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8th & 11th July 2016 Bikeability B

6th & 7th July 2016 - Bikeability A

7th July 2016 Girls Cricket Skills Session & T20 Womens England v Pakistan

7th July 2016 - Girls Kwik Cricket

5th July 2016 - Road to Rio

Unfortunatley the golden mile Road to Rio system has worked quite as anticipated, so hasn't generated us the next continent to visit, once our target has been reached. We have however managed to cover a staggering 14,889 miles to date.  The distance 'as the crow flies' from Braintree to Rio de Janiero is 5,804 miles.  Therefore we have already managed to walk to and from Rio and are on our way back again! Keep it going you are doing fantastically!

29th June 2016 - 3 Tees Cricket

27th June 2016 - District Sports

24th June 2016 Tennis

22nd June 2016 Halfords Cycle Workshop

22nd June 2016 - Mission CPR 2016

Today was a national day for training people in CPR.  In conjunction with the British Heart Foundation and the Hearstart programme (that we already run in school) we signed up to the mission of training as many children in CPR as we could today.  It worked out well as it was transition day today, so all the year 6 children spent the whole morning learning an invaluable lesson in CPR.  The children were so good, taking a real interest in the various video clips of youngsters only a few years older than themselves performing the skills they'd been taught to save someones life.  Each child then had a chance to practise these skills on a manikin before being assessed by one of their peers.  We managed to train 43 year 6 children today and each one was presented with a certificate.

21st June 2016 - Dodgeball

17th June 2016 - Volleyball

15th June 2016 - Girls Kwik Cricket Tournament

15th June 2016 - Rounders Tournament

Unfortunately, dreadful weather prevented our rounders team from competing in the rounders tournament on Tuesday 14th June 2016.  This was luckless as we beat Great Bradfords 8.5 v 4.5 rounders.

The rounders tournament was re-scheduled for the following morning, however Great Bradfords were unable to attend, so yesterdays brilliant result was null and void.  Beckers first match was against Silver End, despite great efforts from all players, Silver End won 5.5 - 3 rounders.  Our next game; Beckers v Lyons Hall was a tight match.  Freddie played in the 'glory spot' and caught three players out in a row!  The bowlers throughout the tournament from all sides were amazing.  Steady bowling from Caitlyn and fabulous fielding from the entire team resulted in a win for Beckers - 3.5 - 2 rounders.

10th June 2016 - School Games Day Celebration Assembly

9th June 2016 - KS2 School Games Day

8th June 2016 - Foundation/KS1 School Games Day

7th June 2016 - Kwik Cricket

27th May 2016 - Keysteps Gymnastics

26th May 2016 - BMX Track

20th May 2016 - Football Rally

18th May 2016 - League Football Match

This afternoon saw us play our penultimate league football match against St Michaels.  With on off drizzles since early morning, we were lucky to get this fixture played today.  The match started (in the dry) St Michaels with eight players and Beckers with only seven (due to injuries).  Beckers settled really quickly today and their passing was excellent.  They were soon rewarded with a goal from Freddie (capt).  With a completely re-shaped team; Liam (goalie), Alfred & Dylan (both superb in defence), Vinny & Caitlyn on the wings, Rebecca (CM) and Freddie (Striker) they continued to pass the ball skillfully between themselves.  The initial goal, seemed to give the whole team a real confidence boost and the goals just kept coming.  Dylan 1, Vinny 1, Rebecca 2, Caitlyn 3, Freddie 4.  St Michaels continued to battle really hard and Liam made a few good saves.  The boys never once let their heads drop and despite a very wet patch continued to play some good football - well done St Michaels.  The best teamwork I have seen from this team to date.  You deserved a great result.  Brilliant each and everyone of you!

Beckers Green 11 v St Michaels 0

BMX club 

Many of you will have seen the bright green BMX bikes being unloaded into the playground on a Thursday afternoon.  The year 5 children participating in the afterschool club have been practising hard with their riding  and balancing skills.  Many have been seen doing wheelies and bunny-hops across the playground as well as slow controlled riding.  With only two weeks of this club remaining, one further week will be playground based, before heading off to the local BMX track to try out some of their new skills on a proper BMX track.

