Sports News-3


School Games Day KS1 Wednesday 14th June 2017

A great morning of sports this morning.  Some fantastic throwing, jumping and running.  It was great to see so many supporters; Mums,Dads, Nans, Grandads, older brothers and sisters etc cheering you all on.  The atmosphere was brilliant with everyone joining in.  Real team spirit and encouragement shone through. Well done to all the year 1&2 athletes for this morning.

Foundation School Games Day

The children paraded around the field led by their house captains before starting their 60 m sprint heats.  A great effort from all involved.  Well done for running in the correct lanes and for following the instructions so well, moving around the field activities.  You made us very proud running the relay race at the end of your special day and it was so lovely for all the parents and grandparents to accompany you around our golden mile course.


School Games Days (Sports Day)

As you are aware, due to the weather, KS1 & Foundation school games days have been moved to the reserve date of Wednesday 14th June 2017, with KS2 on Thursday 15th June 2017 - Timings of specific year groups remain unaltered.

(If the weather is inclement - a decision regarding the cancellation of each sports day will be made by 8:00am on the relevant day)


Please check your PE kit over half term and replace anything that doesn't fit.  Your correct PE kit should consist of:

White short sleeved T shirt, Black shorts and plimsolls. Additionally trainers are recommended for outdoor PE and a tracksuit (when the weather is colder)  Lots of children have taken to wearing trainers as their school shoes (please see recent newsletter regarding this issue) a change of footwear is required for PE lessons. 



Netball - Alec Hunter Academy

Our netball team were amazing today.  After a shaking first quarter (possibly due to the size of their opponents) the team settled down and started to play their own game.  They dominated the remaining three quarters of the match pulling the scoreline back to 6-4.  Well done team, real determination and resillience shown!


Swimming Pool - Update

Unfortunately Braintree Swimming Centre have contacted us to say the ongoing works at the swimming pool are not going to be completed until the middle of June 2017.  We have therefore decided that as this date is not definite, we will not be swimming again until September 2017 (when hopefully the issues with the pool will have been resolved)  Therefore Flamingos will not be swimming this term, however children that need to do have the opportunity to swim again in Year 4.  Flamingos will have Outdoor Learning sessions instead on a Friday afternoon, starting June 9th.



12th May 2017 - Bikeability (Year 5)

Day 2 for our cyclists and they ventured out onto the road once more.  A new instructor today (Tom) was very impressed with what the children had remembered from yesterday.  He put them through their paces, seeing if they'd remembered key points, watched their positioning on the road and then taught them how to turn right, both from minor to major roads and major to minor roads.  The children alos learned how to perform a 'U' turn under control.  Once satisfied the children were safe out on the road, Tom brought them back to school to test them on their highway code.  All 6 children passed their Bikeability Level 2 - Congratulations.  If you now wish to ride your bicycles to school you must get your parent to fill in the form giving you permission to cycle to and from school. Please also remeber you must wear a hi-viz jacket, helmet and bring a padlock to lock your bike up securely.  A big thank you to both instructors for a really valuable and enjoyable couple of days.


11th May 2017 - Bikeability (Year 5)

It was the Year 5's chance for Bikeability today.  With helmets ready the children were taught which is the correct side of your bike to get on/off.  The children were shown how to do the 'M' check of their bicycle to ensure it is safe to ride. Once checked the pupils were put through their paces in the playground, riding through different cone formations to represent different turns etc they would find on the roads.  The importance of checking behind before starting/stopping/manouvering was instilled and the children also attempted emergency stops.  All 8 of our pupils passed Bikeability level 1 and 6 progressed onto the training for Bikeability level 2.  This involves putting all the elements learned in the playground, into action on the road.  The children were taught how to left turn correctly and safely from a minor road to a major road and from a major road to a minor road, with special importance on road positioning (where a cyclist would sit.)  


11th May 2017 - Year 2 Cross Country

6 Boys and 6 Girls from year 2 represented Beckers Green at the first year 2 cross country event at Alec Hunter.  Girls team: Mione, Isabelle, Scarlet, Amelia, Lily and Ellie-Mae;  Boys team: Jake, Riley, Oscar, Kieren, Kieran and Jacob.  Congratulations to all of our runners you did an amazing job.  We are still awaiting the final results.


3rd May 2017 - 'Chance to Shine' cricket sessions (Jaguars/Kangaroos)

Our 'Chance to Shine' cricket sessions started today.  Iain Twinn from Braintree Cricket Club came into work with the Jaguars and Kangaroos and staff members too.  On what turned out to be an unsettled afternoon weatherwise, the kangaroos were forced indoors to continue their cricket session.  Plenty of throwing and catching drills took place.  We look forward to these children progressing through this workshop, with the hope they can represent the school at the upcoming cricket event in June.


2nd May 2017 - Clubs Start

Clubs started this evening.  We have a few spaces left on certain clubs.  Due to the unresolved technical issue with the booking form this term, Mr Cooper has now removed this from the website.  If you wish to find out if there is a vacancy on a chosen club or you wish to put your child's name on a waiting list for a particular club, please come and speak in person with either Miss Brown or Mrs Edwards.


