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23rd February 2108 - Gorillas start swimming

2nd February 2018 - Hippos finished swimming

31st January 2018 - Mini Hockey

Although the rain had stopped, it turned into a VERY chilly afternoon for playing hockey.  It didn't seem to bother the children one bit as they three played matches against Notley Green, John Bunyan and Gt Yeldham (Pool A).  Notley Green came through as winners of (Pool A) with Beckers Green going through to the semi final as runners up (Pool A) to play against Colne Engaine (Winners of Pool B)  This was a very close game and probably one of the best we'd played in all afternoon.  At the final whistle it was still a draw, so the teams started with a bully-off and play continued unitl the first team scored.  It was end to end stuff, with great play by both teams.  Three minutes later, Beckers Green found the back of the net to secure a place in the final against Notley Green.  

The game started and both teams tackled hard.  Notley Green put the ball in the back of the net early on, but Beckers Green held their nerve.  This paid off in the second half when Beckers hit the back of the net.  The final whistle blew and the score was 1-1.  The competition had already over run, so the result was declared a draw.  A great afternoon of hockey, well done, Bradley, Alfie, Caiden, Alfred, Tegan, Lexi, Kelsey and Paris.

30th January 2018 - KS1 Football skills

Ten KS1 children attended the football skills session this morning.  Approx 90 children took part in different football skills and agility sessions before playing some small sided games.  The children were really excited and for many of them it was their first time representing the school at an off-site sporting event.  The children were presented with individual certificates and a football to use at school - Andrew, Maxwell, Caiden, Rylee, Charlie, Isabella, Evangeline, Indiana,Chloe and Marlie

29th January 2018 - Badminton skills

Thank you so much to Lyons Hall for transporting us to Ramsey this afternoon, it was really appreciated.  Since this event had been previously postponed, due to the snow, we had missed the date for the next round, so instead of a competition the children had the chance of a skills session instead.  Not only did it cover badminton but also tennis and table tennis.  It was a great afternoon and the children all said they really enjoyed it.  Tennis certainly seemed to be the most talked about activity - although I really enjoyed the table tennis - testing my hand out against a robot which fired table tennis balls at me!

28th January 2018 - Trampolining

This was our final session of Trampolining with the nuture group.  You have all worked extremely hard at mastering your new found skills.  Congratulations for performing your little routines in front of Mr Lawn (Headteacher Alec Hunter Academy) who was most impressed.  Some fantastic seat drops, half twists and tuck/star jumps.  Well done!

25th January 2018 - Outdoor Learning

Please can I just remind Antelopes, Bears and Crocodiles to bring your old clothes, coats and wellies for your weekly Outdoor Learning Sessions.  With Antelopes and Bears out at the same time, I don't have enough waterproofs for everyone and although I have limited spare wellies - the children all seem to have the same sized feet!  

We had such a great time this week with the Crocodiles.  Kai and William saw an animal - not just any animal - the children were so excited - the description went from a ' blue cat', 'crocodile' to a 'dinosaur', but Kai and William soon put that right - No Miss Brown! It was orangey/brown, looked like a small deer, without any horns or spots and it ran along the ditch - (any ideas?) That was it, we were on a hunt to find out what the animal was.  Earlier in the week Mr Cooper and Miss Brown had been in the copse, sorting out the debris after the storm and Miss Brown had come across several large piles of animal poo.  So the children went on a poo hunt - easy you'd think - but lots of leaves and branches had fallen and the ground was very soggy.  Undeterred the children followed clues of the animals whereabouts, discovering a small, well disguised tunnel, where they think the animal may have gone.  Eureka! poo found, a bit like rabbit poo but more elongated (Tic Tac shaped) dark brown/black and glossy and lots of it!- Miss Thorogood took a photo of it and when the children got back to class the search was on.  Sure enough with the great description from the boys and the poo evidence, we found out we have a muntjac deer visiting our copse.  The children were so excited

19th January 2018 - Basketball County Final

Well done to the basketball squad for getting into school so early this morning - especially on such a cold and wintry day!  We travelled to Harlow for the Basketball County final.  13 schools had qualified out of the thousands of primary schools across Essex.  We played our first game (I'm not too sure if we knew what had hit us!)  We have and always will play respectfully against other teams - but we needed to toughen up! I'm not sure any of us knew how physical Primary Basketball could get.  The children, as always, showed resilience and perseverance , continuing to battle and despite not reaching the 'super 8's' continued with the ranking games.  Starting as rank 11 and finishing rank 9. Congratulations on a hard but enjoyable day. You so deserved your treat!

