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Miss Brown and Mrs Edwards would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Please check your PE kit still fits, including plimsolls and is clearly named.  Please ensure full PE kit is sent into school on the first day back in January 2016 - Thank you.

18th December 2015 - PE Rosette Reward

Congratulations to the Crocodiles for gaining the most PE Rosettes during this term.  You have won a well-deserved treat in the New Year.

18th December 2015 - Golden Mile Winter Wish Grand Total - 3,369 miles Truly Outstanding!

Who would've thought when the Winter Wish challenge was set, just over two weeks ago, you would smash the total as quickly as you did.  The lovely atmosphere, as Christmas songs played and pupils and staff ran, was infectious.  The competition between classes helped spur people on, but the real challenge was to reach the North Pole as a whole school and deliver our 'winter wishes.'  It was great to see parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters supporting our pupils too.  Well done to each and everyone of you. Small gifts (donated kindly by Tesco) were given to each pupil.

16th December 2015 - Golden Mile Winter Wish Running Total: 3,158 miles

16th December 2015 - Tennis Festival Year 3/4 

After devouring our delicious Christmas lunch today, twelve year 3/4 pupils and our eight house captains and two sports captains set off on two minibuses to Ramsey Academy, for a tennis festival.  The house captains and sports captains had received training on Friday in how to score and officiate the tennis festival.  What a cracking job they did too! Some lovely comments from other schools and wonderful interaction with the younger pupils who were playing; Great leadership qualities. The standard of tennis just got better and better throughout the afternoon.  Well done tennis team: Alexis, Courtney, Alfie, Archie, Harvey, Christopher, Holly, Delilah, Bradley, Kian, Lexi and Lucie-Anne.

15th December 2015 - Outdoor Learning

The Antelopes and Bears went into the copse for their last afternoon before breaking up for Christmas.  The children had to go and find small, dry twigs (very tricky in such damp conditions) to use as kindling for our camp fire.  The children had previously had a pretend campfire built and an area marked where they must not enter to prepare them for today.  They were very sensible and listened brilliantly to the instructions given.  Twigs were placed to make a platform which allowed air to circulate, tinder was placed on top and then small dry twigs placed on the tinder.  Unfortunately, the very damp conditions hampered the fire somewhat, but Mr Heales went back to his scouting days (and loved it!)  and revived the fire, enabling us to toast marshmallows.  The children sat around the camp fire (at a safe distance) drinking hot chocolate and eating their marshmallows and biscuits.  To end our lesson, each child poured a little water on the glowing embers of the fire, saying one thing they'd enjoyed about their session and ensuring the fire was safely put out.  It was a lovely end to our outdoor learning experience this term.  Well done Antelopes and Bears!

14th December 2015 - Golden Mile 'Winter Wish' Update -We've made it!  2,914 miles

This afternoon after school, when all the miles for the day had been entered online, we found out that we had achieved and actually exceeded our challenge of getting to the North Pole 2,637 miles.  The whole school have really embraced this challenge - staff, pupils, parents and grandparents have all been involved with some serious competition happening between classes.  No matter what the weather, the Christmas tunes have been ringing in the air as the playground has taken a pounding.  It's been absolutely fantastic to see - Everybody that visits our school are astounded by how far you have run and how quickly you have covered the distance.  YOU ARE ALL AMAZING!  Visit the website in January 2016 to see if Beckers Green are one of the top schools for December 2015.

11th December 2015 - Sports Leader Training

Howard Nicholls came into school this morning and met with the Sports Captains and House Captains.  The leaders were trained in the running of a tennis tournament.  They learnt the basic rules of tennis and the scoring system for this particular event, they also had to get to grips with the results sheet and serving rules.  They then played some small sided games so each one of the leaders could make decisions on whether shots were in or out of court and to have the opportunity to mark the scoring sheet.  The leaders did very well and seem to be looking forward to leading the event at Ramsey on Wednesday.  Good Luck to them all and to our year 3 and 4 pupils who are taking part.