We still have a number of children who do not have their PE kit in school.  Your child requires their indoor kit in school at all times.  This comprises of: White short sleeved T shirt, Black shorts and plimsolls. Outdoor kit: trainers, White T shirt, Black shorts and an additional tracksuit (if required - when the weather is colder)


28th April 2017 - 'Grown up' Outdoor learning session

Perhaps the weather put a few parents off this morning but congratulations to the 8 parents that braved the outdoors today.  You were a fantastic bunch, chatty, enthusiastic and willing to give anything a go.  The morning started lugging various equipment across to the copse. Rules were established, name tags written (writing implements weren't issued - well done for finding the charcoal) and then a game of strategy started...'Pine Cones' If you want to know'll have to ask one of the parents that took part!  

Next the group needed to get the fire set.  Tinder and kindling gathered, the group set about lighting the fire with the flint and steel.  Several strikes... and sparks were flying, with the fire alight the kettle was placed on top to boil.  Whilst the kettle was heating, the adults split into 2 groups.  One group was given a picture of an outdoor theatre, the other an information pack on building a rope swing.  The 'theatre' group were given a pair of curtains, all other resources had to be found in and around the copse.  The 'rope swing' group were given 2 lengths of rope.  Both groups worked extremely well - discussing what they were going to do, involving each other, encouraging one another and laughing!  

A cheer rang through the air as the rope swingers managed to get the rope over the large branch, quite a long way up in the big oak tree.  After a bit of jiggling the rope was in the right position only for this team to realise the other length of rope had a loop already made in the end of it... Oh no! but after a quick discussion the group tied the new rope onto the other rope and pulled it up and over into position - great thinking!  Meanwhile the 'Theatre' was taking shape, a pallet for the platform, 2 tall branches crossing at an apex formed the front and a long thin branch tied as a curtain rail held the structure altogether, 3 car tyres and tree stumps formed the stage.  The backdrop was hung and the curtains draped.  The kettle was boiling and the adults regrouped around the fire.  Coffee, tea or hot chocolate was available as well as the chance to toast marshmallows over the open fire.  Chocolate digestives were on hand to sandwich the gooey marshmallow between...yum smores!  After tea break, the groups continued with their projects and then had the opportunity to try them out.

Both structures are still in place and will be used on a regular basis by the children in their outdoor learning sessions.  You can only imagine the fun they are going to have performing their own shows in the puppet theatre, or shrieking on the rope swing.  Thank you to Mrs Locke, Mrs Goodbrand, Mrs MacDonald, Mrs Snell, Mr Kilduff, Mrs Sudbury-Hill, Mrs Clark and Ms Hand for creating such amazing learning environments for your children and many others to build wonderful memories.

We would be really interested to hear your comments/feedback about your experience this morning. Thank you so much for attending.

Miss Brown and Mrs Edwards


As you are aware we have had technical Issues with the website and the club booking form.  Club places have now been offered and you should have received a text message if you've been successful.  Gardening club was heavily over-subscribed, therefore we have split the children into 2 groups, enabling each group to have a five week session.  You will be informed Tuesday 2nd May as to which dates your child will be attending.

28th March 2017 - Swimming temporarily suspended

As you are probably aware Braintree Swimming Centre has had ongoing problems with the tiles in the Main Swimming Pool.  Gorillas have been swimming this term with limited children as only the small pool has been available.  Unfortunately the small pool has now encountered problems also, so the decision has been made to close both pools to public and schools alike. This will mainly affect Gorillas (who are currently swimming) and also Flamingos (who were due to start on 5th May)  The swimming pool hopes to be open again near the end of May 2017.  Realistically with a Non Pupil Day on 26th May 2017, then half term, the Flamingos probably won't start their swimming until 9th June 2017.  I will keep you up to date as soon as I receive any information from the pool.


28th March 2017 - Outdoor Learning

This morning saw the last visit to the copse for our Crocodiles.  Their outdoor learning sessions have come to an end.

Imagine...The fire glowing, the kettle above.  Children inventing new recipes in the mud kitchen, whilst others toast marshmallows over the campfire - the outer layer turning a nice golden brown, before the gooey marshmallow bursts from its crispy shell, as it is squashed between two chocolate digestive biscuits...yum smores and hot chocolate!

A small group of children continued work on the herb planter - a recycled pallet, stood on end, roofing felt attached to the bottom of the horizontal planks makes great planting pockets.  The children filled the pockets with a mixture of soil and compost and sprinkled herb seeds: Thyme, Basil, Parsley and Chives.  The facing horizontal planks were painted black, once dry the names of the herbs will be written in chalk on the front.  We look forward to seeing if our herbs will grow.

The Crocodiles, Antelopes and Bears have been amazing in the copse this year.  The difference in the children outdoors is just wonderful to see. They are free to explore, invent, pretend, climb, dig, imagine, understand and appreciate what is all around them.  I hope you've all had as much fun as Mrs Edwards and Miss Brown have had!


