended some of her child's lessons. Parents are than welcome to do so, just come and speak to me and we'll arrange a date!

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Knowles












Jaguar Class




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News - Week Ending 12/11/16

Dear Parents and Carers,

Welcome back to the second half of the Autumn term - I hope you all enjoyed the half term break.

I have been most impressed with your the efforts that your children have made to complete the tasks set over the half term period. Their 'bean growing' has been amazing and some pupils have produced detailed 'growth diaries' and 'information posters' - well done Jaguar pupils. Please do encourage your children to bring their plants into school so that we can record their success.

During the last week, I have met with parents to discuss their child's progress and attainment, as well as to share pupils' strengths, weaknesses and areas of development, so that we can together support each child to achieve their best possible outcomes. I believe that those of you who attended the parent consultation evenings found the meetings a positive experience. Please do not hesitate to book another appointment if you need further support in helping you child to meet their targets OR if you have any concerns with regard to your child and their learning.

Unfortunately, not all parents / carers attended. For those of you unable to attend the parent consultations evenings, please make an appointment to speak to me at your earliest possible convenience. Thank you.

Today (Monday 7th November) pupils (and myself) had a flu vaccine - it was painless, but should your child develop a noticeable rash please contact your GP.

As usual, homework will be set on Thursday as follows:

Reading: 15-20 minutes daily (targets set for each child);

Spelling: 5 minutes each day Y3 / 4 /5 exception words (targets set for each child);

Spelling: 5 minutes each day - Y5 suffixes -cial and -tial words

Writing: analyse targets for writing through reading (targets set for each child);

Grammar: 15 minutes a week identify verbs and adverbs;

Maths: 5 minutes per day - target times table facts;

Maths: 15 minutes a week - mental addition and subtraction problem solving.

PS - Please visit and contribute to  'Parent View'  using the link on this website. Parent view need to be updated EVERY year as the powers that be have deleted anything you wrote last year!

Best wishes for a happy week,

Sarah Knowles








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Week Ending 15/10/16

Hello all,

This Week's Main News

The NSPCC visited, and ran a workshop, advising your children about their right to a safe and happy childhood and on  'how to keep safe' whilst at school, at home and at play. This workshop included advice on how to stay safe whilst using the internet and mobile phone networks.


I thought that the workshop was excellent and sensitively delivered. Your children have also been taught the 'Childline' telephone number should they ever feel the need to use it.


Reading(daily): please talk your child about what they have read and ask them to predict and 'read between the lines I f you need help with this, then please just ask and I will provide you with resources to help;

Grammar: this week's task is to identify adverbs - your child has been set work that they have identified as being at their individual level of development;

Spelling (daily): this is our final week to consolidate our learning of the suffixes -cious and -tious. Your child also has to learn their target words from the Year 3 and 4 Common Exception Word List ; these should be listed in their Home /School diaries.

Mathematics (daily): learn the multiplication facts for targeted 'Superhero' maths challenges. NB Children are expected to know all the multiplication facts to 12 x 12 by the end of YEAR 4.

Your children have been set a maths challenge to complete (that they have chosen). I expect them to compete only 1 column (A, B or C) on the sheet provided. NB Time is a conceptual weakness.


Your child has been given a 'bean'!
They have been asked to use their knowledge and understanding (of concepts studied this 1/2 term) to get the been to grow!

They have been asked to record their results as they feel appropriate (an information sheet has been provided|).

In addition, they have been asked to produce an piece of information text to demonstrate their understanding of plants - they can choose the text type and format that they feel most appropriate. I cant wait to see what they produce.

Additional News:Six Jaguar pupils have been selected to participate in the Bikeabilty course. I wish them every success.

I look forward to catching up with you in the Parent Consultation Meetings after half term.

Best regards to you all - enjoy half term,

Mrs Knowles








They educated children about how to stay safe whilst using the int

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Week Ending 08.09.16 - Weekly 'Round-Up'!

Dear All,

This week your children have been busy: writing imaginary diary recounts about an encounter with a witch; studying measures of length; trying to create a 'hoax' witch-sighting picture; and learning about plants and how to repot them as well as devising scientific questions that we can investigate next week.

On Thursday, school photographs were taken - all the children wore jumpers as requested. What a well-turned out group of children we have in Jaguar class!


At Beckers Green, we have found that your children have responded positively to the 'choose and challenge' approach. Rather than the Teacher telling the children what tasks they must complete, this approach allows children to choose them. This allows pupils to take responsibility for their learning; pace their learning and meet their individual learning needs; and set their own level of challenge at a level that is comfortable for them.

Having used this approach for over a year, your children almost always make sensible choices and select tasks that are ideally pitched to their levels of confidence and that addresses their learning needs. 

I have therefore extended the use of the 'Choose and Challenge' approach to homework tasks. The level of challenge is as follows:

Purple: addressing lower year group objectives to catch up;

Green: age related objectives at an entry level;

Yellow: age related objectives at the level normally expected;

Red: age related objectives at a more sophisticated level;

Blue: age related objectives to deepen understanding towards mastery.