If anyone is interested to find out more about the local BMX track, facilities or tuition available, please follow the link on this website, go to tab; Parents, School Clubs, Sporting Web Links

5th May 2016 - Basketball Masterclass yr 3/4 

Mr Cooper and Miss Brown took eight pupils to Alec Hunter for a Masterclass in Basketball skills.  The children from Iguanas class had a great morning learning how to dribble correctly and the basics of the lay up shot.  The children were so well behaved and all put in 100% effort, therefore it was difficult to choose two star players to receive the basketballs that Alec Hunter had kindly given to each school; Iguanas class are now the proud owners of the two basketballs for their entire class to use at lunchtimes.  Well done.

26th April 2016 - League Netball Match

St Michaels Primary School travelled to Beckers Green (on a rather wintry afternoon for April) for a league netball match.  St Michaels have a very strong team and despite battling hard and picking up a couple of injuries along the way, Beckers Green struggled to contain St Michaels who scored an amazing 35-0.

25th April 2016 - Football Festival

The girls walked to Lyons Hall to play in a football festival organised by Essex FA.  Triumphantly they returned clutching a shiny trophy after winning the whole event.  I heard it went to penalties but am awaiting more information.  Well done girls!

22nd April 2016 - League Football Match

Well done to the school football team today for the tremendous effort you displayed against Whitecourts Primary School.  The score may have been 12-0 to Whitecourts, but Miss Cowell and I couldn't have asked for more from anyone of you.  Vinny took charge as captain for today's game and Rebecca was right alongside him. Whitecourts scored fairly early on, but Beckers began to settle - unfortunately we just couldn't score.  Matthew was solid in defence and despite a bone crunching tackle (that caused him to come off the pitch for a brief time) managed to continue and finish the match.  Well done to JJ and Olly for their first time playing for the school team.  Another solid performance from Alfred (who was really unlucky not to score) and Liam in defence.  

Man of the match, without a doubt, goes to our amazing keeper - Ashley.  The score could have easily been double what it was, without his agility in the Beckers Green goal - saving numerous goals with hands, feet, head, body...anything he could get in the way.  FANTASTIC!  Well done to Whitecourts.


22nd April 2016 - Congratulations 

A massive congratulations must go to Ryan Locke for being the first pupil in the school to be awarded his 150 (Platinum) certificate for the Golden Mile.  

11th April 2016 - Road to Rio

Today sees the start of our mammoth journey to Rio, to celebrate the Olympic Games, via several different continents. In conjunction with the golden mile, the pupils are asked to walk a certain distance each to reach that continent.  Once there, they learn about different sports and athletes, before receiving instructions as to where they have to walk to next and how far that is.  
6th April 2016 - Golden Mile - Beckers Green make top 3 schools

We hope you are enjoying your Easter break but thought you'd like to hear some 'egg'citing news.  The miles are certainly clocking up, with several children 'nipping at the heels' of their 150 mile certificate.  The monthly newsletter from the golden mile came out and Beckers Green were in second place for the second consecutive month...Well done all of you!

As we mentioned in assembly before Easter, if you walk to school you can have a golden mile travel card.  Mileage can be calculated using google maps and clicking on the pedestrian symbol and then altering the route to the one you use.  It will then tell you how far it is to walk from your house to school.  (Double if you walk home too).  Your parents sign your card to say you've completed this amount and then on a Friday morning, hand them into the PE office, where they will be added to your total.

If you would like a travel card see MIss Brown or Mrs Edwards.

Top scoring schools in March...

The top 3 schools in March that averaged the most Golden Miles per pupil was -

1. Whatfield CEVP School , Ipswich = averaged 41.29 Golden Miles per pupil.

2. Beckers Green Primary School, Braintree = averaged 17.19 Golden Miles per pupil.

3. Hawkinge Primary School,  Folkestone  = averaged 8.92 Golden Miles 

Well done Whatfield.


24th March 2016

Miss Brown and Mrs Edwards would like to wish everyone a Happy Easter and remind you all to check your PE kit over the holidays. Please check you have all your kit: White T Shirt, Black Shorts, Plimsolls, Trainers (optional), Tracksuit (optional), soft hairband (if your hair is long enough to tie up) and that all your kit is named and that it still fits (especially plimsolls!)  Please remember to bring it back into school on the first day after the Easter Holidays. - Thank you.