10th December 2015 - Golden Mile Winter Wish running total: 2,346 miles

9th December 2015 -  Golden Mile Winter Wish running total: 1,794 miles


8th December 2015 - Level 2 Final Dodgeball

This was a long awaited event - one of the children's favourites!  Beckers Green were lucky enough to enter two teams:

Vinny B, Jarrod B, Dylan L, Freddie, Caitlyn and Nafia

JJ, Ashley, Callum, Jairo, Rebecca and Ashtyn.

Competition was fierce and results very close.  Both teams played in separate pools and ended up playing against each other in a play-off game for 5th and 6th place - Even Mrs Edwards and Miss Brown joined in for the last 2 minutes!

Results: (1st) St Michaels, (2nd) St Michaels, (3rd) Whitecourts, (4th) Great Yeldham, (5th) Beckers Green, (6th) Beckers Green, (7th) Great Yeldham, (8th) Lyons Hall, (9th) St Andrews Halstead.

Once again the more experienced college students organised and delivered this event, under the watchful eye of Howard Nicholls.   It was possibly one of the most organised events we've been to, run by the College students.  

We have worked with the College Students and their tutors for the last couple of years.  You will often see them in and around school as they prepare for their practical element of their course.  It's so nice to see them (some are ex-pupils of Beckers Green) grow in confidence and knowledge as they interact with the pupils and lead lessons they have written themselves.  We wish them all the best of luck as they continue their studies.


7th December 2015 -  Golden Mile Winter Wish running total: 1,165 miles

4th December 2015 - Golden Mile Winter Wish running total: 914 miles

4th December 2015 - KS1 Tennis Festival

Eight year 2 children walked to the College at Braintree, with Mr Cooper and Mrs Edwards, to participate in a tennis skills session.  The children walked beautifully to the college and clocked up miles towards their own Golden Mile total.  Once there, the pupils took part in tennis-based activities that had been designed by the College sports students.  This was one of the first events the students had prepared and delivered, so not only did the children learn new skills, I'm sure the students learned lots also.

3rd December 2015 - Golden Mile Winter Wish running total: 770 miles in just 2 days...that's impressive!

2nd December 2015 - Golden Mile 'Winter Wish' Challenge kicks off!

What a glorious day to start a new challenge!  We were so lucky to have Carla Humphrey join us this morning for a really inspirational assembly.  The children were mesmerized as she spoke to them about how her interest in football first started.  How her dad had put lights up on the garden fence posts, so she could continue practising her football skills in the back garden in the dark.  How she'd been selected to play for Arsenal and how her dad had gathered the family together to say he'd had a phone call from the England team to say they wanted her to play for them.  Carla spoke about how important working hard at school is.  How she'd done in her SATS, Gcse and later in college, how she hadn't got the grades she wanted and how she went back and studied even harder to get those qualifications.  Carla and Miss Cowell then joined the children and walked/jogged laps of the golden mile course, chatting to children on the way round.  She posed for photos with the children and answered any questions they had for her.  It really was a lovely day, lots of happy and excited children, lots of walking, running, jogging, skipping along to Christmas tunes and lots of lasting memories!

Thank you to all of you that came in football shirts/sporting clothes and donated to Addenbrookes Hospital.  Miss Cowell was overwhelmed with the response.  To date she has collected just over £200 and hopes to add to this with another event in February 2016.

Such Inspirational people and stories...


2nd December 2015 - Active Essex Awards Evening

Active Essex School of the Year 2015 - Highly Commended

We were so proud to be part of this event last night.  Mrs Edwards (in a dress!), Miss Brown (Not in a dress!), Miss Cowell, Mrs Mason, Mrs Smyth and Mrs Ryan all attended the Active Essex Awards Evening last night at Colchester Football Stadium.  We entered via the red carpet to be greeted by Brian Shaw and Jason Fergus (Active Essex) and then escorted to our table.  We had been shortlisted for School or College of the Year - just three shortlisted nominees, out of the whole of Essex.  It was a great privilege and honour to be at the event representing Beckers Green and we certainly cheered each time our name was mentioned.  The event was broadcast live via BBC Essex and also streamed live.  Our category was the first of the evening and although we didn't actually win the category, we received a Highly Commended framed certificate to acknowledge our outstanding achievement. Well done to each and every member of our School Family - you all make a difference,  Mrs Edwards and Miss Brown are so proud of how everyone just gets involved in all the sporting events we 'throw at you!'