22nd March 2017 - Cross Country Final

Stevie, Harry and Jack arrived at the Discovery Centre for the Cross Country level 2 final after winning their place at the earlier event held at Alec Hunter.  Not the best afternoons for cross country, wet, windy and chilly but that didn't put our trio off.  After an initial slow start, schools were walked through the course.  Many schools expressed concerns over the route, so the course was changed and finally the races were underway.

Hats off to all three of our runners for not only getting through the first stage of this event, but for having the right attitude to give it a go! It's not easy being the only runner in a race from your school, surrounded by teams of runners from other schools.

The boys and girls races were run alongside each other.  Jack was first to run.  Year 3/4 had a slightly shorter route than the yr 5/6, but they still had to run halfway up the notorious Discovery Centre hill and then back on themselves before weaving around the bank, around the next field and towards the finish funnel.  Jack ran an impressive race, picking runners off one by one.  Spurred on by encouragement from his Dad, Jack finished a remarkable 10th (roughly 40 runners competed in each single sex race)

Harry ran next and being year 5 had the longer route - to the top of the hill, loop back on yourself and up the hill again, around the bank, the field, through the hedge onto the field the other side, over the bridge before appearing at the finish funnel.  Harry manged to overtake several runners along the final stage of his run finishing in a very impressive 4th place, just missing out on the qualifying 3rd place.

Stevie was our last runner to go.  This young lady is amazing - anything we ask her to have a go at, she says yes: netball, football, rugby, name it, she'll have a go.  Cross country was no different.  

She set off, we watched as she climbed the hill.  In the distance you could just make out the black and yellow of her running vest. Soon she was rounding the bank, running well in the middle of the pack, the cold air was whipping across the field, sadly it hit the back of Stevie's throat...she slowed to a stop, unable to catch her breath...her race over for today, but her passion and determination still evident.


15th March 2017 - Sitting Volleyball (Harlow)

On a glorious morning 6 children from Beckers Green and 6 children from Lyons Hall School set off for Harlow Leisure Zone.  The children had the chance to meet Rachel Laybourne (Olympic Volleyball Player) and to learn some sitting volleyball skills;  volleying the ball in a rainbow shape to each other, shuffling on their bottoms and using their hands like feet.  The children had a great time and especially enjoyed the small games at the end of the session.  Well done Aman, Chenai, Thomas, Elise, Kai and Lewie.

14th March 2017 - League Football Match v Gt Yeldham

This was the first league match this year for both teams. Both teams started of tentatively but after Yeldham scored their first, well struck goal, the players seemed to get into the game.  Yeldham were unlucky to score an own goal making the score level.  Confusion in the goal area resulted in a second goal for Gt Yeldham.  Shortly after, Ashley found the back of the net - scores level again 2-2.  An offence committed just on the edge of the area resulted in a penalty for Gt Yeldham.  Kian stood strong in the goal, but a great penalty from Yeldham resulted in a 3-2 win for them.  All in all a great first game.  Man of the Match - Josh Rodwell. 

2nd March 2017 - Braintree Town Football Tournament

We travelled to the Discovery Centre today to enjoy a day full of football.  Braintree Town Community Irons organised a football tournament with the winners progressing to a future tournament.  8 teams took part and each team played each other (7 games each)

Congratulations to Bradley, Alfred, Josh, Caiden, Harry, Callum, Ashley and Kian for great behaviour and sportsmanlike conduct throughout the whole day.  

Lyons Hall dominated the tournament not conceding a goal all day.  We wish them luck in the next round.

23rd February 2017 - Cross Country

A rather wet a windy morning greeted us for the cross country, but due to excellent organisation the event went ahead and ran without a hitch.  Every single one of our runners started and completed the course! An amazing achievement in itself.  We were very lucky to get 3 individual runners through to the next round, which will be at the Discovery Centre on 22nd March - Congratulations Harry, Stevie and Jack. - we wish you lots of luck!

23rd February 2017 - NAK County Final

Mrs Brett and Miss Brown accompanied the NAK team to Basildon.  St Andrews, Great Yeldham joined us on the minibus.  

The teams were slow to start today, finding it difficult to hit the target.  Once a few stones made it to the target, game on!  It was a lovely morning with lots of matches played, new friends made and lots of cheering.

Well done Alfie, Jasmyn, Jessica and Holly.


We are pleased to say that some academy players from Braintree Town Football (Community Irons) are coming in to help with football clubs on a Tuesday after school.

9th February 2017 - Please note: Due to Mr Butler being unavailable on a Thursday after half term, Year 3/4 football club (currently Thurs) is moving to Tuesday after school and Indoor sports (currently Tues) is moving to Thursday after school.  All children involved should have received notification of this through our schoolcomms.  Sorry for any inconvenience.

9th February 2017 - Toby Carvery PE Reward

30 children were transported to the Toby Carvery today to participate in Chef's school.  The children had to find the A-Z of fruit and veg.  Ken (manager at Toby) was very impressed by how many the children could name.  They then designed their very own super hero fruit or veg character.  