24th March 2016

The Summer 2016 Club timetable is available today via the website.  'Hard' copies have been given to those unable to access the internet.  Please read the Summer club letter (also available via the website) which explains about the club timetable.  Once you have decided which club(s) you would like to try, you can apply for a place using the electronic form.  You will need to re-apply for a place on a club that is continuing eg. Netball, Football etc as this ensures that everyone that would like to attend a club has a fair chance to do so.  This is the first time we have used the online form system, so feedback regarding using it would be very much appreciated.

23rd March 2016 - Cross Country Discovery Centre

Following last weeks round at Alec Hunter, the athletes that qualified travelled via minibus to the Discovery Centre at Notley.  The runners initially walked the course, memorising the route and then the races began.  First to run were the Year 3 boys, followed by the year 3 girls.  Alexis ran in the girls race, a hard thing to undertake when you are the only person from your school in that particular race.  About 40 runners lined up at the start.  Alexis ran amazingly, appearing from behind the trees in about 4th place, before overtaking into 2nd place.  She eventually finished in 6th place an absolutely brilliant result!  

Next it was the year 4's turn.  Unfortunately Harry should've been running today, but after breaking his toe was unable to participate.  We wish him a speedy recovery.  Lucie-Anne lined up for her race, again a solo runner in a group of about 40! About halfway around the course she was in 5th place, but an extra kick and she picked off the runners in front of her to end up in 2nd place - a truly incredible run.  Congratulations Lucie-Anne for qualifying for the next round at Hadleigh Park in April.  The year 5 girls team went to the start line: Connie (who stood in at very short notice due to sickness) Stevie, Katie, Evelyn, Grace and Chenai.  The girls all ran fantastically with Connie leading the team home.  Well done to all the athletes today.  We hope Talia feels better soon and wish Lucie-Anne the very best of luck!

22nd March 2016 - Outdoor Learning

Today was the last Outdoor learning session for the Antelopes and Bears.  I'm not sure which animal had been in the copse today but there were lots of eggs laying around.  Strange...because the eggs were plastic!  The antelopes and Bears were very good at finding the eggs and gaining a sticker for each egg they collected.  Whilst some children were hunting, others found the mud!  The idea was to make nests out of the sticky mud and then line them with different materials eg. leaves, twigs,feathers. That was the plan...but sticky mud, wellies and waterproof suits soon led to mud pies, wellies getting stuck in the mud, even mud make-up!  Both the Antelopes and Bears have certainly embraced the Outdoor Learning Experience.  Thanks again to Tesco, Marks Farm for donating Easter goodies for the children to take home.

Both classes will be having PE on a Tuesday afternoon after Easter to learn lots of new skills in preparation for our School Games Day.  This lesson will take place outside if the weather is good, trainers may be worn outdoors.  Please ensure earrings are removed on PE days if your child is unable to remove them unaided.  Your child will still require their indoor PE kit, as this lesson is in addition to their normal PE day.

22nd March 2016 - PE Reward

Congratulations Dolphins for winning this terms PE Reward.  The Dolphins came into school today in old clothes and wellies, ready for a morning of outdoor fun.  The children had to carry lots of equipment over to the copse.  Once in the woodland the children were able to go and explore.  Tarpaulins were strung between trees and turned into shelters, sticks were 'woven' into dens.  The children collected tinder and kindling to start the campfire.  Once alight, it wasn't long before the saucepans were bubbling with baked beans and sausages and lots of hungry mouths congregated round the campfire to devour the lot!  More exploring, digging, running, jumping, shrieking and hiding from a 'Troll' or was it a 'Wolf' (It looked a little like Miss Patterson to me!) before the children returned, to the now glowing campfire, in small groups to toast marshmallows and then sandwich them between chocolate digestive biscuits (S'mores) Yum Yum!

A wonderful morning, with a fantastically behaved class, topped off with some lovely comments from the children as they tipped water onto the fire to extinguish it, saying what they'd particularly enjoyed about the morning.  Thank you to all the staff from the Dolphins Class, you really made it a special morning for all the children and to Tesco, Marks Farm for donating the food items for this reward.