Congratulations to Friars Nursery and Primary School Southend for winning the School of the Year 2015.

Thank you to Active Essex and Active Braintree for hosting such wonderful events and recognising the enthusiasm and effort that we share with our children through a love of sport!


27th November 2015 - Basketball L2 Final - College

Mr Cooper and Mrs Edwards took our Basketball team to the College to participate in the Sainsbury School Games Level 2 final.  The children had been training hard, learning new skills and tips, despite not having any baskets to practise shooting in.  Their hard work certainly paid off, as they finished 2nd overall, missing out on the top spot by just one basket.

Results: 1st Howbridge 

             2nd  Beckers Green

             3rd  Lyons Hall

             4th St Michaels

             5th Great Yeldham

Well done team: Rebecca, Ashtyn, Caitlyn, Olivia, Dylan, Ashley, JJ, Matthew, Liam and Jairo.


23rd November 2015 - Boccia L2 Final - College

Our three Boccia teams that went to the college, did us proud today.  Mrs Brett and Miss Cowell were delighted with the children's performance and behaviour.  The teams finished in 3rd, 4th and 5th place.  Eight teams took part in the competition which was eventually won by Rayne Primary School.  Well done to all children involved.







17th November 2015 - Active Essex KS1 Active Schools Award

Mrs Mason, Miss Brown and Mrs Edwards attended County Hall, Chelmsford this afternoon, for an awards ceremony.  Beckers Green proudly collected the KS1 Active Schools Award from Active Essex.  We were presented with a framed certificate and engraved glass award.  We are hoping to purchase a new display case to be located in the reception area, so all visitors to our school can enjoy our well deserved awards.

13th November 2015 - Level 2 Girls Football Final

Lyons Hall Primary School hosted the Level 2 girls football final, on what was an extremely chilly afternoon.  Despite the weather conditions, Beckers Green played their socks off, winning every match in their pool, without conceding a single goal. Results were: Beckers Green 2 v Gosfield 0, Beckers Green 1 v St Michaels 0, Beckers Green 3 v John Ray 0, Beckers Green 5 v Stisted 0.

Lyons Hall won every match in their pool, so went through to the semi-finals as winners of Pool A and  Beckers Green went through to as winners of Pool B.

The semi-finals were between the: winners of Pool A (Lyons Hall)  0 v runner up of Pool B (St Michaels) 3

                                                : winners of Pool B (Beckers Green)  1 v runner up of Pool A (Chipping Hill) 2

The final was then played between St Michaels 1 v Chipping Hill 0, with St Michaels winning 1-0.

3rd & 4th place were played between Lyons Hall and Beckers Green with Beckers Green winning 4 - 0.

Well done girls, on a long, cold, but fabulous afternoon of football.  Thanks to Lyons Hall for supplying warm drinks and some much needed shelter and to Mrs Lloyd and Mr Cooper for accompanying the team.

 13th November 2015 - Boccia & NAK

We had the pleasure of pupils and staff from St Andrews Great Yeldham join us this morning, for an introduction to Boccia and New Age Kurling.  We are fortunate to have equipment for both sports and it was lovely for our pupils and the pupils from Great Yeldham to pick up tips from each other and learn new techniques.  All the children got on so well - it was a lovely morning and the healthy fruit platter and flapjacks made by our wonderful kitchen team were very much appreciated.

12th November 2015 - Rugby Year 5/6

Tag Rugby club starts after school today: 3:15 - 4:15pm.  James Daroch and Mr Twin run the rugby club which takes part on the school field.  Please remember your football boots and if at all possible a completely separate kit to your usual PE kit (as you will get muddy!)

10th November - Outdoor Learning

Have you ever wandered through a wood and thought you are being watched?  The antelopes and Bears hunted down those watchful eyes this afternoon, as they went looking for faces in the trees.  It's amazing how knots, holes and splits in the trunk and bark of a tree appear like eyes, nostrils and a mouth and how small twigs and shoots seem to be fluttering eyelashes.  The children used Ipads to capture these images, which are on display along with other outdoor learning photos on the Sports board in the hall.

