Children's Health Project

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The Children's Health Project

At Beckers Green we have decided to take a whole school approach to The Children's Health Project.

Our children will learn how to look after their minds and bodies with these four inspiring characters.


  • Health Champions

    Healthy Movement

    with Captain Kinetic©

    Captain Kinetic helps children find a life-long love of movement by exploring what their body is capable of, and respecting how important activity is for their overall

  • Health Champions

    Healthy Eating

    with Nutrition Ninja©

    Nutrition Ninja inspires children with the power of food – how it can help them sleep, give them energy, support exercise and fight illness. Healthy eating is fundamental to our children’s achievement.

  • Health Champions

    Healthy Habits

    with Agent Lifestyle©

    With more time spent outdoors, better sleep, an increase in hydration, and encouragement to enjoy new hobbies, children are inspired, awake and refreshed when they’re taught by Agent Lifestyle.

  • Health Champions

    Healthy Mindset

    with Mindset Warrior©

    Mindset Warrior teaches children the skills to feel better about themselves, cope with their emotions and feelings, and deal with tough situations with resilience and