I wonder which class will win the Summer Term Reward!

18th March 2016 - Swimming

Well done Hippos for a great term of swimming.  I know some of you were nervous about going swimming but you have all made massive progress.  Just think back to the first week...some of you had never been in a swimming pool...look where you are now...AMAZING!  Why don't you ask your parents if they'll take you swimming over the Easter holidays, so you can show them your water skills.

18th March 2016 - Girls League Football Match

The 3rd league match for the girls this season was against Great Bradfords.  The girls walked to Great Bradfords (clocking up their golden miles as they went.)  Mrs Lloyd and Mr Heales accompanied the team, brushing up on their orienteering/map reading skills as they walked.  Great team spirit throughout and a fantastic attitude displayed by our captain, especially when inviting Stevie (goalie) to take a penalty that had been awarded to us.  Well done girls for another great game, winning 9-0.  

17th March 2016 - Sitting Volleyball at Garon Park, Southend

What a glorious day to go to the seaside...albeit we weren't actually on the beach!  Seven children travelled with Mrs Brett and Miss Brown to Southend Leisure Centre to try their hand at volleyball.  Rachel Laybourne (2012 Olympic volleyball player) taught the children how to volley and dig.  The children had great fun and now want to start a volleyball club at school.

16th March 2016 - Cross Country at Alec Hunter Academy

Beckers Green cross country team descended on Alec Hunter, ready to tackle the level 2 qualifying course.  Lyons Hall, Great Bradfords and Stisted schools also took part.  The event was very well organised and once underway, the athletes took no time at all to complete the course.  Remarkably, after the weather of late, the course was in good condition and not too soggy!  All of our athletes completed the course, which was really good going - you should all be very proud of yourselves to have finished!

Congratulations to: The Year 5 girls team: Talia, Katie, Stevie, Evelyn and Grace and individual runners Harry, Lucie-Anne and Alexis for qualifying for the next round, which will be held Wednesday 23rd March at the Discovery Centre.

7th March 2016 - Trampolining

Eight year 3/4 children walked to Alec Hunter Academy this morning to give trampolining a go!  It's great that the children are able to experience new activities that we cannot offer at our school, due to height restrictions in our hall.  It also gives a brief insight into our local secondary school that many of our children will attend.  The children were able use full size trampolines - a first for many.  The children had a great time - thank you to Alec Hunter Academy for arranging this activity. 

 7th March 2016 - League Football Match

Due to the weather of late, the field has been virtually out of bounds!  After a little rearranging we managed to play our third league fixture, after Lyons Hall kindly allowed us to use their astro turf.  Thank you to John Ray (our opponents) for redirecting their transport to this venue.  Another well played match between both schools.  John Ray found the back of the net twice in the first half and as hard as Beckers Green tried, the ball would just not go in the goal today.  John Ray continued to score after the restart of the match, finding the back of the net on a further three occasions.  Beckers dug deep and were unlucky not to score. Final score Beckers Greeen 0 v John Ray 5.

7th March 2016 - Golden Mile - Beckers Green in top 3 schools again!

We found out today that Beckers Green are in the top scoring schools in February...The Daily Golden Mile certainly seems to be having an impact!

 The top 3 schools in February that averaged the most Golden Miles per pupil was -

1. Creeting St Mary CofE School , Ipswich = averaged 9.64 Golden Miles per pupil.

2. Beckers Green Primary School, Braintree = averaged 9.19 Golden Miles per pupil.

3. Hollesley Primary School, Woodbridge  = averaged 8.92 Golden Miles 


Check out the Photos tab on the previous page to see beautiful pictures of the Tea Dance.


4th March 2016 - Daily Golden Mile

Several pupils have now achieved their 100 miles certificate which is amazing and all of the foundation children have achieved their 10 miles.  The children seem to be in the 'swing of it' now and once the bell rings, they line up at their designated point on the playground and walk with their paired class, chatting to their friends for a mile before going back to class ready to learn.  The Lions looked at the data from the golden mile in class the other afternoon and were surprised by how much the daily golden mile had added to their running totals.