The children went off in groups to collect sticks to construct a twig tower.  Four twigs were carefully laid overlapping to form a square, then a further four sticks placed on top make a star shape.  The layers continued like this, with the twigs slowly getting smaller and thinner.  The challenge was for each group to construct a twig tower that was strong enough to support an egg (laid by a very strange creature!)

10th November 2015 - Boccia Festival

Mrs Brett and Miss Cowell took six, year 3/4 pupils to Ramsey Academy to refine their Boccia technique at a skills festival. Unfortunately, only one other school (Rayne Primary) took part, but that didn't dampen the spirit of the afternoon.  The children had a great time developing different throwing and rolling techniques, especially as the Boccia balls were slightly different to the ones we are used to.  The afternoon finished with some games of Boccia, before returning back to school.  The team: Vural, Arnaud, Daniel, Matthew, Lily-Marie, Alexis worked very well together.  Keep reading the sports page to find out how the team get on in the next Boccia competition!

9th November 2015 - Fundamental Skills

Eight girls accompanied by Miss Brown and Mrs Edwards strolled to the college today to participate in a fundamental skills session.  The session was organised and delivered by the PE students of Braintree College.  The students designed and printed booklets, outlining the rotation of the different skills events, set up and delivered each activity, ranging from sitting volleyball, kurling, boccia to athletics and parachute activities.  A great afternoon was had by all - well done Abi, Kacey, Chenai, Elisha, Sky, Julia, Georgia and Clarisse - your enthusiasm made for a great afternoon.


Joint Winners

Active Braintree School of the Year 2015

2nd November 2015 - Active Braintree Sports Awards

Beckers Green and St Andrews (Great Yeldham) - Joint Winners!

This evening saw the Active Braintree Sports Awards take place at the College at Braintree.  It was only the second year that Braintree have held this awards evening to celebrate outstanding achievements and contributions in sports and physical activity in The Braintree District.  Awards were given to celebrate elite athletes, coaches and volunteers, inspirational schools, clubs and organisations.  

Two Essex based athletes, Lana Redgewell (Active Essex Inspired Athlete from Braintree - World BMX Champion) and Jason Fergus (ex GB Athlete and Director of Active Essex) spoke about their own and uniquely different journeys through their chosen sports and presented awards to the winners and runners up in each category.

Beckers Green were nominated for School or College of the Year.  Four schools (Beckers Green, Cressing, Maltings Academy, St Andrews Great Yeldham) were shortlisted and attended the awards evening.  The category was announced and then there was a slight pause, as it was announced that the panel had difficulty choosing between two schools.  The panel therefore decided that both schools would receive the award.  School of the Year 2015 goes to St Andrews Great Yeldham and Beckers Green.

Miss Brown and Mrs Edwards went on stage to proudly collect the award on behalf of everyone at Beckers Green.



Hopefully you've all remembered to take your PE kits home over half term.  Please check your kit.  If anything is missing or you've grown out of it, please replace and ensure items are clearly named.  

White T shirt, black shorts and plimsolls must be in school at all times for indoor PE.  Now the weather is getting colder a tracksuit or joggers and sweatshirt and trainers are sensible for outdoor PE. 

Which class is going to receive the 1st PE rosette after half term?

21st October 2015

Mr Cooper and Miss Brown accompanied seven pupils to Alec Hunter for the level 2 Sainsburys School Games Football Qualifier.  This was the first time the team had actually played together and what an afternoon they had!

The matches consisted of 2 x 8 minute halves.  Beckers Green were against Stisted Primary School.  The team, played as a team... passing the ball beautifully between them all.  This resulted in a great score, with Caitlyn finding the back of the net twice, Vinny B three times and Freddie once.  Some excellent defensive play kept the score at 6-0.

Our second game was against Gt Bradfords.  This was a tougher match.  Again, great play created two goals, one from Vinny B, one from Freddie.  Beckers Green were pulled out of shape a few times during this match. Despite some brilliant goalkeeping from Rebecca, Gt Bradfords managed to get a goal back.  Result 2-1.