15th January 2018 - Spring Clubs Start (Football club will not start this week as we have an event on Wednesday and will not be back to school in time)*Please note, due to lots of events scheduled for a Wednesday, football club has now moved to a Friday afterschool*

12th January 2018 - Dodgeball County Final - Benfleet

The dodgeball team travelled to Thundersley, Benfleet for the county final.  We were drawn in pool 2 with a further three schools.  In total 12 schools participated in this event.  Beckers Green played really well all day, finishing as runners up in their group.  This enabled them to progress through to the super 8's competition.  Although they continued to play well, they were unlucky not to progress to the semi final rounds.  Due to time and the journey home, we were unable to stay to watch the final, so unfortunately don't know which school won or where we exactly finished, but we think it was probably 6th or 7th.  Hopefully we will be sent the final results.  Well done to all who played.

2nd Janaury 2018

Welcome back after the Christmas break, we look forward to another sports packed year - 2018.  Please could everyone have their correct PE kit back in school this week - thank you.  We would like to welcome Miss Phillips to our PE team and hope she enjoys her new role.

20th December 2017

The PE Department would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

13th December 2017 - Table Cricket

Cancelled due to the snow.

Clubs finish:  week beginning 11th December 2017

11th December 2017 - Year 5/6 Badminton

Unfortunately due to snowy weather conditions today, this event has been postponed until after Christmas.

7th December 2017 - Primary Panathlon

Yesterday saw Miss Brown and Mrs Lloyd accompany a team of eight children to the Primary Panathlon.  This event was held at Columbus School in Chelmsford and was sponsored by The Woodland Group.  Ten schools, both mainstream and special schools, took part in a range of indoor activities.  Some of the activities the children had tried before (kurling, target throw, boccia blast etc)  others were entirely new (table cricket.) The children had a whale of a time and were definitely one of the most enthusiastic groups there. Beckers were the light green team and the children were thrilled to be able to keep their T shirts as a souvenir.  Their teamwork really showed on the 'popcorn challenge' - coloured balls are tipped on a parachute, the team have to shake the parachute until all the balls are on the floor, they then have to run and collect the balls and put them in the correct coloured containers whilst being timed. Beckers had the quickest time of the day.  Vural's accuracy on Boccia blast was outstanding.  The girls showed their football skills on the soccer challenge and Breydon led the team to collect their medals and trophy after coming in 1st place.  Congratulations - Breydon, Vural, Kai, Logan, Holly, Jessica, Courtney and Katie.  Thanks to Ramsey Academy for allowing us to use your minibus for the day.

5th December 2017 - Dodgeball Ramsey Academy

Two of our dodgeball teams travelled to Ramsey Academy to participate in this very popular event. Eleven teams in total took part, split into two 'pools'. We had a team in each 'pool' - both played amazingly well.  Harvey, Detroy, Cody, James, Leah and Kayla (Bees) played five other teams throughout the afternoon, they were unlucky not to make it through to the semi final round.  Harry, Bradley, Alfred, Josh, Paris and Lexi won all their games putting them through as winners from the rounds, they were then drawn against John Bunyan in the Semi Final.  This was a close game, Beckers won the 1st, drew the 2nd and won the 3rd, putting them in the final against St Andrews Bulmer.  Another great game with Beckers winning the 1st and 2nd games to become the overall winners. I would like to congratulate you all for your sportsmanship today - win, lose or draw.  We now look forward to the County Final in January 2018.

30th November 2017 - Trampolining

Another fantastic session of trampolining today.  After a quick recap on skills from the last session, the children moved onto attempting seat drops without the landing mat.  All attempted this move and were successful, with a few moving onto 1/2 turn seat drop.  Definitely some future trampoline stars in the making.  A massive thank you to Miss Jones for organising this activity and being so encouraging. 

30th November - Dolphins Outdoor Learning

It is forecast to be cold on Thursday, so please send your children dressed appropriately for Outdoor Learning.  Old clothes, long sleeves and trousers, plenty of layers to keep warm and a warm waterproof coat, wellies, hat and gloves would be a very good idea.  It's much easier to take a layer off if you get too warm but incredibly hard to get warm once you are cold.  If the weather allows, we hope to have a campfire  (if the children can find the materials and get it alight) and hopefully have a warming hot chocolate too.