4th March 2016 - League Football Match

Thanks to Great Bradfords School today for reversing our football fixture to enable us to play, due to our own pitch being completely water-logged.  It was a very even game, with both teams well matched.  Bradfords scored quite early on, but once settled, Beckers passed the ball round nicely, creating an opportunity to equalise.  The score remained 1-1 despite several attempts on goal at each end of the pitch.  Well done Freddie for being chosen by the opposition as Man of the Match.

26th February 2016 - League Football Match

This was the first league game for the football team and the first time the team had really played together.  We went to Lyons Hall for the match and were prepared for the fact that our opposition have got an exceptionally strong team this year.  This did not deter our team; Miss Brown and Miss Cowell could not have been more proud of the teamwork and positive attitude that you displayed today.  You were so unlucky not to get one goal in the back of the net; striking both the crossbar and the post. Ashley made several crucial saves to keep the score at 9-0. Fantastic play and encouragement between all of you, throughout the match, made this a great game to watch.  Furthermore, your mature and responsible attitudes towards welcoming a new player to the squad and ensuring everyone/everything was 'ready to go' was absolutely amazing.  Man of the match (whole team vote) Congratulations Alfred! 

26th February 2016 - Girls League Football Match

The girls faced their second league match of the season against St. Michaels Primary School.  This was a closely fought match with superb play by both teams, especially the goal keepers, resulting in a very tight game.  Beckers managed to get a single goal past the St. Michaels goalie and Ashtyn kept a clean sheet in the Beckers Green Goal.  Great game girls!

25th February 2016 - Tea Dance

With lights dimmed, candles lit and posh frocks and ties, the stage was set for our tea dance.   It was lovely to see so many parents and grandparents at the three tea dances held throughout the day.  The children looked lovely and were keen to show their dance moves.  With Olly Murs blasting out, the children cha, cha cha'd around the dance floor.  The adults even had the chance to take to the floor too.  Light refreshments were on hand, in the form of scones, clotted cream and jam, washed down with a cup of tea (kindly donated by Tesco Marks Farm).  Several members of staff were seen gliding across the dance floor to the sounds of Maroon 5 and Michael Jackson.  Thank you to Mrs Cooper and Kelly for their support over the last few weeks and for enjoying the afternoon with us.  Well done children for entering fully into the spirit of the tea dance.

 25th February 2016 - NAK County Final

The New Age Kurling team went to Basildon Sporting Village with Mrs Edwards and Mrs Brett.  The team had qualified for the county final by winning an earlier level 2 competition.  Aman, Liam, Chenai and Kacey played really well all morning competing against 6 other schools.  Beckers Green won 2 games, drew 1 game and lost 3 games.  The organiser of the event and another school complimented our children on their behaviour and manners - this is a real credit to you children  - well done.  The event was won by Waltham Holy Cross Primary School with Beckers Green finishing 5th.


23rd February 2016 - Quicksticks Hockey

Caiden, Kuba, Dylan, Ashtyn, Jasmine, Sophie made up our hockey team for today.  The group hadn't actually played as a team before, despite this, it didn't take long for them to gel together.  The first match was against St Andrews B Halstead - this was a close match with Beckers just getting a fourth goal before the final whistle.  The second match was against St Andrews A Great Yeldham, just 1 goal separated the finishing score line here, Beckers Green 0 - Gt Yeldham 1.  The skills displayed by all members of the team were amazing, some great passing between players resulting in several really good goals.  The remaining results were: Beckers Green 4 v Lyons Hall B 0.

Beckers Green went on to play a final match against Great Yeldham B.  This was a cracking game.  Non-stop effort from both teams resulted in a well played match with Beckers Green scoring 4 goals to Great Yeldhams 1.

Thank you to the parents that attended, your encouragement was amazing!

22nd February 2016 - Daily Golden Mile

Today marks the start of our whole school committing to walking the Daily Golden Mile.  The Crocodiles have shown the rest of the school how it should be done - as they have been walking EVERY DAY since January!  

The children discussed the idea of the Daily Golden Mile in their own classes, debating whether they were for or against and the reasons why - (The teachers had their say too).  The children then had a democratic vote and the results were taken by the school council representatives from each class to a meeting.  The results found that their was a unanimous decision across the school for the Daily Golden Mile to go ahead.  