Last game was against Lyons Hall.  This was probably the closest match of the afternoon.  A muddle in the Beckers Green goal area, allowed Lyons Hall to score a cheeky goal.  Beckers Green continued to play well, as did Lyons Hall.  Lyons Hall found the back of the net again, just before half time.  With a swap of goal keepers, Beckers Green continued to pressure the Lyons Hall defence and Freddie scored a great goal.  Jarrod had a fantastic afternoon on the wing, always finding space.  Things look promising for our future games.  The sportsmanship today was amazing - Alec Hunter supplied two students that were qualified referees - the boys were so encouraging and fair.   Well done to all of you!

20th October 2015

Outdoor Learning saw the Antelopes and Bears turn their hands to Forest Art in the style of Andy Goldsworthy.  Last week the group worked together to form a Celtic Circle.  A tree stump formed the centre and then concentric circles of different forest materials (brown leaves, twigs, green leaves, acorns etc) were placed on the forest floor. 

This week the children worked in pairs to create their own woodland animal art.  Four sticks made the picture frame and then the children collected forest material to arrange as their chosen animal.  There was an array of animals (hedgehog, butterfly, fox, badger and a squirrel)

It's good to see so many of you taking part in the lunchtime Golden Mile Club - Keep your eyes peeled for the next whole school 'Golden Mile Challenge'

13th October 2015

Mr Kevin Baker (FA Skills Coach) has been working with Dolphins and Elephants for the past 5 weeks.  The children have really enjoyed these sessions, learning how to dribble (with both feet) and control the ball (with their sole).  The children have one more session with Mr Baker next week, before he moves onto two other classes.

12th October 2015

Class 12 Lions were able to demonstrate their new found hockey skills today, as our eagerly awaited Quicksticks Hockey equipment arrived.  The children have been learning basics skills of dribbling, passing and stopping the ball.  The children loved the small sided games played this afternoon and are just as happy to demonstrate their umpiring skills as they are playing!

9th October 2015

We very really excited to find out today that Beckers Green has been nominated for an Active Braintree Sports Award 2015.  Mr Richard Monk wrote a lovely letter about our school, after meeting pupils and staff, in person, at the recent Aviva Womens Cycle Tour.  The full nomination is available for you to read on this weeks school flyer.

9th October 2015

Today saw Mrs Brett and Mrs Edwards accompany 8 children to Ramsey Academy in Halstead to participate in a New Age Kurling (NAK) Festival.  NAK is one of the many sports offered by Sainsburys School Games and competitions throughout the year can lead to County Finals.  Stisted Primary School and Ridgewell Primary School also took part and all the children involved had a great time.  The children were brilliantly behaved and made some new friends.  Well done to Aman, Eliot, Alfie, Milo, Chenai, Kacey, Sky and Sophie.

Well done to the 'Jumping Jaguars' - it's great to see you've got your teacher involved in your lunchtime activities too!

6th October 2015

The Antelopes and Bears have been learning about the 'Shrinking Forest' in Outdoor learning.  The children pretended to be woodland animals who sheltered/lived under or in 5 trees.  Miss Brown took a telephone call from a man needing some wood to make guitars, so she had to chop down one of the trees.  The 'woodland animals' had to find a new home.  Several phone calls later, from people needing wood to make toys, pencils, rounders bats and paper, the children could see that there weren't any homes left for them to live in. 

Using leaves, twigs, bark and seeds found on the forest floor, the children had to work in groups to make their own tree. Once made they were challenged to see if they could label the correct parts of the tree.

With the weather turning colder and wetter, please could you send in old clothes each week for your child to wear.  Although the children wear protective suits over the top, we cannot guarantee the clothes underneath won't get wet and muddy - Thank you.

30th September 2015

We are very proud to announce that today we have been awarded the Sainsburys School Games SILVER Kitemark for 2014-2015.  

Each year, data is submitted in relation to various criteria.  The level reached is then awarded the Bronze, Silver or Gold  Kitemark.  

2012-2013 we were awarded Bronze, 2013-2014 we were awarded Bronze and after a very busy and successful 2014-2015 we were awarded the Silver Kitemark.  We look forward to proudly displaying our pennant on our Sports Board.