The children found out about health and safety in the kitchen, what the different coloured chopping boards and knives are used for and how many turkeys Toby uses in a year...before having a blind taste test.  The children volunteered to have a blindfold put on, before tasting various food items and trying to distinguish what they were from taste alone.  There were some very funny faces pulled, especially if you were unlucky enough to taste the lemon or raw onion.  

Soon after, the servery was laden with steaming hot vegetables and the most succulent meats (pork, gammon, beef and turkey) were ready for the children to enjoy - The children lined up, plates at the ready, to receive a small portion of every veg on offer (that was the deal - try a little of everything) you'd be surprised how many children said 'I didn't think I liked those!' then moving on, they had a choice of meat (all if they wanted), topped off with the famous Toby Yorkshire pudding and gravy...yum yum!

The staff enjoyed a wholesome lunch too, before all returning to school for the afternoon.  Well done Jaguars for such a lovely morning and enormous thanks to the Toby Carvery for allowing us to take over your restaurant this morning.


7th February 2017 - 'G'day, Snags, Tinnies and Fairy Bread'

Must be an Australian Barby...

Ok, perhaps the weather wasn't typically Australian, more a case of typically English, but that didn't dampen the spirits of our Outdoor Learners!  Fully equipped in plenty of layers and then waterproof trousers and waterproof jackets over their coats, our intrepid explorers ventured into the damp, mysterious depths of the copse!  

Their first mission, if they chose to except it, was to find dry kindling...not an easy task on such a soggy morning.  But, find it they did - under the tree house and bridge came small dry pieces of wood.  With the help of a fruit crate found in the copse, some tiny twigs and cotton wool, our tinder was set.  

Some children attempted to light the fire using the flint and steel (several managed to produce sparks) but it was Mrs Amos' swift strike (the adults enjoy this just as much as the children) that sent sparks onto the cotton wool and soon our tinder was alight.  The small sticks and twigs (kindling) soon caught alight and the children then searched for larger pieces of dry wood.  Once a good fire was established, the sausages were placed over the fire to cook.

The children explored the copse continuing to look for dry wood to burn, playing in the dens made previously or just enjoying being outside.  It's great just to stand back and watch them, just being children; experiencing the drizzle from high above the trees, dropping on their faces as they lay on the ground.  Muddy hands, muddy faces, laughter, chatting and enjoyment, being free...A shrill whistle pierced the air and the children returned to the log circle, ready to try snags (Australian slang for sausages wrapped in a slice of bread) washed down with a tinny (milk or milkshake) then an Australian treat of fairy bread (a real winner)

6th February 2017 - Tag Rugby

Our year 5/6 Rugby Team, JJ, Callum, Ashley, Caiden, Josh, Lucie-Ann, Talia and Stevie played against Lyons Hall today in the Tag Rugby Tournament.  Unfortunately Great Bradfords were unable to attend leaving just the two teams to play.  It was decided the game would be played over 4 x 5 minute quarters.  

Lyons hall took an early lead scoring 2 tries straight away.  They have been fortunate enough to have James Daroch coaching them throughout the year.  Beckers Green however, dug deep and with encouragement from the sideline, started to attack in pairs.  Great backing up produced their first try.  They continued in this manner throughout the game, never letting their heads go down if Lyons Hall scored.  JJ (captain) got them in a defensive line and they tried to stop the attack.

As they went into the last quarter, the score was: Lyons Hall 7 - Beckers Green 5.  Both teams played really well, great passing, attacking and defending and played in the most sportsmanlike way.  Both teams should be congratulated.  The final score was Lyons Hall 8 - Beckers Green 7.

3rd February 2017 - Gorillas Swimming

2nd February 2017 - Trampolining

After their brilliant session a fortnight ago, the children were very keen to go trampolining again today at Alec Hunter. A quick recap on the skills taught last week saw tuck jumps, straddle jumps and seat drops.  The children then progressed onto front drops.  A tricky skill to master was bouncing on hands and knees, with both leaving the trampoline bed at the same time! After several successful attempts on hands and knees, the children moved on to front dropping from standing, onto a landing mat placed on the trampoline bed.  For those that were ready, the landing mat was then removed, the children bounced as normal and then, when  counted in 3...2...1, performed a front drop, as the landing mat was pushed onto the trampoline bed for them to land on.  Mr Lawn (Headteacher of Alec Hunter) came to see what the children had been doing and was most impressed with what he saw.  Well done to all involved.  Mrs Darch, in the school office, has more information regarding a local trampolining club, if any of the children are interested.

26th January 2017 - Primary Panathlon, New Rickstones Witham

This was a new event for us to attend today.  8 children went to Rickstones School in Witham to try their hand at a variety of different activities.  These included - Boccia Blast, Kurling, parachute popcorn, football challenge, beanbag throw, target throw and a golfing activity.  4 schools entered teams and all the children and staff involved seemed to have a great time.  The activities were timed and points scored.  The totals were was very close between all 4 schools.  The results were: 1st Beckers Green, 2nd Holy Family, 3rd Howbridge, 4th Lyons Hall.  All participants received a medal and Beckers Green proudly took home a trophy and framed certificate.  Well done Holly, Liam, Zak, Daniel, Paris, Vural, Christopher and Connor.