8th February 2016 - League Netball Match

Despite blustery, wintry conditions, Beckers Green fought well against Lyons Hall.  It was our first match of the season and many players first game against another school.  Mrs Christian and Mrs Tayler were really pleased with how well the team worked together.  Some brilliant interceptions from Jairo allowed the ball to be passed into the shooting circle, where Ashtyn and Liam soon got their 'eye in'.  Well done for being versatile and trying different playing positions. Congratulations to all of you that played - it was a great game.  Score: Beckers Green 7 - Lyons Hall 11.

5th February 2016 - Golden Milestone achieved by pupil

Massive congratulations go to Bradley T for being the first pupil in the school to cover 100 golden miles!

Congratulations also go to the entire Crocodile class.  After completing the daily golden mile (everyday come rain or shine) the Crocodiles have clocked up over 1000 miles collectively.  Keep it up!

4th February 2016 - 'Strictly Beckers'

Kangaroos and Lions were treated to a fantastic display of dancing today as Mrs Cooper and her daughter Kelly gracefully moved around the dance floor.  There are some fantastic partnerships forming and the children really seem to be enjoying themselves.

4th February 2016 - Girls League Football Match 

The girls played their first league match of the season against St Andrews Great Yeldham.  Beckers Green won 15-0.  Full match report written by Ashtyn to follow.

29th January 2016 - New Age Kurling (NAK) Competition

Well done to the New Age Kurling Teams that participated in the competition at Ramsey Academy.  A great afternoon of Kurling took place.  Beckers Green and St Andrews Great Yeldham sent stones flying towards the targets.  For this event the children played in pairs: Tyler and Liam took the 1st place title, with Alfie and Chenai taking 2nd place and Aman and Kacey taking the 3rd position.  Kacey also won a medal for greatest accuracy of the afternoon.  Winning this event allows us to attend the County Finals, where the team must have four members (2 boys and 2 girls). We wish that team the very best of luck, as they will be defending the title of County Champions from last year.

19th January 2016 - Outdoor Learning

Over the next few weeks, Antelopes and Bears will be learning about different Traditional Tales in class... so if you go down to the woods today...keep a look out for those Three Little Pigs building their houses, or boiling up a large pan of water over the fire to catch the wolf in.  You may even spot Three Bears, a broken bed and chair and some very muddy looking 'porridge' cooked up in our luxurious mud kitchen and a little girl with golden locks, or over the next few weeks keep your eyes peeled for the woodcutter, Grandma's cottage and a little girl dressed in red, a gingerbread man or a troll living under the're in for a big surprise! 

18th January 2016 - Sportshall Athletics

Well done to the 18 children who walked to 'The College at Braintree' today for a sportshall athletics competition.  The indoor competition was for year 5/6 and consisted of track and field events.  Field events included: Javelin, Standing Long Jump, Standing Triple Jump, Speed Bounce, Vertical Jump and Chest Push.  The track events included: relay races of different lengths and various obstacles.  There were some terrific performances, both individually and as a whole team.  Our girls can certainly throw and our boys are very nimble!  Despite the sportshall being a little on the chilly side, the energy and glow from all our athletes was enough to warm anyone! The final scores were very close: Beckers Green 4th, John Ray 3rd, Lyons Hall 2nd and Notley Green 1st.  

14th January 2016 'Strictly Beckers'

2,3, cha cha cha, 2,3, cha cha cha rang out from the school hall today as Strictly Come Dancing hit Beckers Green.  With blinds closed, lights lowered and spotlights switched on, the scene was set for our first lesson of ballroom dancing.  The Jaguars were the first to tackle the cha, cha, cha...and rise to the challenge they certainly did.  This afternoon, we had the experience of Mrs Cooper, who gave up her time to come in and help the Kangaroos and Lions with something she is very passionate about (and very good at too!)

After a few initial concerns (mainly that it wasn't football!) the children started to enjoy themselves (clearly evident by the self- assessment at the beginning and end of the session) and in no time at all were attempting to cha, cha, cha with a partner. Mr Twinn, Mrs Jones and Mrs Brett all joined in too, which certainly helped put the children at ease.  Thank you Mrs Cooper for your expertise and passion.