25th September 2015

It's so good to see so many classes receiving rosettes this week, keep it up!

Clubs started this week and it was great to see how many children took up the offer of learning a different sport or trying out a new club.  

Don't forget we have a great link with Park Run, your chance to run an organised route at Notley Discovery Centre, every Sunday Morning - What's more it's free, Mums & Dads get the chance to run too and the distance you run can be added to your 'Golden Mile' total! (see Mrs Edwards for more details) or click on the link in sporting web links.

The new sports captains (Vinny & Ashtyn) and house captains (Caitlyn, Saffron, Olivia, Rebecca, Liam, Freddie, Jared, Jairo) have undertaken their lunchtime duties this week, running the 'Golden Mile' club - Well done all of you, for your organisation and responsible attitude towards the running of this activity.

Antelopes and Bears have been using their senses in Outdoor Learning: Sight (Using colour charts to try to exactly match something found in the copse/surrounding areas) - Sound (Carefully listening to the wind rustling the leaves, high in the treetops, the sound of cars travelling in the distance or the quiet chirping of a bird) - Touch (Hugging trees or stroking pineapples!) - Smell (The children made woodland perfume - you probably remember from your childhood, smashing up leaves, mud, feathers and anything else you wanted to add and stirring it around in water) and finally Taste - After the children had touched and smelled the pineapple and we'd spoken about why pineapples couldn't grow in our copse, they had the chance to taste a little piece.  We mustn't forget the puddle jumping either - You can't beat waterproofs and wellies!

23rd September 2015

Congratulations to Caitlyn (year 6) for attending Essex Girls Football Trials and being selected by the County to attend the Player Development Centre (PDC) .  Caitlyn will train weekly with them and also play matches, with perhaps the chance of progressing on the FA Girls England Talent Pathway.  We all wish her the very best of luck!  

11th September 2015

Welcome back to a new school year.  It's been a busy first week in the world of PE at Beckers Green and it's been wonderful to see so many smiling faces enjoying being active.  We kicked off the beginning of the week with our first assembly of the year and straight away got out on the 'Golden Mile' course - Lions paired up with Crocodiles, Kangaroos paired up with Dolphins, Jaguars with Elephants and Gorillas with Hippos, the children chatted as they walked, finding out what their partner had been upto over the Summer break.  It was such a lovely start to our School day and a perfect way to be ready for the whole day of learning ahead!

Participation in PE is so important, so the correct kit in school is vital.  We are so pleased that Crocodiles have already received 2 rosettes this week for their entire class having their full kit.  Well done Crocs - keep it snappy!

There has been an array of sports in PE lessons this week including Football, Dodgeball, Gymnastics, Dance, Sportshall Athletics, Fundamental Skills, Tennis and Swimming.  Many of you will have seen us out in the glorious sunshine playing Tennis or heard the cheers of delight, coming from the hall, in the Dodgeball lessons. 

Swimming also started again today for the Iguanas and extra pupils.  We love seeing the confidence you gain and the progress you make over your period of lessons. Forest Schools/Outdoor Learning also starts again for Antelopes and Bears - Watch out for them roaming about in the copse!

We had some amazing news today! - At the end of last term you may remember the children from year 6 (who are no longer with us) took video footage of our whole school taking part in the 'Golden Mile'.  We challenged the whole school to walk/run the same distance the Women's Cyclists covered on the Aviva Tour.  Many classes exceeded this distance and the whole school had the 'Golden Mile' bug.  We also took footage of the children walking to swimming and then Mr Cooper painstakingly cut and pasted them both and set it to music (I would walk 500 miles).  We submitted the video online into a competition and found out today that Beckers Green had won.  Watch this space to find out exactly what our prize will be.  Congratulations everyone - you made this possible!


In July of last term we entered a competition through our golden mile activity. The challenge was to make a short 2 minute video. So the challenge was set for each class to walk or run the same distance as the Aviva Woman’s Tour Stage 2 of 138Km, most classes finished this challenge. As a result we have won a visit from a sports personality.


Please watch our video from the link.  Video