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Anti-Bullying and other news

I hope you all received and read the letter sent last week on Anti-Bullying.  All classes will be watching the short film made by Dangerpoint this week and carrying out further activities on understanding what bullying is, knowing how to respond, who could help if a child is experiencing bullying and the importance of being kind to others.  

Year three received a visit this week from Mr Les Kemp, a retired headteacher who runs a Reading Project aimed at encouraging parents to read to their children.  The children had received a book a few weeks before his visit and parents had been asked to read the book to their children.  Mr Kemp came in to discuss the book and children were given rewards if they had completed the book.  The classes have now been given a second book and we hope they enjoy reading it at home.  Mr Kemp will be returning in January.  As a school we would encourage parents to read to their children throughout Primary school and develop a love of sharing books.  

Learning through topics continues this term, with some classes continuing on their topic from last term and others moving on to new subjects.  Key Stage 1 are highly engaged by their Great Fire of London topic and received a visit from the Fire Brigade to extend their learning on fire safety.  In Outdoor learning children in the Dolphins class created houses made from twigs to represent houses in Pudding Lane and these have now been turned into bird feeders!  

The festive season is fast approaching and I am looking forward to the many events which are planned.  We have our Foundation Stage Nativity, Carol Concert and Christmas fete all in the diary.  I look forward to seeing you at one or all of the events. 

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Healthy Packed Lunches

Welcome back! I hope you all had a relaxing half term. I have enjoyed catching up with many of the children this week and hearing about all the fun things they got up to.

Can I please remind you all about the expectations for those bringing in packed lunches. Any types of fizzy drink, sweets and large chocolate bars are not considered to be in line with our 'Healthy School' status. A fruit or vegetable option is also encouraged.

Look out for upcoming news from Miss Brown who is about to introduce our launch of 'The Children's Health Project' which we hope will enhance many areas of school life, including diet.

It has been good to see so many of you attending parents evening appointments this week and to receive positive comments about the school. If you did not get a chance to engage with your child's teacher then you may contact them this week to arrange an alternative time.

Both Mrs Smyth and I have an open door policy and if you do have anything further you wish to discuss, then please feel free to pop in or make an appointment through the school office.

We are all looking forward to a happy and successful half term.

Mrs Christian

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Exciting opportunity

Dear Parents 

We are looking for another Parent Governor to join our Governing Body as soon as possible.  Becoming a Governor commits you to attending on average two meetings a term, one late afternoon and one during the morning, to discuss various elements of school life and to ensure the school is being run effectively.  You will shortly be receiving an email with a form attached if you would like to apply for the position.  We have two parent governors currently, Mrs Quilter and Mrs Foster, I am sure they would be happy to have a chat with you if you are considering applying for the position.  We are a friendly bunch and we eat a lot of biscuits!! 

If we receive more than one application we will hold a vote, I look forward to receiving your applications. 

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Happy half term

Well done to everybody on a very successful half term.  The children have been working hard and producing some fantastic pieces of work.  I hope you will be equally impressed when you see their work during Parents' Evening on our first week back after half term.  On the first Thursday back we are having a Firework Safety Assembly to ensure children have all the information to keep safe in the next few weeks.   The week after that Key Stage One are working with the Fire Brigade to learn about The Great Fire of London.

Please look at our new film on the School Videos tab, Miss Brown and Mr Cooper worked hard to produce it, and it shows our children recreating the beautiful book, "We're going on a Bear Hunt."  It really is fantastic and reflects our aim to ensure children have exciting experiences at school to support their learning.   

Enjoy half term and we will see you back on Monday 30th November.

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Busy week ahead

After a busy start to the school year children have settled well into their new classes and are working hard.  Tonight at 5pm we have a meeting about the Year 6 Mersea trip, followed by a visit from Mr Lawn, Headteacher at Alec Hunter.  It may seem strange to be meeting about summer trips and high school so early in the year, but we like you to have all the information as soon as possible.  