13th January 2016

Wednesday saw the Crocodiles enjoy their PE Reward trip to Toby Carvery.  The children were so excited as they travelled on the minibus.  After arriving at the Toby, the children were given paper chefs hats to wear.  Linda, a waitress, explained what uniform she had to wear and why.  Connor, a chef, explained about his uniform.  Do you know why a chef's trousers are checked?  He also had various chopping boards of different colours; the children had to guess what was prepared on each colour board.  A selection of raw vegetables were handed around.  Some the children knew; others weren't quite so easy.  Linda told the children what vegetables were good if they had a cough or cold; which foods contain calcium, vitamins or iron. The children (and adults) were then able to sample some raw veg.  After a veggie wordsearch and some colouring it was time to try some of those raw vegetables, now cooked.  The children all lined up and chose which meat they fancied: Turkey, Gammon, Beef or Pork, they were then invited to try all the vegetables: Red Cabbage, Green Beans, Swede, Carrots, Peas, Mashed Potato or Roast Potato topped off with Toby gravy.  Well done to those children who tried something new today, some of you even discovered you like cooked red cabbage and green beans.  

Let's see who is going to win the PE reward for the Spring term - Only one rosette has been handed out so far...Well done Antelopes for having all your correct PE kit in school. 

11th January 2016 - Fundamental Skills KS2 

Six boys walked to the college today with Mr Cooper and Miss Brown to participate in a fundamental skills session.  The students at The College at Braintree had set up an eight station carousel of activities. These included  NAK activities, Boccia Blast, Standing Long Jump, Target Throw, Beanbag Challenge, Treasure Hunt, Kicker and Bowler.  The boys walked beautifully to the college, clocking up their Golden Miles as they went and certainly completed each activity with enthusiasm.  Milo's standing long jump was amazing as was Aman's catching of a ball while remembering a clapping sequence.  Well done to Milo, Aman, Alfie, Eliot, David and Caden for a lovely afternoon.  Thanks to Mr Cooper and Mrs Potter - I really appreciated your help.

8th January 2016

Spring 2016 Club timetable, letter and permission slips go out tonight (electronically - if the office have an email address for you, otherwise a 'hard copy' will be given to you)  There is a wide range of clubs on offer, before school, lunchtime, and afterschool.  The timetable states which year groups various activities are for, times, days, dates and where to meet and collect your child.  Additional permission slips are available to download online. 

7th January 2016 

Welcome back after the Christmas break.  The children have been busy this week in PE, recapping and learning first aid skills.  Each class from the Antelopes to the Lions have experienced elements of the British Heart Foundation Heartstart programme.  This includes dealing with a conscious/unconscious casualty, phoning the emergency services to performing CPR.  This is a life-long skill and one you certainly don't know when you will need to use!

Can we please remind you all to bring your PE kits into school.  PE Rosettes started again this term, but so far this week, not one class has managed to receive one.


6th January 2016 - Golden Mile - Top Scoring Schools across UK

During the 'Winter Wish' challenge the children's mileage was entered onto the Golden Mile website and the averages taken.  Top scoring schools are displayed on the Golden Mile website and sent out to all other schools signed up to the Golden Mile.  We were really pleased to be in the top 3 schools. Well done! 


The top 3 schools in December that averaged the most Golden Miles per pupil was -

1. Whatfield Primary School, Ipswich = averaged 34.28 Golden Miles per pupil.

2. Hawkinge Primary School, Felixstowe = averaged 11.72 Golden Miles per pupil.

3. Beckers Green Primary School, Braintree = averaged 9.88 Golden Miles per pupil.


The Crocodiles, Dolphins and Jaguars have also committed to walking the Daily Golden Mile.  Braintree District Council are keen to work with us to see if each child walking a mile a day impacts on behaviour in the classroom as well as health and fitness.  The Crocodiles and Dolphins have been walking 0.5 miles before morning lessons and a further 0.5 miles before afternoon lessons.  This is also added to the children's own personal golden mile record.  We look forward to seeing the results and hope that all the classes will commit to the Daily Golden Mile.