24th January 2017 - NAK Ramsey Academy

3 Teams represented Beckers Green at the New Age Kurling Level 2 final: Vural, Alexis, Chenai, Aman (A), Ryan, Liam, Courtney, Lilly-Marie (B), Alfie, Jessica, Kai, Jasmyn (C) competed against teams from St Andrews Great Yeldham, Richard De Clare and Great Bradfords.  The games were very close, with some great shots being played to knock the oppositions stones from the target!  

The scores were announced and Beckers Green took the top 3 spots, with one of Great Yeldham's teams coming in 4th place.  There appeared to be an error with a result being reversed for one of the initial games played between Beckers and Great Yeldham, meaning that the 2 schools should have played off for 1st and 2nd position.  The children agreed that this was indeed correct but the organisers decided the results would stand, however we are pleased to say that they also decided Beckers Green's winning team and Great Yeldham's team should both go through to the County Final in February at Basildon Sporting Village.  This was a great afternoon and a very fair result.  The best of luck to both teams, let's hope one of us can bring the county title back home to this region!

20th January 2017 - Daily Golden Mile

During a crisp lunchtime, glance across the playground and what will you see?  

All the children out walking their Daily Golden Mile.  

Today, we were joined by Mrs Smith from Cressing Primary School, who came to see how Beckers Green run the Daily Golden Mile. Mrs Smith joined in laps, chatting with the children and enjoying the music that rang out across the playground.  We are hoping more Cressing Primary School staff may join us during a lunchtime to see how the Golden Mile may work in their school too!

19th January 2017 - Trampolining

Ruby-May, Bianka, Emily, Bryony, Tyler, Alex, Archie and Levi were invited to try trampolining at Alec Hunter Academy.  Miss Jones (Alec Hunter PE Teacher) was so impressed with both the behaviour and ability of all of you today, progressing much further than she had anticipated. Skills taught were: Tuck, straddle, seat drop, half twist and full twist.  Miss Jones is looking forward to seeing you again in a fortnight.  Well done! 

18th January 2017 - Sportshall Athletics

Miss Patterson and Mr Cooper accompanied Myself and 18 children to Maltings Academy Witham today, to participate in a Sportshall Athletics competition. Beckers Green, Lyons Hall, Notley Green and St Michaels Primary schools all took part.  9 boys and 9 girls had two field and two track events to compete in each.  Field events such as:  Javelin, Speed Bounce, SLT, STJ, Chest Push and Vertical Jump; Track events: 1+1 lap relay, 2+2 lap relay, obstacle relay, over/under relay and 6 lap parlauf.  The team had a great afternoon, with one of the loudest races being the boys 6 lap parlauf, where Harry and Caiden decided they were going to run 3 laps each with just 1 baton change - they were the only pair that decided to run the parlauf in this manner and it certainly seemed to pay off as they sprinted home with a win - I bet 3 lengths of that sportshall never felt so far boys!  A massive well done team for your performance today and your behaviour whilst waiting for transport to return you home.  We await the results, once they have been collated by the organiser.

13th January 2017 - Clubs

Club places have now been finalised and you should have received notification if you have been accepted onto your chosen club(s) or placed on the waiting list.  Clubs start this Monday, week commencing 16.01.2017.  Please ensure you have the correct kit for your club and have downloaded the School Gateway App as this is how club information will be forwarded.

  • It is advisable if you are attending an outdoor club (eg. Netball, Tennis etc) you have sufficient layers of clothing to keep you warm and trainers (not astros) are advisable for playground based activities.  
  • All football clubs will require football boots and shinpads, alternative clothing to your normal PE kit is preferable as you may get wet/muddy.
  • Tag Rugby will require football boots and alternative kit to your normal PE kit, with layers to keep warm.
  • Bootcamp will require trainers (unless rescheduled indoors due to weather when plimsolls will be required) and suitable clothing to keep you warm whilst tackling Mrs Edwards course!
  • Yong Gi Do - normal indoor PE Kit can be worn with plimsolls.  The activity will take place in bare feet but plimsolls will be required to walk to and from the hall and also in case of the activation of the fire alarm.  Please note: Children must change before going home and leave their PE kit in school.

We hope you enjoy your afterschool clubs, any questions please come and ask either Miss Brown or Mrs Edwards.

12th January 2017 - PE Kit 

PE kit reminder - we still have some children that have not returned their PE kit to school after the Christmas break.  Your indoor kit - short sleeved T shirt, black shorts and plimsolls need to be in school at all times.  An additional tracksuit (to wear over your PE kit) and trainers are advised for your outdoor PE lessons whilst the weather is colder (especially if you are doing cross country - you are running on a variety of different surfaces - plimsolls are not really suitable)

12th January 2017 - County Boccia Finals

Congratulations to our County boccia finalists today.  The team travelled to Harlow with Great Yeldham's team for a fun-packed morning of Boccia.  Church Langley's sports leaders were officiating the event and they should be praised for their hard work and encouragement.  Beckers took the first game to 'find their feet' but once in their stride, played some great Boccia shots.  After winning 2 games and losing 1, they made it through to play off for 5th and 6th place.  After winning 1 end and losing 1 end it came down to the tie breaker, but Beckers battled hard and won 2 games to 1.  Well done to Westborough for being crowned County Champions.  Great Yeldham finished in 4th place and Beckers a respectable 5th place.  Well done Chenai, Liam and Holly.