On Friday morning the school is hosting a Macmillan Coffee Morning at 9.30 in the school hall.  It is a charity very close to all of our hearts at Beckers Green and we hope to see many of you there for a cup of tea or coffee and a slice of cake.  Mrs Di Paola has worked very hard sending home plates to all our families, hoping for cake donations to ensure we can raise as much money as possible. We have a tradition of selling cakes to all the children at break time once the adults have left and in past years this has been very successful.  We have also allowed non-uniform on Friday in the hope of raising further funds.

We will soon be creating a new film based on our Early Years provision and this will be available in a few weeks via the pod feed and the school videos tab on the front page of the website.  We hope you are enjoying the films that have been produced so far.  

Don't forget school photos on Thursday.

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Where has the Summer gone?

I can't actually believe that there is only one more weekend before the new term starts.  The school is looking wonderful as staff have worked hard over the Summer to make sure classrooms are ready to inspire learning.  Building work has taken place in our Foundation rooms to create an opening between the two rooms to allow for more space and increased activity opportunities.  

Hopefully the children are ready to return to school, I am looking forward to seeing them all.  I hope to see all children following the uniform code, dressed smartly and ready to learn.  

Last year the main priority for the school was improving our teaching of reading and developing the children's collaborative skills.  The introduction of reading skills lessons and further use of the Accelerated reader scheme had a positive impact on our end of Key stage data, with a further 30% of children passing the Year 6 Reading SATs paper.  This year our main emphasis will be on developing a clear and consistent approach to the teaching of writing at Beckers Green.  Our attainment and progress in writing is good, however we want to make sure we help children to develop a love of writing.  We are looking to create opportunities that allow children to write with real purpose about topics they are interested in and have experienced.  We shall also be focusing on developing our teaching of phonics to ensure that an increased number of children pass the phonics screening in Year 1.  

Some of you may have heard that Miss Patterson has relocated to London and will therefore not be returning to Beckers Green this term.  Miss Patterson has been an amazing Learning support assistant at Beckers for many years, supporting children with their learning and behaviour.  She formed strong, positive relationships with many children over the years, helping them to overcome their barriers to learning and she will be missed tremendously.  We wish her good luck in her new role in London and hope she comes back to visit us soon. 

Mrs Baverstock, our catering manager has also moved on to a new role and we would like to thank her for all her hard work over the last few years.  

Enjoy the weekend and I look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday morning. 

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Flying visit

Mrs Christian and myself popped to Mersea for a couple of hours this afternoon and can report that everyone is having a fantastic time.  The sun was shining and the children had just finished a lunch of pizza and wedges.  Activities for the afternoon included pedal carts, climbing and archery.  We saw Jamie reach the top of the climbing wall twice and Kian win the archery tournament. I think the adults are hoping for more sleep tonight, following the BBQ and beach festival.  May the sun continue to shine!!!!

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Final week

The final week is upon us and what a busy week it will be!  Year six set off for Mersea this morning, looking very excited and the weather is so far being very kind.  Mrs Christian and myself are heading down tomorrow to spend some time with our hardworking year sixes.  Transition is going well with children already settled into their new classes and getting to know their new teachers.  We have asked the children to really focus on their presentation next year and this will be a key focus this week, setting the expectations for the coming year.  

Please remember to have a look at our new school film on Peer and Collaborative learning, it can be found by clicking on the school videos tab on the left hand side of the homepage on the website.  The children can be seen explaining how the peer and collaborative strategies help them to learn and increase their independence.

I hope you all have a fabulous Summer and look forward to seeing you all again in September. 

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British Values morning

Just a quick blog to update you on our recent British Values morning.  It began with a stirring rendition of the National Anthem in the hall, followed by individual classes carrying out work on various values.  I visited all classes and was very impressed with the discussions and activities that were taking place.  Children were discussing what it means to be British in Year 6 and I was impressed with their understanding.  Year 2 carried out role play demonstrating some of the values such as respect and democracy.  Year 4 and 5 spent time matching various images to the values, this led to some excellent debate about what the values actually meant.  Some of the work will be displayed in the hall so that the whole school can appreciate the efforts made.