I have 'silver' and 'gold' levels beyond the above - but will rarely use these for homework as they may require Teacher input for your child to succeed!


I was very pleased to see 4 pupils take advantage of Friday's Homework Club so that they will have less to do over the weekend.

Homework tasks are as follows:

Reading (daily): it is really important that your child talks about what they have read to ensure that they have fully understood, as they are expected to achieve 90% in the Accelerated Reader reading tests;

Spelling (daily): suffixes -cious and - tious words as well as 5 words selected from the Year 3 word list that they cannot spell correctly. Daily practise will be needed for those children who find spelling challenging;

English: choose and challenge - adverbial sheet;

Maths(daily) - Key Instant Recall Facts:  learn target times tables facts ready for 'Super-Hero' test on Monday;

Maths: choose and challenge - properties of number sheet.


Have a super weekend - see you on Monday!

Mrs. Knowles






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NEWS 06/1016

Hello to you all!

TODAY was photograph day - your children looked wonderful - and they all wore their jumpers, as requested!

This week, we aim to publish a 'podcast thingy' on our High-Tech link - displayed on screens at the front and back of the school to explain our 'Choose and Challenge' approach.

JAGUAR'S Homework this week:

  1. Read daily and discuss the text with an adult - if you find this difficult , please speak to me;
  2. Learn -ious and -tious spellings - plus targeted exception words - your children have their individual targets listed in their Home/School diaries- they will have a spelling test tomorrow;
  3.  Learn times tables facts - use provided resources to allow your child to quickly recall multiplication and and/or division fact;
  4. English: adverbial sheet - collect: time, number, place and frequency adverbial phrases;
  5. Maths: place value sheet linked to measures.




Mrs Knowles



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Jaguars w/b 03.10.16

Hello to you all!

This week's news:

Your children have led learning sessions by preparing and presenting learning opportunities for their peers!

WELL DONE  to Poppy, Detroy, Breydon and Isabella for delivering 'maths starters' based on their understnading of place value.

WELL DONE ALSO to Kian, Bradley and Alfie for developing their peer's understanding of the 'characteristics of living things' in our Science lessons.



30 out of 31 children completed the homework tasks last week - well done!

I understand that homework can be problematic - and I have spoken to parents who struggle to support their children with homework tasks. If you have problems with homework - just let me know!


This week'shomework:

Read daily: discuss what you have read with an adult;

Spelling daily: target words fron Y3 /Y5 list plus -ious / tious suffix words;

Maths facts daily: learn targeted 'Superhero' multiplication and division facts;

Writing: complete adverbial sheet - collect time/number/place adverbial phrases;

Maths fluency and reasoning: complete measures sheet.

Other Business 

I have had 3 requests for childeren to take part in the 'Bikeabilty' programme (Mrs R your message has not reached me on this forum, so send a note please). I have space for 2 more pupils to participate.






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Bikeability Opportunity for Jaguars

Dear All,

An opportunity has arisen for a few Y5 pupils to participate on a 2 day 'Bikeability' course.

Bikeability is today’s cycle training programme. It’s like cycling proficiency, but better! It’s about gaining practical skills and understanding how to cycle on today’s roads. 

BGPS requires that pupils have passed Bikeability Level 2 to cycle to and from school without adult supervision. 

Would you like your child to be able to cycle to school?

If so: Your child will need a bike which is in a roadworthy condition to take part in Bikeability. The Highway Code’s ‘Rules for Cyclists’gives some pointers as to what condition is expected for on-road cycling, but, as a starting guide, your child’s bike should be the right size for them, have pumped up tyres and two working brakes. They will also need a cycle helmet.

If you can meet the requirements above, and would like your child to cycle to school, let me know as soon as possible. 

Don't worry if you cannot meet the requirements NOW - all children will be given the 'Bikeability' opportunity again in Year 6.

Best regards,

Mrs. Knowles


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HOMEWORK - 29/09/16

Dear All,

Im sorry that I wasn't able to send home your child's homework today - this was due to a few 'technical difficulties'. However I hope that these difficulties will be resolved tomorrow and that your child will be inspired to complete the tasks set.

Homework this week is as follows:

Spelling: continue to learn words ending in the suffixes -cious and -tious, checking understanding of words;

Reading: daily reading (15 minutes each day would be ideal) - please ask your child to explain the use of punctuation;

Grammar sheet: adjective sheet - choose and challenge! If your child completes a task in 5 minutes, then it is probably too easy!

Writing: build on grammar work to develop vocabulary by describing an animal; 

Maths: basic skills to develop understanding of place value and mental calculation strategies.

Other: Science - encourage your child to pull up a weed and to sketch and label what they find!

I have also set work on Mathletics and Spellodrome for those who want to challenge themselves further!

Best regards,

Mrs. K.




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