6th January 2017

Staff from Lyons Hall Primary School joined us at lunchtime today to see how the Daily Golden Mile is run at Beckers Green.  They joined the lunchtime staff and children as they walked their laps.  They were then shown how the information is collated and entered onto the computer to record and generate mileage certificates.  They were impressed with how well the children engaged in this and commented on how lovely it was to see the older children chatting to the younger children as they walked the course.  Well done all of you!

They were also interested to hear about our weekly fitness assembly and wondered whether they could implement something similar at their school.  Hopefully Lyons Hall will get their Golden Mile up and running and perhaps we can set up a challenge with them.

6th January 2017

Please note there has been an amendment to the club timetable which was posted online yesterday.  We are pleased to say Yong Gi Do martial arts are running a club after school on a Thursday in the Hall for KS2 children.  

Please be aware that KS2 clubs are years 3,4,5 & 6 only; KS1 Clubs are years 1 & 2 only.

6th January 2017 

Congratulations go to the Jaguars class for receiving the most PE Awards last term for having their correct PE kit in school.  They will be visiting the Toby Carvery shortly to participate in Chef's School.

5th January 2017

Spring Club Timetable and letter are now available to view on the website.  Club applications will open at 9:00am tomorrow morning (Friday 6th Jan)  Please submit your application online.

5th January 2017 

Mrs Edwards and Miss Brown would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year.  January 2017 looks to be a very busy month, with lots of sporting events in the pipeline.  

21st December 2016 - Mrs Edwards and Miss Brown would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a massive thank you for all our lovely gifts we have received...we have been thoroughly spoiled!

21st December 2016 -  4149.88 miles! WOW WOW WOW!!!! Not only did you reach Lapland you made it back home again your winter wishes have been delivered.  Hopefully Santa is having a jolly good read of them, while he gets ready for his very own special journey in a few nights time.

13th December 2016 - LAPLAND REACHED! 1918.5 miles, let's see if we can walk back again.  Well done everyone!!

12th December 2016 - Visit from Brian Shaw

Brian Shaw (Active Essex) came into school this morning to join us in our sports assembly.  The children were wrapped up well as they headed out onto the playground for our weekly outdoor assembly.  Brian very kindly presented the School of the Year certificate and Award to Miss Brown and Mrs Edwards and congratulated all present on this fantastic achievement.  Brian then had the pleasure in participating in our Daily Golden Mile, walking to Lapland, whilst chatting to the children about PE in our school.  

9th December 2016 - LAPLAND MILEAGE: 1597.3 MILES

8th December 2016 - KS1 Active Mark Award

Alexander and Logan accompanied Miss Brown and Mrs Edwards to County Hall Chelmsford this afternoon for the KS1 Essex Active Mark Awards ceremony.  They were very proud to be called up in front of several other schools and presented with the trophy and certificate.  

7th December 2016 - Active Essex Awards Evening



This evening saw Mrs Edwards, Miss Brown and Mr Butler attend the Active Essex Awards at Chelmsford City Racecourse.  After a short delay in proceedings (due to an accident) the evening got underway and short-listed nominees were called up on stage to receive various sporting awards.

School or College of the Year 2016 was announced and the three of us made our way on stage.  We were up against Anglia Ruskin University and Woodlands Secondary School, Basildon.  Each nominee had a summary of their sporting achievements throughout the year and photos showing various activities.  Nick Alliker (BBC Essex Broadcaster) announced...and the winner of School or College of the Year 2016 goes to... Beckers Green Primary School!  We were all absolutely amazed and thrilled to bits (as you can see by our reaction on Active Essex website).  A massive thank you has to go to all staff involved in the delivery of clubs, our bosses (who let us do what we love), all you parents that support your children in anything sporty and most of all, our pupils who are willing to give anything a go.  This award is for you all! Congratulations Beckers Green.


6th December 2016 - LAPLAND MILEAGE: 796.36 MILES

6th December 2016 - KS1 Tennis Festival

Maddison, Indiana, Mione, Rosie, Oscar, Harley, Andrew, Maisie, Heather, Maxwell and Chloe travelled to Ramsey Academy Halstead to participate in a tennis festival.  The festival was run by Rachel Jeffs (SGO) who is taking over from Howard Nicholls (who sadly leaves us after Christmas).  Rachel and the students from Ramsey had organised some tennis based activities for the children to try their hand at; from activities promoting light footwork to forehand and backhand shots over a net.  For many children, this was their first sporting event outside of school.  All were superbly behaved and certainly looked liked they enjoyed themselves (especially by the singing on the minibus on the way home!)

