Sports News-4

13th September 2017 - Kit reminder

Welcome back after the Summer break. It is lovely to see lots of new faces in the Antelopes and Bears classes and we hope you enjoy your PE and Outdoor Learning lessons with us.  Just a quick reminder about PE kits.

Kits consist of:

(Indoor PE) White short sleeved T shirt, Black shorts (Not skorts) and plimsolls. 

(Outdoor PE) White short sleeved T shirt, Black shorts and Trainers, tracksuit/joggers/sweatshirt for colder weather. 

(Outdoor Learning) Old clothes, long sleeves and long trousers, plenty of layers, wellies and a waterproof coat/trousers, anything you don't mind getting grubby/muddy/soggy! Hat, scarf and gloves when the weather turns colder.

Hair must be tied up for PE and Outdoor learning and earrings removed.


6th & 7th September 2017 - Bikeability

12 children took part in the Bikeability course this week.  The course consists of Level 1 and Level 2.  The children are shown how to adjust their helmets and wear them correctly, how to check their bikes each time they ride them and they are taught how to control their bikes through various activities within the playground setting including starting, stopping, turning, signalling, checking etc. The children are continually assessed by the instructors.  If the relevant elements are achieved the rider gains Level 1 and if deemed safe to do so, progresses to level 2 training on the road. At Beckers Green, if level 2 is passed the children are allowed to then ride their bikes to school (with parental permission) so the instructors felt it was important that the busy junction at the end of Beckers Green Road/Cressing Road should be addressed.  The children spent the morning and afternoon of the second day practising right and left turns in and out of this junction.  It was clear they need to have their wits about them.  It was interesting listening to the children commenting on how some car drivers were speeding, others were on their phones and some just not having a thought for other road users.  I think the children now realise how important wearing a hi-viz jacket and helmet are! Congratulations, eight children passed their level 1 and two children received their level 2.


September 2017 - BMX National Event

The PE department was very busy at the end of last term, with Miss Brown at Mersea and Mrs Edwards covering transition week, so apologies the PE news wasn't up to date in the last few weeks. 

It was however a very exciting time and one, some of our children, parents and staff will remember for a long time to come...Our BMX club, that had been riding round the playground each week, had been asked to open the BMX National Event.  Julian Allen aka Jools (Head BMX Coach) had a dream...that our children would open this massive event.  The children had enjoyed the club so much at school, he asked them if they would be interested.  I bet you can imagine the reply!  So one evening after school we piled on the minibus and went for our one and only practise on the course before the big day.  Fully kitted up the riders took to the track and after some intense tuition from Jools they made their way around the Deanery Hill Track.  All riders safely round (except Miss Brown - who took a slight tumble) the riders and coach felt they were ready and we headed back home to await the National Event.  

Saturday morning arrived Miss Brown and Mrs Edwards met the riders and parents at the track and Jools went through some last minute reminders.  The venue looked fantastic, you cannot believe the BMX track can be transformed into a national arena to showcase Britain's best BMX talent.  The children lined up on the start gate - the first time they had actually seen the gate, this didn't seem to worry them at all.  Jools introduced the children to the crowds (approx. 700 riders and their families/coaches) who really welcomed us all into their sport and with a massive cheer the race was under way.  Our parents, nervous, but bursting with pride looked on, cheering each and everyone of our riders across the finish line.  The children were then lead to the winners podium to have their photos taken.  This was an amazing opportunity, it's not very often you get a chance to open a National Event and you certainly did yourselves and our school proud.  It was an honour to be there and see how far you'd all come.  A massive thank you to Jools, who had the dream and together we all made it happen.  Well done guys!