A new film on Peer and Collaborative Learning is available to watch involving many of your children.  Please take time to watch and learn about how we are using peer and collaborative strategies to extend learning.  The film can be accessed by clicking on the school films tab on the home page.  


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Learner to Learner event

On Wednesday I was lucky enough to attend the Learner to Learner Event at Alec Hunter High School.  Eight of our Year 5 students completed the project, which included working with children from other local schools to answer important questions about education.  The children had visited four schools and looked at what impacts children's learning, such as displays, independence, teaching style and many other things.  On Wednesday the children produced a presentation with the help of teachers from each school and presented this to headteachers and governors from all of the schools involved.  I was incredibly impressed with the presentations and the confidence the children showed in front of a large audience.  A massive thank you to Mrs Knowles and Mrs Banks who worked with the children on their projects and to the following children who represented the school so well; Saulius, Luke, Alfie, Josh, Divya, Lucie-Anne, Jasmine and Jazac. 

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The summer is definitely here!

It is very early on Monday morning and I am hoping that children will arrive today with hats, water and sun cream.  We shall do our very best to keep them cool today, classrooms will be open at lunchtime to provide further shade and as many drink breaks as children require will be allowed.  

This week we have a visit from a local dentist on Wednesday, who will be carrying out workshops with Foundation and Key Stage 1 classes.  This morning we have our Sports Day assembly, Miss Brown, Miss Edwards and Mr Cooper have been busy sorting the scores and will be giving out rosettes and certificates.  They will also be announcing the overall house winners!!  I am sure you will agree that all four of the Sports Day events were excellent, the children's attitude was fabulous and it was great to see so many parents in attendance.  A massive thank you to Miss Brown, Miss Edwards and Mr Cooper for organising the events.

It has been brought to my attention that there was a mistake on the new class letter, the Flamingos class will be a Key Stage 2 class next year, not Key Stage 1 as noted on the letter.  Clearly the heat was getting to me last week. 

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Ks1 and Foundation School games day has be postponed until the 14th June

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Welcome back

Welcome back to the final half term of the academic year.  As usual, this half term is packed full of exciting events.  I look forward to seeing many of you at upcoming events such as Sports Day, parent lunches, open afternoon and the Summer Fayre.  Letters regarding your child's class for next year will be with you by next week and our transition sessions begin on Thursday 29th June.  This is a fabulous opportunity for the children to meet their new teacher and begin working with their new class.  Our film on the transition process at Beckers Green is available for you to watch on the homepage, click on school videos on the left of the home page and you will be able to select the film on transition. 

I am sure that you have all been distressed and concerned by the recent terrorist activity in Manchester and London.  As a school we are here to support the children in anyway we can, however we do not wish to alarm any child who is unaware that these events have taken place.  Teachers have been asked to speak to those children who have shown they are concerned, advice has been sought from the NSPCC and the BBC as to how this should be done in a sensitive manner.  I have included two links below, which may help you if you wish to discuss recent events with your child.


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News round up

The SATS for KS2 are officially over!! The children have been amazing, working very hard with a fantastic attitude.  We have tried to make the experience as positive as possible and the children have appeared relatively relaxed throughout the week.  Thank you parents for ensuring they had early nights this week, let's hope for excellent results, which the children certainly deserve.  A massive thank you to Mrs Kerry, Mrs Skinner, Mrs Holmes and Miss Brunton for their work this year covering the Year 6 curriculum so effectively.  A wonderful Summer term now awaits.

KS1 Sats begin next week, these tests are used to support teacher assessment and we will ensure your children do not feel stressed during this process.  We work hard to maintain a relaxed atmosphere in school during testing weeks.