29th November 2017 - Basketball Ramsey Academy

What a fantastic performance today from our Basketball squad - Caiden, Bradley, Alfred, Josh, Cody, Harry, Lexi, Kelsey, Paris and Poppy played as two groups of five, one playing the first half of a game and the other five the second half.  Our first game was against St Andrews Gt Yeldham, a close game - Beckers won 10-6.  Next game was against Lyons Hall, Lexi was on top form with her shooting and Beckers won 14-4.  Our third game was against John Bunyan, who were definitely more physical opposition, again we played well and won 8-0.  Our last game was against St Andrews Halstead, a low scoring game, scoring just 2 points each, resulting in a draw.  Beckers got to enjoy a well deserved rest as the last match was played and the scores were announced. St Andrews Great Yeldham 5th, John Bunyan 4th, St Andrews Halstead 3rd, Lyons Hall 2nd, Beckers Green 1st and through to the County Final in the New Year.  Well done to all of you, you displayed amazing teamwork and resilience!

24th November 2017 - Hippos start swimming

23rd November 2017 - Trampolining

Our Nuture Class had the opportunity of trying something new this afternoon - Trampolining.  This is obviously a sport we cannot offer in our school...1)We don't have a trampoline, 2)We don't have the ceiling height.  Miss Jones from Alec Hunter works closely with our school and offered us the chance to go to Alec Hunter for two trampolining sessions.  The children were so excited!  We arrived at Alec and went through to the gymnasium.  The trampoline was huge and very springy!  The children first mastered the art of bouncing up and down on the red cross, before attempting 1/2 turns, full turns and finishing with seat drops.  The children worked so hard, we had a few tired legs on the walk back to school, but all are looking forward to our next session.

We still have several children that do not have plimsolls for their indoor PE lessons.  Please check your PE kits and replace any missing/outgrown items - thank you.

21st November 2017 - New Age Kurling

Our New Age Kurling (NAK) team participated in the level 2 final at Ramsey Academy today.  Holly, Vural, Courtney and Kai won their round to go through to the semi final.  They also won this game to go against White Notley in the final.  It was a very close game with both schools winning one end each.  The third and final end came down to the last stone played, with Beckers Green winning by 1 point.  We now look forward to the County Final at Basildon Sporting Village in February 2018.

13th November 2017 - Active Braintree Sports Awards

Last night Miss Brown and Mrs Edwards were invited to the Active Braintree Sports Awards at the college.  We were over the moon to have been nominated for the third consecutive year, an achievement in itself, but to be shortlisted for an award (out of 115 nominations) was amazing.  Thank you to all our wonderful parents that take the time to submit nominations each year, we really do appreciate it.  We were lucky enough to be shortlisted for three awards this year - School or College of the Year, Unsung Hero (Mrs E) and Lifetime Services (Miss B) and received a highly commended award in each category.  We received a framed certificate for each one that will be proudly displayed at reception.  We hope to spread a little bit of our passion for sport and keeping active to each and every child in our school, whether that's through being involved in a team sport, giving a new club a try, swimming, dancing, gymnastics, riding your bike, getting out in the fresh air with outdoor learning, splashing in puddles, climbing trees or joining us in the golden mile each day... we strongly believe there is something out their for everyone!

10th November 2017 - Iguanas finished swimming

Well done Iguanas and the additional swimmers, you have had a great attitude to swimming.  Nine weeks ago, some of you were really nervous about swimming, for some of you it was the first time in a swimming pool.  You have all made amazing progress, from being happy to get in the pool to swimming 25m or 50m in the main pool.  True determination and resilience was shown the week we arrived at the pool to find the learner pool closed and the option was, no swimming or have a go in the main pool.  Each and everyone of you got in that pool and had a go.  Well done swimmers!

7th November 2017 - Boccia

Mr Cooper and Miss Brown took six children to Ramsey for a Boccia tournament.  Holly, Kai and Logan made up Beckers Hornets and Vural, Courtney and Jamie made up the Bees team.  Both competed well, with some excellent shots from all players.  The Bees scored highly in their pool and just missed out on going through to the next round.  Well done to all of you.

2nd November 2017 - The Children's Health Project Session 2

Captain Kinetic, Mindset Warrior, Nutrition Ninja and Agent Lifestyle have made their first appearance on the PE board in the hall.  Gorillas are trialling Mindset Warriors lesson plans before these characters are spread school wide covering all aspects of Children's Health and Well Being.

31st October 2017 - Football Qualifier Alec Hunter

Tuesday saw our first football match of the year.  The boys played really well for their first match together, lead by  captain Alfred and supported by vice captain Josh.  There were some fantastic passes but unfortunately we struggled to get the ball in the back of the net.  We finished a very respectable third place after winning one game, drawing one game and losing one game. Great team play by all, well done Bradley for being our player of the tournament.