29th November 2016 - Basketball Level 2 Final

Bradley, Alfred, Ben, Caiden, Ashley, JJ, Lexi, Lucie-Anne, Stevie and Harry attended the basketball event at Maltings Academy Witham.  The team were split into two groups of five, one group playing the first half of the match and the other group playing the second.  The team worked well together with lots of baskets being scored.  The overall results were: 1st Lyons hall, 2nd St Andrews Gt Yeldham (A), 3rd Beckers Green, 4th Holy Family and 5th St Andrews Gt Yeldham (B).

25th November 2016 - Boccia Level 2 Competition

Success at Boccia!  Well done to all pupils that made up the three Boccia teams that went to Ramsey today. Liam, Holly, Chenai, Aman, Alfie, Ryan, Vural, Jessica and Courtney played some great games throughout the afternoon and a very close fought match in the final ensured that Beckers Green came away with the title.  We wish Liam, Holly and Chenai the very best of luck at the County Finals in January 2017.

1st December 2016 - 'Winter Wish' launch.  The children received a letter from Santa inviting them to send their 'Winter Wishes' to him at his Lapland residence this year.  Rudolph had calculated it was exactly 1918.5 miles from Braintree to Lapland and Santa was looking forward to receiving the wishes before the children break up for Christmas.


21st November 2016 - Dodgeball Assembly

Peter Winger joined us today for us sports assembly.  Peter is from Winger Sports Academy which is a local dodgeball club.  Several of the children showed an interest in wanting to play dodgeball outside of school.  Please follow the link to Winger Sports Academy on 'sporting club links' to access further information regarding this club.

Please note: Peter has emailed to say he has had several children attend the club since the assembly and was really chuffed that so much interest was shown.

18th November 2016 - Girls Football Tournament

18th November 2016 - Hippos Swimming

15th November 2016 - Outdoor Learning 

The Elephants class have been investigating their different senses.  This week they were using their sense of smell.  To link with their topic work this week (Ireland) the children had to create a Leprechaun potion using natures materials.  The children found all sorts: lavender, rosemary, thyme, fennel, acorns and plums were some of the more exotic items, alongside leaves, grass, mud and carrots! After releasing the aromas (by smashing items with a stick) they added water and stirred their concoction and left to infuse, whilst thinking up a suitable name and adding a label to their potion.

The children were then given a tarpaulin, bungee cords and rope to build a Leprechaun den.  They had to make the den large enough to accommodate the whole group that were working on it inside and make it to withstand the rain.  They sprinkled their Leprechaun potion around their den and then huddled inside.  The pitter patter of rain sounded as it trickled down the successful dens, others got a little damp as their den didn't quite hold up to the elements.  

11th November 2016 

Well done Iguanas for completing your course of swimming.  You have been amazing with some great achievements.  The look on your children's faces when they realise they can swim from one side of the pool to the other is just magical.  The confidence that has been gained, from a child that had never been swimming, to one that would attempt getting in the big pool for the very first time, swimming the width and then attempting a length and getting out of the pool with the biggest smile across their face, is the reason we love doing this job! Thank you to all the staff that assist with swimming, you really do teach our children a skill that could one day save their life!

11th November 2016 - Boccia Festival

Three Boccia teams went to Ramsey Academy today to participate in a fun filled festival of Boccia.  Well done to: Alfie, Chenai, Aman, Courtney, Jessica, Holly, Ryan, Vural and Liam.  We look forward to our Boccia teams representing us in a fortnight at the Level 2 Boccia Tournament.

4th November2016 - Active Essex School or College of the Year 2016

We were so excited today to find out that we have been nominated and then shortlisted for the Active Essex School or College of the Year 2016.  The Awards Ceremony takes place on Wednesday 7th December 2016 at Chelmsford City racecourse and will be streamed live that evening. (No shorts allowed!)

We are very fortunate that our children are prepared to 'give anything a go' - we offer a wide range of sporting opportunities to all, both through the curriculum and out of school hours activities - from Boccia, New Age Kurling, Orienteering, Gymnastics, Volleyball to BMXing, Fencing, Bootcamp, Archery, Ballroom Dancing and many many more, delivered by a great team at Beckers Green including Miss Cowell, Mrs Lloyd, Mrs Brett, Mr Butler, Mrs Tayler, Miss Patterson, Miss Forman, Mrs Amos and many others.

If you nominated us for this fantastic award, then we would personally like to thank you - we really do appreciate it! - Let's hope we do you proud! Miss Brown and Mrs Edwards


1st November 2016 - Dodgeball

6 Teams competed in the Level 2 Dodgeball competition at Ramsey Academy.  The children absolutely love this sport. 3 x 2 minute ends make up a game in this furious, fun-packed activity.  The aim of the game is to get your opponent out by striking them with a dodgeball anywhere on their body, below their head. Agility, accuracy and the ability to get into some very strange positions to dodge the balls are essential for this sport.  Teams are made up of 6 players (at least 2 must be girls) from a squad of 10 players.  Beckers Green Team: Lexi, Poppy, Kelsie, Lucie-Anne, Bradley, Ashley, Alfred, Ben, Luke and Callum - Well done to all of you for a great afternoon.  Results: 1st Place St Andrews Halstead, 2nd Place St Andrews Great Yeldham, 3rd Place Beckers Green, 4th Place St Michaels, 5th Place Lyons Hall, 6th Place St Andrews Great Yeldham.