You can now access our films on Choose and Challenge Maths and Outdoor learning directly via our website, rather than watching the pod feed.  Head for the home page, scroll down below the Sainsburys Voucher advert and you will see the 2 films which can be clicked on.  We will soon add a film on our new approach to Peer and Collaborative learning in school which I hope you will find informative.

In other news, Mrs Sheldrick has set up a Bilingual Workshop on Wednesdays after school between 3.15 and 4.15.  Any parent who speaks another language is welcome to attend with their children to share skills and offer support to other parents.  Please feel free to attend, it is held weekly in the Jaguars class. Mrs Sheldrick has also begun her own Blog page. 


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Let's find those vouchers

Active Kids vouchers can no longer be collected from Sainsbury's, but they can still be donated to Beckers Green County Primary School until 30 June. Remember, every voucher counts towards brand new equipment.

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Active Kids Vouchers

it's not to late dig out your Sainsburys Vouchers and bring them into school.

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Open Teach Maths

It was great to see so many parents today for the Key Stage 2 Open Teach Maths morning.  Feedback has been very positive, with many reporting they enjoyed the sessions and found it interesting to see how the children are challenged and how certain topics are taught.  Mrs Polak and Mrs Beesley worked on grid method for multiplication, Mrs Knowles looked at fractions and Mr Butler and Mrs Carvalho were looking at using inverse operations.  We shall certainly book further sessions for next term.

Thanks again for your attendance.

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Exciting Summer Term ahead

Welcome back everybody to a packed Summer Term.  Tomorrow we have the Key Stage 2 open teach maths morning taking place, teachers and children are looking forward to showing parents how maths is taught at Beckers Green.  Please do give our teachers your feedback, we hope the morning will clearly demonstrate why we feel the choose and challenge approach to teaching and learning is so valuable.  Next week is an important time for our Year sixes, who will undertake their statutory assessment.  At Beckers Green we try to create a relaxed atmosphere for all involved, which should enable all children to do their very best, which is all we can ask.  They have been working incredibly hard, as have their teachers and learning support assistants and we wish them all the luck in the world.   Year 2 assessments will begin the following week and are also carried out in a relaxed environment to ensure children do not feel under pressure. 

Next half term sees the school closing for an additional day due to the General Election on June 8th.  Staff will be using this day as an extra training day, preparing for next year.  June 7th sees the Key Stage 1 Sports day, always a fabulous event, which I hope you can all attend.   The Key Stage 2 Sports day has been moved to June 15th because of the General Election, I hope this hasn't caused too much inconvenience for those of you who wish to attend.

I will soon be sending out a new parent questionnaire on internet safety to try to understand further how we can best support families to keep their children safe online.  Please take the time to complete the survey and return it to school and I will ensure we address any of your concerns or questions regarding this subject. 

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School Clubs Update

Due to the technical issues that we have been experiencing with the club form this term we have chosen to remove it as from Friday 28th April

Thank you for your patience and emails should be out to you by Monday

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Another exciting week at Beckers

What an incredibly busy week we are having at Beckers Green.  Mrs Lisa Christian was appointed as the permanent Deputy Headteacher yesterday following a day of interviews.  Mrs Christian has been fantastic in her role as Acting Deputy Head and has supported myself and the school wholeheartedly this year.  I look forward to working with Mrs Christian over the next few years to deliver the high quality education your children deserve.

Last week it was great to see so many parents attending the Year 4, 5 and 6 outcome afternoons.  Children shared their work, especially their very impressive design and technology projects, year 6 had created their very own Anderson shelter models and Year 4 and 5 had made a selection of masks, hats and lanterns.  

Today Key Stage 1 invited parents to join in a choose and challenge maths lesson.  Again it was great to see so many parents in attendance and we hope you enjoyed the morning and can see the benefits of this approach with children deciding which activity they need to work on.  Key Stage 2 Open Teach maths morning will take place on Wednesday 3rd May.  

Finally, today I was lucky enough to sneak a peek at the Dress Rehearsal for Year 3's "We Will Rock You" which will be performed over the next two days.  You are in for a treat.  

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