8th October 2017 -  The Children's Health Project Session 1

Miss Brown has been on the above course.  Keep your eyes open for four new characters that will appear in and around school covering all aspects of Children's Health and Well Being.  For further info please click on relevant maroon tab, under School Information, on the left of this page.

October 2017 - Elephants Outdoor Learning

Elephants have had a great time Outdoor Learning over this half term.  Their topic has been Michael Rosen, so the children have made their very own 'We're Going On A Bear Hunt' video.  During the last few weeks the children have made a cave (which the bear hides in) a stream, a snowstorm, MUD - thick oozy MUD! to name but a few.  We even went on a local visit to find some long wavy grass and got the chance to be super quiet and listen to the grasshoppers and crickets (Harley was a master at finding them) The mud kitchen, sensory path and rope swing were great hits with the children, as was the mud with Layla, Harley and Indiana.  After editing the vast amount of video footage taken, we have produced our own version of Michael Rosen's book which can be viewed on School Videos tab on the left of this page.  Please do take a look and see how much fun we have outdoors.

September 2017 - Kit reminder

Welcome back after the Summer break. It is lovely to see lots of new faces in the Antelopes and Bears classes and we hope you enjoy your PE and Outdoor Learning lessons with us.  Just a quick reminder about PE kits.

Kits consist of:

(Indoor PE) White short sleeved T shirt, Black shorts (Not skorts) and plimsolls. 

(Outdoor PE) White short sleeved T shirt, Black shorts and Trainers, tracksuit/joggers/sweatshirt for colder weather. 

(Outdoor Learning) Old clothes, long sleeves and long trousers, plenty of layers, wellies and a waterproof coat/trousers, anything you don't mind getting grubby/muddy/soggy! Hat, scarf and gloves when the weather turns colder.

Hair must be tied up for PE and Outdoor learning and earrings removed.


6th & 7th September 2017 - Bikeability

12 children took part in the Bikeability course this week.  The course consists of Level 1 and Level 2.  The children are shown how to adjust their helmets and wear them correctly, how to check their bikes each time they ride them and they are taught how to control their bikes through various activities within the playground setting including starting, stopping, turning, signalling, checking etc. The children are continually assessed by the instructors.  If the relevant elements are achieved the rider gains Level 1 and if deemed safe to do so, progresses to level 2 training on the road. At Beckers Green, if level 2 is passed the children are allowed to then ride their bikes to school (with parental permission) so the instructors felt it was important that the busy junction at the end of Beckers Green Road/Cressing Road should be addressed.  The children spent the morning and afternoon of the second day practising right and left turns in and out of this junction.  It was clear they need to have their wits about them.  It was interesting listening to the children commenting on how some car drivers were speeding, others were on their phones and some just not having a thought for other road users.  I think the children now realise how important wearing a hi-viz jacket and helmet are! Congratulations, eight children passed their level 1 and two children received their level 2.


September 2017 - BMX National Event

The PE department was very busy at the end of last term, with Miss Brown at Mersea and Mrs Edwards covering transition week, so apologies the PE news wasn't up to date in the last few weeks. 

It was however a very exciting time and one, some of our children, parents and staff will remember for a long time to come...Our BMX club, that had been riding round the playground each week, had been asked to open the BMX National Event.  Julian Allen aka Jools (Head BMX Coach) had a dream...that our children would open this massive event.  The children had enjoyed the club so much at school, he asked them if they would be interested.  I bet you can imagine the reply!  So one evening after school we piled on the minibus and went for our one and only practise on the course before the big day.  Fully kitted up the riders took to the track and after some intense tuition from Jools they made their way around the Deanery Hill Track.  All riders safely round (except Miss Brown - who took a slight tumble) the riders and coach felt they were ready and we headed back home to await the National Event.  

Saturday morning arrived Miss Brown and Mrs Edwards met the riders and parents at the track and Jools went through some last minute reminders.  The venue looked fantastic, you cannot believe the BMX track can be transformed into a national arena to showcase Britain's best BMX talent.  The children lined up on the start gate - the first time they had actually seen the gate, this didn't seem to worry them at all.  Jools introduced the children to the crowds (approx. 700 riders and their families/coaches) who really welcomed us all into their sport and with a massive cheer the race was under way.  Our parents, nervous, but bursting with pride looked on, cheering each and everyone of our riders across the finish line.  The children were then lead to the winners podium to have their photos taken.  This was an amazing opportunity, it's not very often you get a chance to open a National Event and you certainly did yourselves and our school proud.  It was an honour to be there and see how far you'd all come.  A massive thank you to Jools, who had the dream and together we all made it happen.  Well done guys!