Welcome back after half term.  We still have some children who do not have their PE kit in school.  Please ensure your PE kit is in school at all times.  

Indoor kit: White T shirt, Black shorts and plimsolls.  

Outdoor kit: As above but with the option of additional tracksuit, especially as the weather turns colder and trainers.

19th & 21st October 2016 - Bikeability Group 2

Congratulations to all pupils that passed their Bikeability levels 1 and 2.  

Please do not forget that to bring your bicycles into school you must have passed your Bikeability level 2, wear your cycle helmet and a hi-viz jacket whilst riding your bike, bring a lock to secure your bike and get your parent to sign a permission to cycle to school form.

17th & 18th October 2016 - Bikeability Group 1 

14th October 2016 - New Age Kurling (NAK) 2 Teams

Well done to our two NAK teams that participated in the festival today.  

13th October 2106 - Jaguars

Well done Jaguars you are in the lead at the moment with your PE rewards.

11th October 2016 - Year 3/4 Mini Red Tennis Festival

8 children (4 boys, 4 girls) travelled to Ramsey Academy to participate in a mini red tennis festival.  The children had a great afternoon trying their hand at different skills before having matches against other schools. Thanks to Ash and Hayden (tennis coaches) who joined us for the afternoon, they were certainly impressed with how well you played. The tennis club is really making an impact!

10th October 2016 - Level 1 Football Tournament - Unfortunately didn't attend.

Active Essex Daily Mile 

Active Essex have launched their Daily Mile - encouraging all schools across Essex to complete a mile a day. Obviously we have been walking a mile a day for a long time now, in conjunction with the Golden Mile.  We will however pass this data onto Active Essex to ensure it is known that Beckers Green are 'miles ahead' when it comes to this initiative and hopefully be in with a chance of winning some sporty prizes for the school.

Don't forget your Travel Card - we haven't seen many lately.  If you require a new one - please ask at the PE office.

8th September 2016 - Club Letter

We are pleased to say the Autumn Clubs letter and timetable are now available online.  Please click on Parents tab, school clubs, Club Documents for timetable and letter, then return to School Clubs tab, Clubs Form to complete online application. Please note one form to be used per child for as many clubs as they wish to attend.  Do not forget to submit your form.  During next week the club registers will be sorted and you will know by Friday 16th whether your child has a place on the club you have applied for. As stated in the club letter, all names are placed in a hat and drawn out to fill places.  A waiting list will be formed in the same manner.

6th September 2016 - Club Timetable

Miss Brown and Mrs Edwards are working hard on the club timetable, we hope to (with a little help from Mr Cooper) have it on the website for you very shortly.

Outdoor Learning

Today saw the start of our Outdoor learning for Antelopes, Bears and Dolphins classes.  All the classes were using their senses today, focusing mainly on the sense of sight.  After our initial activity of being colour detectives, the sense of sight was taken away.  The children were in pairs, one blind folded.  The children explored the copse in this manner using their other senses to try to find their way around, the partner that could see was there to steer the children away from any dangerous objects (like large  oak trees etc.) Entwining the trees was a very long rope which the children had to follow their way along (also blindfolded) finding their way from one end to the other. 

The Dolphins class this morning, had time to try making their own woodland perfume.  Lovely fragrances filled their nostrils, as they mash up leaves, twigs stick and acorns and then stirred them around with a wooden stick.  The fragrances were left to 'ferment' whilst the children went off exploring.On returning the children had to name their perfume before sprinkling around the copse for the wildlife to enjoy! One perfect perfume name that was suggested...MUD! 

Golden Mile

After our mammoth walk to actual fact we managed to walk from Braintree to Rio, back to Braintree and then back to Rio again (over 20,000 miles) we were amazed to find out that,out of all the schools in the UK that participate in the Golden Mile, Beckers Green had come 2nd place throughout the whole year for the most miles walked per pupil (average)  That is a truly amazing achievement and just shows how our daily mile really does add up!

School Games Gold Kitemark

At the very end of last term, whilst Miss Brown was at Mersea, Mrs Edwards completed the kitemark application.  This is an annual award that we have achieved over the last few years, receiving 1 x bronze award (2012-2013), 1 x bronze award (2013-2014), 1 x silver award (2014-2015) and 1 x gold award (2015-2016).  We are extremely proud to get this kitemark ,it shows just how much our school puts into our sports and how many events and opportunities the children have to participate and compete in a wide variety of different events.  We look forward to receiving our pennant and plaque and these will take pride of place on display.

5th September 2016 

Miss Brown and Mrs Edwards would like to welcome you back to the start of a new school year.

It's lovely to see so many of you remembering to bring in your PE kits on the first day.  A quick reminder that your kit should be in school at all times consisting of: White T shirt, black shorts and plimsolls.

Trainers and tracksuit are additional items to those listed above that you may like to have to wear for outdoor PE when the weather becomes cooler.  All jewellery must be removed including earrings.